Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Celebration of Life

I just realized what day it was...things were not adding up as I was trying to Rush Order the Memorial Cards for Grandpa P's "Celebration of Life Ceremony" and why the person on the other end of the phone was not as anxious as I was... Its Wednesday, not Thursday silly.   Hank said I should have just asked him, he would have told me... I do believe after all these years he is polishing his sarcasm skills -- {{with a very approving nod}} "way to go hankster"! ;) I believe he gets it from me.

Berks Bead Bazaar is a wonderful bead show - more like a reunion of friends who are beaders with the show part as an added bonus!  We laugh and laugh and laugh during the slow times <--- need I say more?  It started with a bang though!  Anxious Beaders waiting in line to get in is always a good sign and the pace lasted most of Saturday... which was encouraging., but Sunday was slow to say the least.  I have to say..any other time I would be thinking about the business of beads but at Berks I do not.  I love the show, I love the people..  I spend the weekend with my Mom, Step Dad Ben and of course Hankster.   Friday we drive up without Ben who usually meets up with us Saturday evening and then the boys go off and do their own thing on Sunday.   This Saturday night we had the pleasure of dining in at "The Inn", lucky us...  but Hey, what's not to love about a crab-stuffed-pretzel?

Sad News came earlier in the day that Grandpa Peters, my paternal grandfather had passed away at his home surrounded by his daughter (my aunt) and his wife (my grandmother).  I am so happy that I spent most of Friday with him, before I left for the show.  As a family we did think he had a few more days, if not weeks still in him., but after the most miraculous last few weeks of recovery which baffled all the doctors, Grandpa could no longer "hold the line" and decided it was time to go.  A Celebration of Life ceremony will be held on his behalf this Saturday at the Church where I was baptized 43 years ago, by the same minister who is graciously flying in to preside over the service.   I will cherish the last 2 months with him offering a hand to hold when it was needed-by both of us.   Rest in Peace Grandpa.

I think the rest of this week will be spent looking at old photographs and reading about all the wonderful accomplishments attributed to Grandpa and then after this weekend I shall go back to being Lisa from LPA who clogs up the servers with power listings on etsy.. I miss that.

For those of you who missed the 2 hours of listing I did Tuesday night, please check out Lisa Peters Art on Etsy... there are some really cool cabs there just waiting for you!

Stay well and as always,
Happy Creating!


kelleysbeads said...

I am sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandpa, but am thankful you had such closeness over these last few months. I had the same time with my Grandpa before he passed and that means so much to me now. Hugs to you.

And props to the Hankster for picking up a little sarcasm

Lisa Peters Russ said...

LOL, Kelly.. love the last part "props to the hankster"..

Thank you and hugs right back at ya!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Cancer took my Grandpa when I was a freshman in college (I am 34 now) and I think about him all the time especially now that I have a daughter. I watch her playing with her Gigi and Papa and I am so happy that she will have these memories. I am so sorry for your loss.

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Oh thank you so much shannon. I lost one grandfather in 2001 and one a few days ago.. I think I am quite blessed to have had them for such a long time... at one time (after I was married) I had 4 generations of girls from great-grandmother down to me and if I would have had children as soon as I was married., there would have been 5.. I think grandparents are super important! thanks again!

mairedodd said...

so very sorry for your loss lisa - i lost my grandmother just a year ago... they are important people in our lives and we are lucky if we get to share our growing up with them... will be thinking of you on saturday -
i grew up with lots of greats around too - had 4 generations as well...

Lisa Peters Russ said...

aww, thank you maryjane.. i appreciate that~ hope all is well with you!