Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 2 of my First Blog!

Actually I am avoiding the glazing I have sitting in front of me. I unloaded the kiln last night and had an anxiety attack. Instead of working today I did everything I could to get away from the house., (oops I mean studio) So I had my hair cut (2") -- had it dyed so I am a natural blonde again (wink,wink) even had a pedicure -- I did every errand I could so I didn't have to glaze.

I am not going to attack this all at once - just a few pieces at a time and I should be done by 2010. I began taking photo's after I unloaded the first two shelves, I figured I need to show my friends where I am when I don't answer emails for a while.

The sad part., I still have bone dry clay that has to be loaded for a new bisque.

Oh Boy!


Carol Dean said...

Someone's going to be busy for a little while ;)

Linda said...

wow, pictures speak a million words, thanks for sharing!