Monday, September 15, 2008


So I write this blog post last week regarding Photography and Way Back When and then BANG Sunday morning rolls around and I see I have been tagged in 19 photo's on someone else's facebook page. How excited I was and anxious to see what they were so I clicked on the link and spent the next hour or so with the biggest smile on my face looking at Courtenay Gilberts SVA Album circa 80's something (was it 87,88, I dont think it was 89?) It was an assortment of SVA Candid Shots with the unforgettable Hilton Head Island Trip we took (was it during spring break?) and the memories just came flooding back. My friends Courtenay Gilbert (Fl.), Gary Goldberg (Canada) and Glen Feniger (?) (Courtenay and Glen were a couple, Gary and I were just pals)

We are very lucky. As photography students we will forever have a documented account of just about every moment of those 4 years. I promise I am going up in the attic or into my many, many, many binders filled with negs and contact sheets, blow the dust off my slide scanner and see if it still works & get some on uploaded also! (SOON) I know that today it is easy for just about anyone to document every second using cell phones, digital cameras, helmet cams..but back then that was not the norm and I cherish the opportunity to have been able to document my life and my time spent with people who are very important to me.
I look forward to blogging more about this in the future and I hope I don't bore you with the details..

As for work. Well, I have been filling my etsy shop with items getting ready for the holiday's so I can think about getting back in the studio and creating new designs. I love etsy, but as you all know it is pretty time thats kind of where I will be til I leave for Vegas on the 21st.

I want you to know that I appreciate you for reading my blog and having an interest in my work.

To show this appreciation I would like you to use the code: BLOGDISC on your next order(s) or etsy shop order(s) for a 20% discount on orders over $50. Discount will appear after I adjust your invoice through pay pal if that is your chosen method of payment. (I also take MC/VISA) You can convo me or add that to the notes to seller. This discount is good on all orders until October 15 (One month from today) and is only being advertised here, on my blog.
Til then I will be searching for photos & reminiscing about some really great times!

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Lisa P.

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