Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My Dear Friends Carol Dean Sharpe of SANDFIBERS and Erin Siegel of EVERY HEART CRAFTS Tagged me a few weeks ago and I just hadn't had a chance to do my part (dreading this) Last week I considered it for a moment and didn't know what I wanted to disclose - should it be totally career focused or totally personal and how much personal info do people really give a **** about, especially about me.

This morning I read Grace's (Grace Beading) and I laughed and thought she shared just about the right amount of everything so it inspired me to finally do my own. After a not-so-positive visit with Dr. this morning I needed to laugh at myself and think about what wild things I could share with my very few blog followers, LOL!

DISCLAIMER: With my luck, today is the day a potential customer or publisher will choose to read my blog for the first time., thus wondering where did Lisa Peters, ART go? I needed a break today from the "real world"! Bear with me and come back again soon!

Here goes:

#1. I have a packaging phobia. I throw away all boxes and bags that come with produce, dry goods and even cleaning products. Everything gets stored in glass or plastic containers. Cereal, Rice and all sorts of mixes, toilet paper, jewelry supplies..all in their own individual containers.

#2. I have taken a sexy (but tasteful) photograph, with the Stanley Cup, at the request of a bunch of handsome hockey players - packed like sardines in a Taxi Cab en route to Madison Square Garden. (Glad I did it as the offer may not be coming again any day soon!)

#3. I do not miss being a photographer at all

#4. I had severe spinal pain starting at 16 yrs old, subsequently had spinal surgery when I was 25 years old and also have very moderate Klippel Feil Syndrome ( you cant see it looking at me) I was always very active, very rarely complained about the immense pain I was in and always worked through the pain unless it was unbearable and only until very recently could not understand why everyone wasn't like that

#5. I hate talking on the phone.

#6. I didn't got to Europe, for 3 months, - backpacking with my friends because I wanted to stay home and wait for my boyfriend to call.

#7. I make the best F---- Halloween Costumes, E-V-E-R! :)

OKAY, Finished -- Phewwww!
There were a few things that almost made it in there but I did the Backspace Dance and erased all evidence of them!

Til Next time,
Happy Creating!


Carol Dean said...

Thanks for sharing, amiga :D

Lorelei said...

I think that was a good amount of info. Nice Job Lisa.
And interesting...especially about the packaging. is there a reason why you are opposed to store packaging? Like, is it really bad for you and I don't know about it?

Linda said...

Very interesting stuff Lisa, thanks for sharing.

GraceBeading said...

I love it! Thanks so much for sharing. I try to avoid these at all costs, but when you get hit over and over again - you have to share something. I hesitate to think anyone really wants to know all that much about me, but I find I do like to read about others.

I'm with you on #5!

Dana said...

Now see...I LOVE it when people share personal tidbits! Now you're not just a gorgeous, uber-talented person in're warm and quirky and REAL. ;)

Thanks for sharing that, Lisa! I sure wish you were going to be with Linda and I next would be so nice to finally meet you! And yes, I'm ready for this thing...although it does mean I have to clean...and I'm never ready for that. ROFL

Take care...have a great one!
Dana :)