Monday, August 11, 2008

Time To Get Back To Work (Before my Next Vacation)

Ok. I know I have been very "lazy" lately as far as being "Clay-Productive" but I have not been spending my time watching TV.. I Promise. After Bead & Burnout, I knew I wanted to take some time and experience some real life outside my studio and I have been doing that. I have been reading and trying to learn new techniques & I have been spending more time in Museums and Gardens and other places of interesting-ness. I am well rested and also getting some fresh air into my lungs and blood moving through my body - one thing I was really lacking a few months back. Hopefully this will make for some wonderful new pieces.

I created so much inventory for B & B that I could not show everything., which is okay because all of my designs style were pretty well represented. I had anticipated that I would put some of the pieces that I did not put out at B & B right away on Etsy..but as described earlier, life outside the studio took over.

Porcelain Slip Cast Beads and Pendants. I wanted to see how my glaze techniques looked on a really blank canvas, without texture, without a design to play upon. I really love seeing how certain glazes love to run all over eachother and others stay well defined. There is no rhyme or reason as to why I choose certain colors that just happens every time I pick up the glaze brush I just go to what I feel at that moment.

I have some photographs of items that are available on my site - u can just add a sticky note if there is something you would like to know the price on or would like to purchase. Some of the photo's have a SOLD sticky note on them from recent purchases. I have also put some items on Etsy and will be putting more on as the day/week continues.
email me - would love to hear from you

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