Tuesday, January 11, 2011


People who have to go "somewhere" for work everyday please skip ahead because I know I would not feel this way if I worked outside my home studio...but.... YAY, its going to snow tonight!  ;)

Hank has to drive into New York City everyday and then ride his bicycle to each of his clients throughout the day! So, if anyone is going to be angry at my first statement it will be my husband!  He used to ride his bicycle over the George Washington Bridge with me dropping him off and picking him up daily but if you can believe it the prices for parking have DROPPED in the last year due to the poor economy and hopefully more people taking mass transit.. SO at least for now, since he is not permitted to bring a bicycle on a transit bus he can park for under $20/day.   I am not sure why I began my blog post with that - maybe out of guilt for the poor guy since I am usually very, very excited when it snows and he gets kinda depressed! Tonight is going to be a big one! 

I find I create better when there is snow or rain outside..acting as my therapist please leave your answers as to why in my comments! LOL

For the last few days I have been creating new pieces in stoneware..I am almost finished with a 25lbs bag of it so I know I am bulking up my inventory..but with what I am not sure.  I like everything I am making just fine but nothing is curling my toes.. I think it could be because I changed clays.  I very rarely create with white or porcelain clays but I decided to do that for 2011..  If I become comfortable working with something I feel I need to change it or my work is always the same.. maybe that's a good thing..but something inside me does not want that to be the off I go, working with something totally new.  YIKES.  Hank and I have also taken a few days out to play with copper and enamels.  The results have either been amazing or disastrous - not much in between.. and Amazing didn't come often!   We are not well prepared, skipping steps and do not have all the proper tools in place that we need.. so that might explain some of it., but have to experiment in order to get a feel for the medium because we have lots of cool idea's..

STRINGING MAGAZINE Winter 2010!  Have you picked up your copy today?  I think Stringing really looks great this issue!  I feel that the photography of their finished pieces look great and  magazine has a nice variety of work in it. I am super impressed by the talented many out there who are contributing! Way to go!  The "Beads to Buy" Section has graciously included 3 of my Ceramic "sayings" pieces.. A Dream Pendant & Cabochon and a Believe Shank which was very exciting to see! but overall I found the issue to be very inspiring.  I am honored to be a part of it!

Right now I am going back into the studio to get some pieces prepared as the deadline for BEADS 2011 is quickly approaching.  I fear that this year I may not be able to submit as many varieties as I usually do. Sigh :(

Hope you are all happily creating and I'll see ya over at the book!  If you haven't stopped by the Beads of Clay Blog yet please take a moment to read the Spotlight Artist for Jan 2011 (<-- me) and have a fabulous day!


GraceBeading said...

Not as your acting therapist, but as someone who feels the same way as you... when the weather is "bad" outside, I am relieved of thoughts such as "I should be grocery shopping", or "I should be pulling weeds". With in-climate weather I have a guilt free reason to stay in.

Tonight is one of those nights for me, fortunately I am afforded the luxury of working my day job from home. So I can go from my "office" to my bead station without having to brave the elements (it's snowing now and will for the next several hours).

I'm looking forward to seeing your new stuff, your white stuff - I'm sure it will be wonderful. Congrats on Stringing Magazine, I'm off to check the Beads of Clay blog - because what better to do while on a conference call?

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Gracie.. yup.. you are exactly right about that., relieved of thoughts I should be doing x, y, & z.... its so strange that we "need" that every once in a while as if we are not properly using up our 24 hours..each day!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the snow!!!

mairedodd said...

i actually work better in the rain and snow as well (ok, except for when i am on food and dryer duty when the kids are in and out for snow - like being in a revolving door)... i am calmed by this kind of weather, i can get quiet and work from that place... it is a rarity but i treasure it... yes, 8-12" for me tonight as well...

congrats on the publications and good luck making the beads 2011 deadline... you know how much i love your work and am excited to see new things!

i am completely guilty of switching things up often... it's fun, i like it...