Monday, December 15, 2008

Just ask me, I am sure I have it!

I have not been blogging as I should because the dreaded "basement project" is happening, in my home - right now! It feels as though I have been working on my basement for 16 yrs, probably, because I have. I won't go into details, I am sure most of you who follow my blog (can I count you on 1 hand or 2, lol!) know about the floods and this and that..well, we have been doing our best to finally get the job done so I NEVER HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN! I give myself a few hours every day to list on etsy and the rest of the day is painting, sawing, sanding, and renovating the basement.. so excuse #47 this year for not blogging as I should-has been made. Do I dare make it a New Years Resolution. ( I have learned my lesson..don't even bother)


Did you know I have hundreds of buttons and beads here in my studio in packages? All shapes and sizes (even really, really small ones - can you believe it?) all clays and glazes. Leaf, heart, round, square, doggie bones, lips, eyes, more leaves, -- you get the picture right? I prepared them for B & B in packs so I could hang them from my display units & because I created like a crazy person I could not even fit these all in, so they have been here, waiting for YOU..who is waiting for ME, to photograph them.

So, until that time comes, when they are properly photographed, ASK ME. Ask me for a color a shape or tell me what it is you need to finish and I can see if I have something suitable for your project! This is one of 3 boxes... :)


GraceBeading said...

Holy cow... look at all that, I'm glad I asked! I know I won't hesitate in the future. I can only imagine the treasure you have yet to share!

By the way, I like your new profile photo, very nice!

lisa peters ART said...

You know... you were my inspiration this morning?

I took this box apart for you and realized, hmm.. no one has seen these yet..

And so goes another BIG project!

Thanks for your continuous support, Grace you are amazing!

Carol Dean said...

Lisa, you've been holding out on us!!! Bad, bad girl ;p Have you ever considered just stopping by your local yarn store with a box or two of these? They'd grab them up fast!!!

lisa peters ART said...

Well Carol, then I would have to actually leave the house for a reason other than seeing a Dr! LOL!

To be honest, today, was the first day since B & B that I actually looked at these buttons. I have more, much more and beads.. the list goes on & on & on & on....

It would surprise most of my customers because alot of these are super tiny, like 1/4" unlike me!


randomcreative said...

The buttons look great! I have promised myself not to buy any more beads and supplies until after Christmas. But I will get in touch with you sometime after that point about ordering a few. :) Thanks for the offer!

lisa peters ART said...

Wow, do u think you can wait 10 more days! LOL!

ok.. sounds great, have a wonderful holiday and hopefully there will be some great things for you to choose from when you start "collecting" again!