Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Ahead My Foot!

I changed my blog colors to reflect a nice springy - green and maybe Mother Nature will take the hint!   We were doing okay there for a few days and then snow!  Today we were promised 8" or more., but all I see is rain so maybe it is not coming after all...though I do feel for my fellow NJ'ians out west,  rumor has it they received what they were promised!

The anxiety is starting and I am now trying to organize my thoughts and my materials for the upcoming Bead and Button Show in June.  The last few days I said I was going to start working in RAKU clay but just when I was about to open the box the Dark Brown Stoneware starting calling my name.  I am highly addicted to playing with different clays when I should be trying to perfect one -- but that's not going to happen in my can be sure of it!  I am as attention deficit as they come when you start talkin soon as I fall in love with one -- I am on to the other..but enough psychoanalysis for today..   All I know is I see alot of versatility during the next few months.

Etsy will not take a total back seat to this and I am trying to list 2 days a week and ship on Friday's.  The rest will be dedicated to creating in the studio and for those of you who know my routine, watching Netflix movies and documentaries!

I don't think I have anything coming up - publication-wise, if I do., please let me know.   I do believe I will be doing another Trunk Show at Beads Mosaic-Nanuet in May and other than that there is nothing on the calendar for right now!  That will probably change shortly.

So I leave you with this unexciting blog post for today - maybe I will have something a little more exciting to say next week!

Happy Creating!
and please check out the ETSY shop.. lots of new listings went up this morning and more to come this evening!


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