Monday, September 8, 2008

HOME SWEET HOME - At least for this week.

Home Sweet Home. I am finally back for more than one day. I arrived home late last night to find some really large beefsteak tomatoes in the garden and 2 of the largest squash I have ever seen waiting for me, which is a good thing because I believe I ate more than I ever have whilst enjoying the last of the summer on the lake. It is so sad saying good-bye to Pt. Penninsula, NY even though I dont go that often (thank you gas prices) it is sad to drive away and see the place all quiet and ready for winter..and what a winter it is there..I have been once and never again. NO THANK YOU! I also arrived home to find out my debit card had been compromised and the little thieves cleaned out my checking account. Sigh :( Its all fun and games until the money is gone! LOL. Hopefully the matter will clear up ASAP... until then can you tell the nice people at American Express the check is NOT in the mail? and the electric co, gas co, water co, phone co, etc., etc., etc.... hey, I didn't have any money to pay them anyway..who am I kidding?
I did arrive home to some really nice messages & photographs from my customers of work they have created with my pieces - I hope in the next few days I can blog about each person and show you their work.
One in particular I would like to showcase today is MaryLou Holvenstot from MaryLou creates intricately detailed and whimsical pen and ink drawings. She also designs and creates beadwoven jewelry and art pieces, some of which have been featured in Step by Step Beads. One of her newest creations includes a RAKU Shank Button she purchased from me recently. I love the way the ndebele rope was created. I think the twists and turns really add depth to the piece and I believe Mary Lou Matched the color of the RAKU (Not an easy task) really beautifully and brightened it up using the lighter shades of beads. You can view/purchase this piece by visiting Mary Lou's Etsy Shop . Thank you Mary Lou for turning my shank button into such a wonderful pendant! It is a great example of how versatile a button can be..turn it into a cab! It is so wonderful when I see my pieces in action., I truly admire all the bead artists, especially those members of Bead Art Originals who create such wonderful pieces. Where would we (artisan bead makers) be without you? (Photo: Turquoise with a Twist c. Mary Lou Holvenstot)

Til Next Time,
I will be doing vacation laundry...


:-) MaryLou said...

Lisa - How awful to return from vacation to find someone had cleaned out your checking account! I hope it gets fixed and that you wind up recovering all your funds.

As for the necklace, THANK YOU so much for the nice compliments! I'm so happy you like the treatment I gave to your gorgeous button.

Your work is just incredible, and I'm so lucky to be able to work with some of it!

Carol Dean said...

Lisa, It doesn't make up for the lousy luck you've had lately, but I've nominated you for the "Brillante Weblog"...more here: Big *hugs* ;)

Lorelei said...

Welcome back Lisa! Missed you!
Sorry to hear about the debit card fiasco. yuck. It's happened to me but never had someone actually take the $ out! That sucks.
I hope it works itself out.