Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Losing My Blogginity

I am proud to announce that I no longer have to say

" No, Sorry...I do NOT have a blog"

Over the last year or so friends and customers have been asking me " do you have a blog"? I did, it was a little page on my website but it really wasn't a "real" blog. I really wanted a real blog but never had the time to make one. Somewhere on e blogger is my first blog that I created and never edited and for some reason I cannot find it so I am now Lisa-Peters ART and not lisa peters ART. Sigh :( Anyway, I can assure you the rest of it will not be as boring as this hideous introduction. So here goes:

So here I am 3rd week in January and finished with the last 2 weeks of clay work. I have not moved from my chair at the kitchen counter since Jan 9th other than to sleep and load the kiln in intervals. Working primarily with Raku Clay and subsequently firing with such, I choose not to begin working that way and opted for some Brooklyn Red, Dark Brown and Grolleg Porcelain, all ^6. It wasn't until Sunday that I opened my true love Raku Clay. WOW, what a difference in my hands. When the kiln cools down this evening I can't wait to see what is waiting for me. (all 100lbs of it)

Since I cannot really show any work from the last two weeks since nothing has been fired yet I would like to provide a link and a photograph that was sent to me just a few moments ago from a customer and friend, Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers. Carol has described in detail her process on her page of using Peyote Stitch Beadwork around a Raku Cabachon, by yours truly. The title of this beautiful piece is "Warm Your Heart" and it certainly warms mine!

The Cabachon Carol used to create her piece is similar to those from my Raku Connector Sets.

The cabs (pictured below) come with wire on each end so that they can "connect" whatever it is you want them to. They look great with silk ribbons also.

Stay Tuned for the unloading of the kiln!

Here are some samples of My ROUND Connector Sets


Carol Dean said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Lisa! Great start :D I love the connector beads on the very bottom (are those flowers?).

Thanks for showing our latest "collaboration" off, btw.

Oh, and you never told that you are gorgeous!!!!

Linda said...

welcome to blogland Lisa, and yes you are gorgeous! You raku work is fabulous and you keep coming up with new and exciting pieces, each with your unique-ness.
I think you are an amazing artist.

lisa peters ART said...

Thank you, Thank You Carol!

This latest collaboration is just fabulous..and I just really love the colors. Perfect for Valentines Day! It will go real quick on Etsy I'm sure!

Flowers? Kind of -- they are the center texture of a much larger image and are definately flower-like.

Thank you I have not felt very "grogeous" working 24/7 the last few weeks and believe it is time to change this outfit to something not covered in clay!

lisa peters ART said...

Thank You Linda!
Wait til you see the next batch of "unique-ness" is even pretty weird for me!

I appreciate that Linda and Thank you so much for being there for me throughout everything! I am really looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful mosaic buttons & attacking the collectors by storm!

Fioleta said...

I followed a link from Carol's blog and happy that I did. You work is very beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it

lisapetersART said...

Thanks Fioleta! I appreciate the compliment. Feel free to sign up for my slideshow of new items by emailing me at or check out my flickr site at