Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Weekend

I would like to Thank everyone who came out to see me, buy some beads or take the Ring Kit class at the Bead & Glass Boutique over the weekend!   I love visiting Amy's shop and seeing all of you -- for those of you who were there on Saturday and watched me create my first leather wrap bracelet - I am now officially addicted and have made a bunch more since -- Of course, I have..........

Here are some photo's from the class!  (they are out of order!)

L-R  Pat, Cathy, Amy, Alison


Well Done Cathy!

Tess - Almost Finished

Finished Rings by Amy & Cathy

The rest of the weekend was spent in the country - discovering new things

and making more wrap bracelets :)
Have a great week everyone!
Stay tuned for some etsy listings (updates on my facebook page)

and there is still time left to see the Bead & Button exhibit at the Franklin Lakes Library - Check it out!

Happy Creating,


GraceBeading said...


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

So cool to see these kits and beaders "in action"! Now I want to see those bracelets you made ;p

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Omgosh.. so addicting (making wrap bracelets) but I am pretty sure all of it is addicting - this is the only thing I know how to do! lol

I will take some pics for ya CD!

it was great being able to watch everyone making the ring kits --

Beadwright said...

Ohhh I love seeing the photos of classes and thanks so much for using NBB.

charmel tan said...

I would love to learn how to bead. Your class looks interesting and their is a lot of action it. You make beautiful jewelries after the class. Where does those finished products goes?
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