Monday, September 29, 2008

IM BACK, Seriously.....

Okay, Back from Vegas and since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I can't talk about it. Kidding, Other than Hubby getting the flu mid flight to Vegas and Grandmother getting the flu one day into our trip - it was fun! :( He stayed in bed alot and since my grandmother really doesn't let anything get in the way of her and a slot machine, her flu didn't keep her down! We gambled and did the usual, sharks, dolphins, gambling, drinking,e eating.. Usually we see 1 or 2 Big Vegas Shows and this time we saw 1, The Bealtes, LOVE . It amazes me, the types of shows you can see in Vegas. Every once in a while I have a conversation with someone who has never been to Vegas...they say all sorts of negative things.. well, I say "keep your comments to yourself until you go and experience a Wonderful Cirque Show" will change your opinion very quick. For those of you planning a trip - try to see it. We stayed at the Mirage last year and didn't think about seeing it..crazy us (we did see La Reve though) which was fabulous as well.

I did leave on the positive ($) side, so Thats really all I can ask for. Our hotel was beautiful, the first time we stayed at the Palazzo which is new for us and we really loved it - the Suites are gorgeous for anyone planning a trip, I just loved my room..and if you are going to be sick in Vegas, might as well do it in a gorgeous Suite with a Flat screen just about everywhere you look.. Eating is so tricky because everything else gets in the way so we usually eat breakfast InSuite and Snack for lunch and then go all out for dinner..My favorite this trip was CarneVino., though I could have done without the long wait Wednesday Night -- the X Games were in town!
So until next year -- Thanks Vegas for a wonderful Time!

"What about WORK", You say? Work, Work, Work. Saturday we filmed all day for our Short Film, (DP - title secret til next year) and Yesterday I was exhausted and spent all day putting away props. Today I was supposed to start some work, but I didn't.. I have been filling my etsy shop and have a nice sale for the BAOIOTW.. Bead Art Originals is such a fantastic group! So professional I am honored to be a part of them! Check out all the wonderful artists on our website BEADARTORIGINALS
Til Next time! When I have something BEAD Like to say...
(Notice the concentration on Grandma's face, AS IF, she was really going to hit the JACKPOT!)

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