Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Way to Start off the New Year!

Congratulations Lisa! The email from Allene, from Allene's Beads began, "It was so nice to see your beads in Stringing Magazine" Hmm, that's a pretty curious statement, what does she mean? I am not in Stringing Magazine, Am I? I thought it was a mistake, I know I have some stuff coming up in Feb., but not Dec? So, she checked it out again, "Page 57, The December Issue, a linked piece by Marlene Blessing", she wrote... So I picked up a copy last night & she was right.. I know Marlene did tell me she was working on this, but I must have confused some dates..but I am happy to see it! Thanks Marlene for taking a chance on those freaky little connector stoneware beads!
This morning, again I was very happy to see an email from Mary Lou from Time2Cre8 who apparently is looking for an excuse to buy more beads :) ! She is digging thru her stash and I am super happy to see it I think she did a fabulous job converting a Raku Shank Button into a piece for a very versatile Ndebele Rope Necklace. I think its a gorgeous piece that will be super fabulous for Valentines Day! For more information about this listing check out Mary Lou's Etsy Shop.

So This New Year has started out pretty good so far! On New Years Day, even though we were pretty exhausted, tradition is that we take grandma to AC for a little "light" gambling :) Though we were dragging, we smiled big and made our way around the casino. We lost everything, but just for fun, we took our last $5 and played Sic Bo, a game where any kind of thinking is unecessary. Usually I ask Hank what number he would like me to play, he tells me and then I pick another..but this time I listened. I am happy to say, at 60 to 1 odds, he was right and we left with exactly what we brought with us to gamble. I told him it was all because of his telepathic skill that we won, but secretly I knew it was because Grandma was wearing "The One Armed Bandit" Cuff by Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers!

Have a great day everyone!


Carol Dean said...

I needed a good giggle, Lisa! Thank you :D And Congratulations!

(One of my "resolutions" for this year is to take more time to play with all my bead art goodies...that means spending some time with my Lisa Peters beauties!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for you! I will keep an eye out for your beads when I get my copy of Stringing :)

GraceBeading said...

I was also over at MaryLou's blog this morning admiring (very much) the way she used that heart shank - very cleaver!

Congrats on the mention Stringing Magazine too, I hope there are many more to come this year.

Sounds like you had the perfect ending to your gambling day and that bracelet on Grandma looks perfect!

Scarf It Up! said...

Congratulations, Lisa!

And beautiful lariat too!

:-) MaryLou said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Lisa! I'm so glad you like the "treatment" I gave to your beautiful button.

And yes, using one piece in a project is the perfect justification for buying more of your goodies.

Congrats on the casino winning, also. Having seen Carol Dean's cuff (not firsthand, but in her shop), I'm sure it had something to do with the win. That cuff is gorgeous!

lisa peters ART said...

thanks everyone for your comments! I am so happy i could give you some giggles!
You are the best!