Monday, April 7, 2014

How Many Days until Bead & Button?

I have not been counting..

A handful of you know that my plans this year to do the famous Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee have changed.  The decision was probably made on the road to Milwaukee in my car last year - 16 hours on the highway is a good time to discuss what the following years plans are going to be and both Mom and I felt that I was too physically and mentally exhausted to even consider it. 

My goal for 2013/2014 was to try to get a lot of personal projects accomplished - a little hiatus from Bead Shows and focus on some minor health issues that needed my attention.  I think I have been doing a pretty good job in achieving that goal - I did not anticipate spending so much time around the holiday's being sick but it gave me permission to consider that a lazy day is not a bad thing & that its okay to have them without guilt.    I can now have them regularly and highly recommend it --- as a matter of fact I am currently working on extending the lazy day to the lazy week {kidding}  I am probably using the term "lazy" incorrectly -- my lazy day's include cooking, organizing, taking my grandmother to the Dr.'s and running her errands, loving my cats, reading, cleaning, and attacking the attic filled with boxes of this & that, that have been weighing heavily on my mind for the last few years.. so, I just mean - not making beads ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  But I promise you THIS YEAR my garden is going to be Kick-A**!  

Bead my Love - B & B 2014 featuring Lisa Peters ART booth #'s 1213-1215
Not to worry {assuming you were all worrying} My beads will be at the show this year!  The lovely Meg from Bead My Love has been gracious enough to take 1213-1215 off my hands for 2014 and carry a selection of LPA to keep you inventory-packed!  For those of you who do not already know Meg and her mom Moggie,  They teach bead embroidery classes and sell beading supplies at The Innovative Beads Expo and other shows all over the country. They also host the Beautiful Bead Embroidery Retreat in Rehoboth, DE.  I am sure that most of you have seen Meg's beautiful beadwork adorning the covers of magazines or have picked up one of her bead embroidery kits at a show in the past.  Please stop by and introduce yourself at the show - it will be Megs first year at B & B and I would really love for you to get to know her and her work!   I have been in the studio making things and if you follow my facebook posts you know that a high percentage of those things are shank buttons ( I do not know why - I just cannot stop myself) I will definitely supply Bead my Love with all sorts of cabochons to bead with but will also have a limited supply of beads and buttons at the booth as well.   *Please note that LPA Designer Discounts can not be used at Bead My Love Booth purchases *

At present I am in the studio doing what I do at a pace I can handle.  (insert applause here) I have made lots of small components which is totally not my comfort zone - but I did, so I hope you like them!  My etsy shop should be filled more than usual this summer because there will be no B & B burnout and hopefully this show-hiatus will allow for more time to experiment and attempt some projects that have been on the back burner for a while now.   I am currently working in wet clay so if you have anything that you would like me to work on - now is the time to ask so please email me  - remember I like reminders, lots of them.

If you are going to be at the show and want me to send Meg something specific for you please let me know!  I am really going to miss seeing & laughing with you this year - pictures please!!! I want to see lots of pictures! Connect with me on twitter or facebook to share!

That's it for now,
I wish you happy creating

Friday, February 21, 2014

Celebrating Ceramic


Hi Everyone,

We are very happy to report that Laguna Clay Co. has responded to our requests for more information regarding the seller that has been misrepresenting the product sold as Air Dry Clay as Ceramic.  Of course we knew the entire time that we were correct &  this was not a case of "artistic interpretation" but sometimes in life we find ourselves defending proven fact against misinformation and I really happy to be part of the small group of ceramic bead artists who cared enough to do something about it.  I do hope that all the people who bought the tutorial and were misinformed will now follow through & describe their finished product truthfully.   Enjoy all the materials that are out there to create your beautiful art but please be responsible and advertise them properly when selling them.    Through our attempts to enlighten we were called bullies and liars - even though our initial requests were done so thoughtfully and professionally.  Its very frustrating but it is important to always stay the course when people are being manipulated.
Thank you for following & Here is Laguna Clay Co. response:

Hi Lisa,

A Ceramic object by definition must be fired, among other things.
Just because one uses raw materials that are often used to make ceramics, that does not necessarily mean the object you make with them is Ceramic.
By definition, Stoneware is a Ceramic object and therefore must be fired. See-
We have informed the person in question of this which is the extent of our control.
Thanks, Jon Brooks - Laguna Clay Co.

BEADS -RAKU FIRED CERAMICS - Fired to approx. 1800 degree's 
I never thought I was going to do anything else professionally other than photography (and all those side jobs doing this & that over the years ;) and when I started working in other mediums, clay was really the last thing on my mind - until I took my first pottery class & the rest is history.
Husband Hank & Friend Nadine Firing up my RAKU/Gas Kiln
I had a really good teacher - I am not sure we were on the same page with a lot of things but she was very dedicated to ceramic and very dedicated to making sure her students, even though we were adult education students &  kind of taking her class as a "hobby"  had a pretty good understanding of Ceramic Chemistry and the science behind the medium we were working in.   What I thought was going to be a class on making plant markers and very basic forms actually turned into a really wonderful experience and I stayed on for longer than expected until I left for bigger.. um, smaller & better things.   I am very glad that she thought it was important for us to know clay, to understand what it is & what makes it different from other materials. As a bead maker now I feel confident when my customers ask me a technical question about my beads and it is my responsibility to be as thorough & precise as I can when it comes to educating them.

RAKU WARES right before they are removed from the kiln shelves,  placed into organic materials to burn and covered
Pots by Lisa Peters & Nadine Unsworth
CERAMIC.. what is it?  I thought I was going to sit down and really get to the bare bones about the material I use to make beads - but after reading Marsha Neal's article about Ceramic for Love My Art Jewelry Blog I don't think there is anything I can say to top that!  (and you know how wordy I can be!)  Here Marsha explains Ceramic in its entirety - so I would urge you to please read the LMAJ blog - it is an extremely informative article & I really enjoyed reading it myself.

The celebration of ceramic has been inspired by an unfortunate event in which a wonderful new air dry product that seems to mimic stoneware is being plugged as "true stoneware" or a true ceramic product by a tutorial writer on Etsy.   It is most important for you to know that this is not the fault of the manufacturer. The manufacturer has responsibly described what their product is on their website and packaging.  But it has come to our attention that this Etsy seller who has created a tutorial for this product is leading people to believe that the product is in fact true Ceramic body without a need for firing which simply is not true.   It is important for the us to do our best to make sure those who may want to purchase something like this are not being mislead.  After many failed attempts of requests from the Ceramic Community for this person to truthfully describe the tutorial we are sad to say they have gone completely ignored.

So now its time for all of us to Celebrate Ceramic & become educated!  Please hop on over to the Love My Art Jewelry Blog and read Marsha's very interesting article as well as checking out Natalie Pappas's from NKP Designs blog - who also wrote something on this subject as well.

PODS c.2005 -RAKU FIRED CERAMICS - Fired to Approx. 1800 degree's by Lisa Peters

I want to thank everyone for stopping by the blog today!
as always I wish you
Happy Creating!