Friday, January 9, 2009

Beading Today with lisa peters ART Buttons!

Guess who is Beading with my Buttons? Grace from Grace Beading is! She is as she puts it "Beading Up A Storm"... If you would like to read Grace's Blog and see how she created these really wonderful Pendant/Pins check out: GraceBeading. I think they look fantastic and I am really, really happy with the end result and when I see my pieces in action! (photos stolen from Grace's Website - Thanks Grace)
When I create pieces I never set out to make buttons or beads that day. I just "make stuff" and I look at their shape and then decide if they are going to be a connector bead or shank button. My interest in collaborating with BeadWeavers has intensified over the last year and I am trying to do my best to create really cool cabochons, thin edges with interesting design or glaze in the center.
Yesterday I took out some clay, the first time in a very long time. I start tools at first, no texture, just clay manipulation just so "we" can get aquainted once again. Its tough mentally because I want to be at the level I was when I was creating last but I know that it takes a few days before I understand what theme or common denominator this new batch of ceramic will have. I fumble around looking for misplaced tools, that special texture I get my "lizard tails" from (where the heck is that?) and my beloved seashells.. I have a million of them, but there is only one that makes the impression i am looking for. I never know when everything is going to click and the production will begin. Even my "high chair" (bar stool - even with my counter top) is not here, therefore making it very difficult to do certain designs fluidly. By Sunday, if I keep at it, things should be going smooth. (fingers crossed)
If you are local - my work is in a Group Show entitled, H2O, The Water Exhibit at the Art Center of Northern NJ in New Milford, New Jersey. It is a Mixed Media Painting, Acrylic, Resin and Paper in a handmade driftwood frame made by my husband, Hank. It is 17 3/4 X 17 3/4 and I do not have a photograph of it yet, but I will try to get one on Sunday. The opening reception is from 3-5pm. Click here to find out information on the ACNNJ

I will keep you posted, til then don't forget to stop by the Art Bead Scene and check out the January Monthly Challenge for a chance to win some lisa peters ART Prize Beads. There are 6 in total. Good Luck and have a Great Weekend.


GraceBeading said...

Hey Lisa... nice to my/your 'stuff'. I'm glad you like them. They are so much fun to work with. I have yet to have a moment where I sit and don't know what to do. Much like you, I don't plan out exactly how I will bead any given piece - I just let it develop as I go and there is never a lag with your beads/buttons/cabs. I guess that's why I reach for them again and again. I have yet another out for tonight (a spiral heart shank) and I can hardly wait for the work day to be over to I can get to it!

Carol Dean said...

I saw those on Grace's blog this morning and thought I'd go back and comment later. I'm so impressed with what she's come up with...a beautiful combination of two talents :D

lisa peters ART said...

Hi Grace & Carol!
Yeah, Grace does a fantastic job and the finished pieces are so much fun to look at..
I get that with all of your works a kind of "Oh, yeah..." So I am trying to make some cool pieces for you guys now but its going S-L-O-W....I hope things shape up by the weekend!

thanks to the both of you for your continued support!