Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bead and Button Show 2010

The Drive that normally takes about 15 hours took us a little longer. I am not sure if I am driving slower, taking more breaks or Milwaukee has moved further away. I had forgotten how much longer the drive is after Chicago and my excitement quickly turned when I realized I had a few more hours to go. But then we finally made it. The Ramada, The creepiest hotel Downtown has to offer and it was all ours for the next few days! Yay! I wont go into detail about how much sleep we had the 1st, 2nd or 4th days or how much smoke wafted into our non smoking room on our non smoking floor or how everything was wet and gross but after spending my third year there I just may consider another hotel... what do you think? Good Idea?

The Show was fabulous! I met so many new customers and so many dear friends. It was truly amazing to see faces of Facebook Friends and put their voices to their posts! (I apologize Miss Atherton for not giving you the wonderful Scottish accent you always deserved!) The Hugs were contagious, the smiles were genuine and the mutual appreciation delivered in large doses! I am sorry I cannot mention everyone here in my blog, but you know who you are! My memory doesn't really start to kick back into action until at least 3 days in New Jersey, when it knows it 's safe to come out and play!

I was glad to be able to leave my booth in spurts. (Thank you Mom) I do not know how you do it as "pure shoppers". As a vendor I usually look for things to improve my work but this year I was acquiring some new products so that Hank and I can begin our new Mixed Media project together, one we have been thinking about for a while now. I do not think there was any booth that did not have something I wanted (NEEDED). The product out there is truly amazing. I have some secrets in store for my next batch of inventory.. so stay tuned.

Each year as a gift to Mom for working so hard for me she is allowed to pick anything from any artisan bead maker. This year she was lucky enough to pick a gorgeous giant Marble from Kevin O'Grady who everyone knows as a glass artist and teacher at B & B. Prior to that purchase she and I were first drawn to a brand new addition to Bead and Button, a Glass Artist by the name of Rodney Andrews. His work is amazing. There were some glass beads (GIANT ONES) that I knew were different than anything I had seen up until now and had to inquire about them. The process for making them was truly intriguing to me (someone who knows NOTHING about glass) and I'm sure impressed even the old timer's. (B & B old-timers, not OLD Timers.. LOL) He also had a line of glass beads made into bracelets and other pieces for jewelry and mom had to pick one of his for a present as well. It was her first purchase, prior to her marble and he just had to make it smaller for her because her wrist is the size of my finger. I would love it if you checked out his website and his work. I can tell you he was one of the nicest people I have met at the show and truly an inspiration to talk to you about process and love of the art-form. Perhaps ladies-looking-for-cabs can find one of his as a source of inspiration for their next piece! If you do tell him Lisa Peters sent ya! He's a sweetheart & I know you will love whatever piece you choose!

I decided to take my camera and take some photo's of the Bead Dreams cabinets! WOW, was I ever surprised to see a LPA Cab inside Sherry Serafini's "Road Warrior". I saw the piece first and fell in love with it immediately! Only then did I realize there was an LPA rusty crusty inside of it! Congrats to my BOC Family members Vlad & Kremena from Golem Design Studio and Joan Miller for winning ribbons in the handmade beads/button category and thumbs up to my BAO sister Naftali (Janice Abarbanel) for a piece made of Polymer beads (not sure what category that was.. sorry) . There were some really gorgeous pieces in the Metal Clay area as well..that was super impressive!

There is so much more to blog about but there is a beautiful sunny day outside waiting for me to take advantage of it. I have been in the house for so long that I can't spend another minute without a visit to the garden.

Will write more later!
Thank you everyone for making B & B 2010 a total success!


TesoriTrovati said...

What a treat to be across the aisle from you. I kept shepherding people over there and to Andrew at Green Girl for tons of fun. You and your mom are just a hoot to be around! I always come away from your booth thinking that I got the better end of the deal. You never disappoint. What I like best about you Lisa (aside from your accent and your beautiful smile) is that you are as committed to one of a kind as I am. Knowing that makes working with these components all the more outstanding.

Enjoy the day, sweetie!

lisa peters ART said...

You are so sweet Erin. Thank you so much for believing in my work. I am going to surprise you with a special item inspired by something you said during our conversation at B & B.... You are a wonderful artist, an stunningly beautiful gal and someone that I really admire. Thank you for pointing those customers my way it is always appreciated. I hope I continue to make pieces that continue to inspire you and hope that we get a chance to see each other more than once a year..
Much love,

PS.. what accent? ;)