Monday, December 22, 2008


Happy Holidays Everyone! Yesterday was my Moms Birthday-thats her & I in the Black and White Photo in 1970 I believe. I have a confession to make -- I still to this day, LOVE White Christmas Tree's!
Today Hanukkah Begins and Thursday Our Family will be celebrating Christmas! Whatever Holiday you and your loved ones observe I wish it to be a warm, wonderful and special one! They say the bad economy is bringing everyone closer to home this year and if this is true there is a silver lining in every cloud! I am looking forward to having fun, laughing and enjoying the time spent with my family. My brother and sister in law have us for Christmas Eve which is always a great and then I have Christmas Day, here in my home with my husband and my side of the Family. I do hope we can get the construction materials and everything in order so that our guests can see what we have been doing down there, in the dreaded basement we have been working on 24/7 for the last few weeks. We do not have a ceiling yet, but what a great use for all the extra christmas lights we did not have the time to put up around the house! ;) We did not decorate as we usually do for the holiday's - our window is simply a beautiful Red Pointsettia on small pedestal with Gold Backround..Hank and I will put a small table top tree up and decorate with a handful of ornaments but other than that we gave eachother permission to set ourselves free this year of our usual routine and we will get back to it next year, with the addition of a beautifully finished basement!

I have posted some photo's of previous Christmas Holiday's just to get me in the spirit and wish everyone much love and happiness during their Holiday's and a fantastically creative new year ahead of us! I hope to keep you inspired with new works and look forward to seeing all the beautiful things you make with them! Lisa

Our Christmas Window 2006

Grandmother Next to the Tree 2007

The Most Fattening Egg Nog in the World Made by my Mother in Law

Our Christmas Card in 1994 with our Kitty Petie!


Erin said...

Merry Christmas, Lisa! Thanks for sharing! Love and light to you and yours this holiday and in the New Year!

Erin Siegel
Every Heart Crafts

randomcreative said...

That's so cute that you included your kitty in your Christmas card picture. :) Happy holidays!

GraceBeading said...

Awwww, great photos through the years.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy WARM holiday season!