Monday, January 19, 2009

This is going to be a great week - I can feel it!

This is going to be a great week! I feel very part of the bead world in every sense!
It started out last week with the wonderful article in Interweave Press' BeadWork Magazine, Lisa Peters BEADMAKER! I have received some wonderful emails from friends and customers regarding the article. I thanked her in my previous blog post, but I want to thank her again -- Thanks Marlene Blessing from Interweave for using me as your Featured BeadMaker in the BeadWork Feb 09' Issue!

This morning I see that "Amazing Grace" is offering 2 items, made with my stoneware shank buttons (lips and flower) for the One World One Heart Blog Event! Check out this wonderful post on Grace Danels, Grace Beadings Blog and then check out One World One Heart Event on their blog as well! (photos: stolen from Grace Beading)

The gals over at Bead Art Originals are doing it again, with their Bead Art Originals Item of the Week! This week I am offering a set of 3 stoneware connector beads, 2 called ugly beads and one rose shaped bead in Fire Opal Pink! Check out the great specials offered by our other members at the Bead Art Originals Blog!

And lastly, wow..I had been worried that this last clay session was not going to click.. but it has -- I am making some really great pieces. And for you Beadweavers out there! Wow..if you like big, I have some awesome BIG Cabs for you to bead around. Please sign up for my mailing list (via my website) or feel free to send me a message or comment to this post and I will add you to the mailing list. Tell me if you are looking for anything in particular so I can always notify you of anything new I have create!

I will be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday (sigh, we sold our beach house at the Jersey Shore..) Bye-Bye Belmar! but will be back on Thursday and ready to fire up some of the great pieces I created last week!
Til then, Happy Creating! Wishing u a fantastic Monday!


SarahKelley said...

I finally got my copy-- what a great feature on you! I thouroughly enjoyed it! (Actually my favorite piece in the magazine:)

lisa peters ART said...

Thank you Sarah!
I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you.. it has been a crazy month! I really appreciate that!