Friday, May 30, 2008

Four Days Left til the BIG DAY at B & B

Only Four Days left until I hit the road and leave for B & B 14-16 hour drive (they say) Hmmm. After the last 2 months of doing nothing but-work-work-work (okay.. there was a little fun thrown in here & there) Will I be able to make that drive? Nope, will be stopping along the way for a little R & R -- hopefully will hook up with my bead-buddies Joan & Yvonne to share a room (or couch) and looking forward to seeing Linda upon my arrival in WI. ( Can you believe I forgot what hotel I am staying in - I think I should schedule some time to check my notes or at least make a few phone calls until I figure out that important detail)

Til next time:

For my blogging buddies (and everyone else) please take advantage of my $10 coupon to use at the show on your purchases of $60 or more.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting Ready for Bead and Button

Had a wonderful day in NYC with Allene Rose from Allene's Beads yesterday! We walked around the villiage looking for anything "bead-interesting" and other than some great resin stuff there wasn't much that thrilled us. We did have wonderful conversation and fantastic lunch and it was a great visit. Allene is such a wonderful person! For those of you who do not know Allene she is a Bead Artists Rep from Ca. and would be happy to see your unique work if you make beads...her website is Allene's Beads. Just drop her a line, send her some samples, Unique, OOAK, beads is what she is looking for., any medium.
Well my tummy did a little flip-flop just thinking about Bead and Button coming VERY Soon, and if I forget there is a daily email reminder from Linda that gives me the days, hours and minutes until the show begins. Thanks Linda!
I finally started the kiln tonight., which is strange because usually I would have fired about 5 loads by now. Maybe I am in denial. If I dont fire anything then B & B is really next June not this June. Tommorow I will begin glazing stoneware and porcelain and after my weekend I will start Raku Firing.
The garden is ready for planting, the first time in many years that we are ready BEFORE May 15th....The Herbs look fantastic, summer bulbs planted and those that were not taken away by the squirrels seem to be doing pretty good. Veggies are going in next week and I promised the hubby I would not plant Zucchini Squash until late June. Our Zucchini always looks beautiful until July and then it dies. Someone told us, dont plant it until late in the season and it will do fantastic. I didn't do it last summer and promised him I would do it this I will keep everyone posted.

Just to recap: (taken from my last blog)
June 5-8th, 2008 you will see Lisa Peters Art in booth 1213 at Bead & Button Magazines - Bead and Button Show 2008. I will have some of the really great stuff from the New City Exhibit as well as a new line of porcelain pieces that I really like! Linda Themer from Textured Turtle has offered to hold my hand throughout and will be with me to hopefully tackle all the sales! She will have her glass mosaic beads and buttons with her as well. I am also going to try to rep to lampwork artists to have some versatility on my table. I will also offer a $10 coupon off any purchase of lisa peters ART pieces of $50 or more. Stay tuned for the link coming soon.
I will try to get that coupon online by next week!

Oh, I created a MY SPACE Page, not sure why.. but its