Monday, November 29, 2010

Is November really almost over?

WOW, I was just trying to figure out my schedule for next month when I realized in 2 days it will be...

As some of you may or may not know I have been very busy with personal things the last month and a half and have not really been active in any of my online groups or my filling my online stores as I usually would be..especially this time of year when that is all that anyone is doing.
The weekend of the Wonderful Soft Flex Bead Show in NYC my Great Aunt had taken ill and was brought to the hospital for a serious medical condition that no one thought would prove to be as fatal as it did and after spending almost 10 days by her side she finally passed and we were devastated.  I grew up with my Great Aunt as much a part of my life as my grandmother and mother and it was a very sad time for all of us.  Shortly after we began the task of taking care of her belongings & her place of residence which took almost three weeks, working very long days to do so that it was done quickly but with respect.  I was basically put in charge of everything, which I did so willingly & with much love and a very heavy heart.. but everything else in my life had to be put on hold while it was being done.  

Before I knew it, Hank had his shoulder operation, and Thanksgiving was almost here and I could not believe how much time had passed since I had felt like I'd even held a bead in my hand!  If it was not for the  Fabulous Trunk Show at Bead Mosaic in Nanuet, I may have gotten a paper route and called it quits! (kidding) Things are finally getting back to normal and I want you all to know that I was so touched by your wonderful emails and messages.  I apologize for not answering any of them as I was completely overwhelmed..and when I tell you I have not answered any of them.. I have NOT.  I hope you can forgive me as I did it as a way to maintain the level of anxiety I would have suffered had I answered them in a rushed or hurried fashion, perhaps not expressing things exactly how I would like to therefore causing more stress and anxiety.  Its just my way of coping.   I hope to be able to answer each of you in the next few weeks.

I am very happy to say that I did get back to the business of Beads a little on Friday and alot today!  If you would like to see what new things were listed in my Etsy Shop please click on this link: Lisa Peters ART Etsy.   If you would like to see what products are on Serious SALE today please click on this link: Lisa Peters DeStash. and if that isn't enough by using the Coupon Code: CyberMonday in any of my Etsy Shops you will receive and additional 10% off your entire order.   It doesn't end there!  Lisa Peters on BIG CARTEL also is having a huge sale on any item in the store.  By using the Coupon Code: THANKS you will receive 25% off your order total!  How's that for a comeback?  I will begin getting back into the groove of daily listings and start opening those jewelry cases filled with beady-goodies for you to use!

I hope things are going to be calm for the next few weeks.  I could use a little calm.  Soon it will be time for me to get back into the studio to begin creating for 2011 and I am looking forward to doing so with a clear head and lots of wonderful ideas that have been swimming around in there even though I was not able to let them out due to my situation.. Ya never know, pain brought forth some phenomenal designs last year.. Maybe I can channel all the emotions I have been feeling the last 2 months into something meaningful for all of us to see.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Happy Creating,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Come See Me

I never know when I am going to write a blog post so thinking ahead....

Please come see me Oct 15,16,17, 2010 at The Fashion Institute of Technology Campus Conference Center / John E. Reeves Great Hall Entrance on West 28th Street between 7th & 8th Ave in New York, NY 10001.. In a nutshell, I will be in the city that weekend doing the show!  Check out their website for more information!

Until then you will always find me on ETSY, Etsy D Stash and BIG CARTEL.. and can ya believe it, I opened an artfire shop but I didn't put anything in it yet... How about Tiles and Mosaic or Multi-Media Art pieces only???  That's a thought!

Hope everyone is happily creating..
Oh and Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati Jewelry told me that one of HER designs featuring one of MY designs is going to be in Bead Style that's on shelves now!  I haven't seen it yet, if you have... check it out!

Ok, thats it for now..

Monday, September 20, 2010

My First Day of School

or so it feels like................

Well, Fall is here..not officially but my nose tells me so!  It really smells like Fall outside.  This weekend I closed my little place on Lake Ontario and I feel like I just opened it up for summer, needless to say I didn't really spend much time there this year.  Our property (we do not stay on our own property, we have a small seasonal place about 3 miles away on the same road)  has been for sale for almost 2 years now and for the first time I am really getting antsy about moving things along.  PLEASE SOMEONE BUY IT! I have lowered my price so much I am practically paying you! 

5+ Build-able-Lake-Front Acres S.Shore Road, Three Mile Bay NY

There I have gone and done it - I have hit a new low.. I blogged about my property for sale!  Well, since I have jumped in head first.. if you know anyone looking for gorgeous property on Lake Ontario.. email me! and I will personally conference you in to my agent!

Anyway, I'm back to my first day of school <------ feeling that is!  Its quiet outside ( i like that)  Hank's work schedule totally changes.. Mid July his clients start dropping off..heading off to their summer homes until the Holiday weekend brings them back to the city in August he has one or two clients here and there and is always home with me and we get a good amount of work done.. but now he is back to the hideous George Washington Bridge traffic every morning and I can tell he also had that "first day of school look on his face-worse than me"!    I cannot believe it, as I type this some nut job is blowing leaves.. there can only be 10 if that on the ground.. Do they really have to pollute the earth with the gas powered blower to move around 10 leaves?  This is a total pet peeve of mine and the timing is just perfect for my blog post.  Grrr.

Back to smiles.. anyway.. in a nutshell.. FALL IS HERE! Lets get back to the studio and start creating some fabulous things!

** IMPORTANT ** I was supposed to be a vendor at the Northern Virginia Bead Society Show this weekend in Virginia! But I am not going.  I just can't carry my jewelry cases.. way to heavy and I do not want to hurt myself after having surgery in August.  I was looking forward to driving and staying with Joan Miller & Alice St. Germain.. but plans have changed and I wish them a fabulous show! 

Til next time, 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am cheating on Etsy..

but the affair may be a fleeting one!

Hello Everyone!  I know it is always so long in between blog posts but... hey, someone has to make the beads, right?

Recent posts by Lorelei Eurto and Nancy Schindler regarding the web based store BIG CARTEL prompted me to think about a new venue for selling my work.  Not that I really ever had a problem with ETSY and I really enjoy being a part of the ETSY family but I thought a new venue without the costs of etsy might be a fun change.
Quickie Big Cartel Logo for Lisa Peters ART Beads Shop
I wrote to Nancy and she was kind enough to express her feelings about the site and I told it was something I was going to think about.  Well after a few hours I did and opened up my Lisa Peters ART on Big Cartel yesterday afternoon. I saved some of my favorite pieces throughout the year and decided that I would open that store with those.  Crystalline Glazes are something I really love and are very difficult to do correctly... especially on a flat surface like a cabochon as they like to "drip" downward, but after a few let downs in the kiln I ended up with a handful of beauties and my favorite was my first to be listed.  I am so proud that the amazing Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers ended up with that one in her "stash" as much as I am proud that she was the first to purchase from my new shop... She has ALWAYS had my bead-making-back!   I've had a few sales since the new shop opened and I thank everyone for all the positive feedback they have given me on the new store.

Big Cartel may not be the venue for me and I am going to use the next few weeks as a trial.  I love the idea of having another shop and expanding my customer base, however, I find that the tools on etsy are conducive to my "type" of selling.   Lots of OOAK Items.   I have to copy and paste and enter alot of information in Big Cartel when I have grown to absolutely adore the Etsy Hack program by Greasemonkey for Firefox.  My whole world changed when I added that program and it made it possible for me to sell similar items but were not close enough to be called copies or to be placed in a more-than-one-of inventory.  I am finding that I have to list my more expensive items in Big Cartel to make the extra time spent worth it.  But that's okay...this may work out in my favor.  All is just too early to make any final decisions and I am going to enjoy and learn as I go.  I am sure I  am NOT using Big Cartel to it's fullest potential right now and maybe when I do my feelings will change.

What's Coming?  Recently I was given a book from 1909 about interpreting Dreams.   I am using that book and the words from it as a source of my inspiration for my new items.  I have a mini kiln load half filled now and I am looking forward to getting back in the studio and to start creating more new pieces.  Stay tuned for that.   I have been working on a new glaze formula for my next batch that I hope looks as I imagine it to look and fires without causing me too many headaches.  (please cross your collective fingers for me!)

After Surgery: My neck is feeling much better and I have more range of motion than I have had in a very long time which is wonderful.. The pins and needles and numbness are still present in my right hand and arm but I am hopeful that even that will disappear in the next few months.  If it does not, then at least I can say I tried and will continue to create regardless.  It will take a lot more than a little spinal oopsy to keep me away from the clay I promise!

 *A girlfriend of mine has been getting some slack from a new pair of VERY BIG Sunglasses that she purchased recently.  Last night we met for a snack & a cocktail (or 2) and I wanted to show my support for her and her fashion forward move!  She forgot to wear hers, but I brought mine along!  It was nice to get out and play since being out of commission for the last few weeks.
Cell Pic taken yesterday evening of me wearing my grandmothers glasses from the 70's - everything is back in style !

Til next time I leave you with a photograph of the first item to be listed on Big Cartel and Sold to the wonderful Carol Dean!  I hope to create more that look like this in the future!
Happy Creating,
Til Next Time,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

restless leg & artist syndrome?

Well I know why I am restless..but these legs, WOW!  Driving me crazy!

It will be 2 weeks since my cervical spine surgery and I think I feel worse now than I did last week.    I was supposed to do 4 15 minute walks a day..well, I didn't and at night I have the worse restless leg syndrome EVER!  ( poor hank is back on the couch!)   So this morning as shitty as I felt I started my 1st of 4, 15 minute walks... except I walked for about 25 minutes... Hank scheduled a spa appointment for me this afternoon for some reflexology and then a pedi so that should make me feel alot better.   I thought I was going to go insane these last few nights..   I guess my body is telling me.. get your ass off the couch and start moving.   Staples are being removed Friday morning so it's about time things start getting back to normal.

I have been pretty well behaved when it comes to internet shopping lately but Interweave had a cart filled with selections I have been adding over the last few months and I decided to have them shipped - I received them a few days ago and I am "iffy" with my choices.

Most importantly I want to support Interweave so I ordered them from their site, but I have to say I would have paid alot less through Amazon.  I guess every now and then we have to do our part to support the companies that back artisans, artisan made, etc.. but next time Amazon's getting my order and then when I have sold alot of Cabochons I can place another with Interweave.  I have not watched the DVD yet (that order was placed by accident, I do not DO books on DVD or E-books)  and I have been flipping though the pages of the others.  The one that I really wanted was the 200 Braids to twist, knot, loop or weave by Jacqui Carey.  I love the way fiber looks knotted with my pieces but I confess I am not an "instruction-type-of-gal".  I follow idea's in books by looking at them and very rarely read what the author has written.. here I think I will have some trouble with that.  All the books are OK, but if I had it to do all over again I would have left off the Needle Felting & Elements of Style books.  Personally, one of my favorite books ever regarding altered media is Paper, Metal & Stitch by Maggie Grey and Jane Wild .  

I love to read these books when I am in the car driving the 6 hours to the Lake but when I am creating I never refer to a book - it must come from within.  Books help me discover new products but other than a recipe for a certain medium books stay on the shelf when its time to create... which by the way I have not done in a long, long time!  Better get movin.

There's a bag of clay Hank dragged into the bedroom a few nights ago.. he put a TV table and folding chair next to it.. I have made 7 beads..  I think it is time I get back over there and make some more..I am getting pretty antsy..

Happy Creating Everyone!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's finally here.. the moment we have been waiting for.. or at least the moment I have been anxiously trying to get to for the last year.   My Surgery is Thursday, August 12 at Weill Cornell in NYC.   I hope that all is successful and I get back to work as quick as possible.  I am not going anywhere.. chances are I will be back home on the couch checking my email/facebook instead of in my studio doing the same (<-- still wonders why spell check highlights facebook ) ...  its just a simple matter of geography but there is no way I will be out of touch.. it's impossible at this point.   LPA.. is still open for business for existing inventory.. any custom orders or new items..well, that is kind of up-in-the-air for now, but you know me.. I got a lot of stuff.. So just ask.  I doubt I will be up and around until next week, but if you need something please let me know.  Check out my website for a million ways to reach me.   I was going to close my etsy shops..but that seems a little ridiculous.. the less changes I make to my daily routine the better.. What do you think? 

Crossing fingers that I can feel mine soon.....
Much love,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I went away to Bermuda and didn't tell anyone!

Oops!  I snuck away to Bermuda with Mom and Grandma -- did ya miss me?  Well I am back now and I have started listing items in my Etsy Shop.  Come on over and check it out!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you here on the blog or over at "The Book" ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I had a dream.. and in it, The Bead Fairy came to me and said.............

You must do the Best Bead Show in Baltimore, Maryland this I am... 

Check it out everyone!
I will be there with my usual goodies and a whole bunch of brand new silk ribbons!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ARTISTS: You are so talented, so different - its cool to be among you

I believe this morning I took my first deep breath after the shock that is Bead and Button (show).  The first few days after coming home you are still in the "zone" and then after a few personal appt's and telephone calls to non beady friends and family you begin to realize where you are.  HOME.   I slept late, I made a good breakfast, not an I-dont-have-any-time-or-counter-space-left-breakfast...because I am getting ready for a show.  We sat down together, at a table, civilized, though unkempt and talked.  I actually heard what Hank was saying instead of watching his lips move and thinking... "did I pack my rectangle cabochons in the jewelry case or is it in the shoe box of extra's?"  I drank all of my coffee.   We discussed some new product I picked up at the show and then sat down and used it for a bit and made some funky new molds for bead making... because we wanted to not because we had to..   Hank and I have a special project that we will announce when the time is right.. (no, Im not pregnant :( ) so we are doing our best to prepare for that.   Yesterday it was decided that I would be having minimal surgery on my cervical spine so that this awful problem that has been with me since last August can be put to rest (for a little while).    It is not a cure, but it is what I need for now and I am 100% satisfied with the Dr and the procedure and so is Hank.  You will have to do without me for about 6 weeks (awww, can ya handle it?  Please say no! :) but after-wards I believe I will be happy physically once again.   I have a "diet" that I do when I am about to have surgery (I hate the word diet., but it is a diet of sorts) so that my levels are in check and the process of recovery is easier, for me.  So I started that this morning.. hmm, its been 45 minutes and I'm doing far-so good! LOL  I will keep you posted on events as they unfold.

This morning I was looking through my contacts on Flickr.  My Goodness, sometimes I just can't believe the talent I see from all the creative people out there.  It was not like this years ago, it just wasn't.  Though the internet has brought us all together, I still believe the products and inspiration were not getting to alot of people who are using their creative energies now, in the most fabulous way!   There is alot of product on the market yet I find myself still very interested in those works that are simple and done with found objects and media-though I must have those products (just in case)

I am a poser of sorts lately.  I have a studio filled from floor to ceiling of hoarded medium.  Seriously, you have no idea.  I know alot of people say that.. but seriously, you have no idea what the heck I have.. Hank and I always joke and say "Wow, look at this place.. our kid would have had some Harvard education..." LOL (insert any expensive college of your choice in place of Harvard)  So, Anyway, I am a poser... because I don't use it, I only use ceramic lately..  So I would like to make a loose-goal of incorporating more mixed media works into my schedule this year (was that my goal last year??) and I really do hope that happens.  I miss it.

So, that's what I have to say this morning.  This blog post was inspired by my husband Hank who I found fabricating a skull & chain link "bumper" for his new pimped out golf cart by the sound of electric current kicking on and off and the glow of a MIG welder coming under the door in his work shop.   This is ART.

   Art is everywhere.. Mom's who are making the perfect Barbie Cake for their daughters birthday party - you are creating ART, Men and Women who are in their garages sanding the fender of their custom motorcycle - you are creating ART..  I hope the image of ARTIST is changing for people who when they HEAR the word do not just, SEE an image of an old Frenchman dabbing oil onto a canvas with shaky hand and baguette crumbs in his beard.   Its you too.

With much love on this beautiful day,
I leave you with..... The Hankster..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bead and Button Show 2010

The Drive that normally takes about 15 hours took us a little longer. I am not sure if I am driving slower, taking more breaks or Milwaukee has moved further away. I had forgotten how much longer the drive is after Chicago and my excitement quickly turned when I realized I had a few more hours to go. But then we finally made it. The Ramada, The creepiest hotel Downtown has to offer and it was all ours for the next few days! Yay! I wont go into detail about how much sleep we had the 1st, 2nd or 4th days or how much smoke wafted into our non smoking room on our non smoking floor or how everything was wet and gross but after spending my third year there I just may consider another hotel... what do you think? Good Idea?

The Show was fabulous! I met so many new customers and so many dear friends. It was truly amazing to see faces of Facebook Friends and put their voices to their posts! (I apologize Miss Atherton for not giving you the wonderful Scottish accent you always deserved!) The Hugs were contagious, the smiles were genuine and the mutual appreciation delivered in large doses! I am sorry I cannot mention everyone here in my blog, but you know who you are! My memory doesn't really start to kick back into action until at least 3 days in New Jersey, when it knows it 's safe to come out and play!

I was glad to be able to leave my booth in spurts. (Thank you Mom) I do not know how you do it as "pure shoppers". As a vendor I usually look for things to improve my work but this year I was acquiring some new products so that Hank and I can begin our new Mixed Media project together, one we have been thinking about for a while now. I do not think there was any booth that did not have something I wanted (NEEDED). The product out there is truly amazing. I have some secrets in store for my next batch of inventory.. so stay tuned.

Each year as a gift to Mom for working so hard for me she is allowed to pick anything from any artisan bead maker. This year she was lucky enough to pick a gorgeous giant Marble from Kevin O'Grady who everyone knows as a glass artist and teacher at B & B. Prior to that purchase she and I were first drawn to a brand new addition to Bead and Button, a Glass Artist by the name of Rodney Andrews. His work is amazing. There were some glass beads (GIANT ONES) that I knew were different than anything I had seen up until now and had to inquire about them. The process for making them was truly intriguing to me (someone who knows NOTHING about glass) and I'm sure impressed even the old timer's. (B & B old-timers, not OLD Timers.. LOL) He also had a line of glass beads made into bracelets and other pieces for jewelry and mom had to pick one of his for a present as well. It was her first purchase, prior to her marble and he just had to make it smaller for her because her wrist is the size of my finger. I would love it if you checked out his website and his work. I can tell you he was one of the nicest people I have met at the show and truly an inspiration to talk to you about process and love of the art-form. Perhaps ladies-looking-for-cabs can find one of his as a source of inspiration for their next piece! If you do tell him Lisa Peters sent ya! He's a sweetheart & I know you will love whatever piece you choose!

I decided to take my camera and take some photo's of the Bead Dreams cabinets! WOW, was I ever surprised to see a LPA Cab inside Sherry Serafini's "Road Warrior". I saw the piece first and fell in love with it immediately! Only then did I realize there was an LPA rusty crusty inside of it! Congrats to my BOC Family members Vlad & Kremena from Golem Design Studio and Joan Miller for winning ribbons in the handmade beads/button category and thumbs up to my BAO sister Naftali (Janice Abarbanel) for a piece made of Polymer beads (not sure what category that was.. sorry) . There were some really gorgeous pieces in the Metal Clay area as well..that was super impressive!

There is so much more to blog about but there is a beautiful sunny day outside waiting for me to take advantage of it. I have been in the house for so long that I can't spend another minute without a visit to the garden.

Will write more later!
Thank you everyone for making B & B 2010 a total success!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bead and Button Show - It's finally Here!

In Just a few more hours I leave for the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI! I cannot believe how much stuff I have -- I thought I would get better at this and it seems as though I am getting more and more unorganized! Here I am, 12:20am doing laundry and have not even sent out a blast email to my customers! I figure if you are going, you know I'm there! Right? Right? Um, right :O uh oh!

So for those of you who are interested I am in Booth 1213 and will be there all week! Just for stopping by my blog I have a special for ya. Here is a coupon good for $5 off your purchase of $50 or more at my table! (at the bottom of this blog post or also available on my Facebook FAN Page!) Just print the coupon and bring it with you!

I will try very hard to keep my booth organized and pretty -- but simple when it comes to my beads is not one of my strong points! Please tell me if you are looking for anything in particular because I have so much stuff that will be stashed behind the curtain (literally.. there is a curtain and behind it is where I stash stuff! ) or under the table! Just make yourself at home behind my booth and take your time!

So here we go again! I look forward to seeing you all and Look forward to meeting some of you for the first time. I will have my computer with me so I can check emails at night when I get back to my room, so please send me a message if you need something! Driving in 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One More Week......

One more week to go until the Bead and Button Show. It's been a very strange week. Usually I am amped up and have such anxiety. My work is never done on time and I am firing until the wee hours of the night before I leave. This year it was all finished by May 21st. My house is semi-clean and my beads are packed and ready to go. I even went away this weekend. It's a very strange feeling.

I do have some work to do., a few loads of Overglaze and Lustre firings but those are just "extra".. I know I'm missing something BIG. What did I forget? Can anyone tell me? ;)

I have been adding some listings to the D*stash shop little by little and very happy to see that is getting some activity! I am also really pleased to see what my customers are doing with the D*stashed items! (almost made me not want to D*stash them!) LOL!

So its a strange feeling having time on my hands right now..
Had to blog about it!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Blog is Awful

I am usually very good at setting these things up. Lately I have not had the time to update my blog or my website. Everything looks so boring! Its on my list..

Today I am going to try to upload to my D*stash shop on etsy with items available around noon!
Stay tuned..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Innovative Beads and Fiber Arts Expo at Manhattan Center

SAVE THE DATE! Hey Everyone! If you are in the area or can make it to the city on May, 21, 22 and 23 (that's next weekend) Please take some time to visit the

Innovative Beads and Fiber Arts Expo at
Manhattan Center


Hey Everyone! If you are in the area or can make it to the city on May, 21, 22 and 23 (that's next weekend) Please take some time to visit the

Innovative Beads and Fiber Arts Expo at
Manhattan Center
which is located at 311- West 34th Street in NYC!
The Times for the show are as follows:
Friday, May 21: 2:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday, May 22: 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, May 23: 11:00am-4:00pm

I will be there with all my Ceramic Goodies. Stoneware, Porcelain and Raku!

On Saturday, I will not be in attendance at the show. I have a Baby Shower to go to for someone who is very near and dear to me which cannot be missed! My mother, Dona and My husband Hank will be side by side managing LPA for the day (gulp) My mom kind of knows its ceramic but other than that save your questions for me! If there is a question that needs answering right away both Husband and Mother are under instruction to call me or text me for the answer...if not, leave them a message with your number and I will call you the following day!

I will be posting a discount coupon for use at the show on my blog and my facebook fan page so stay tuned for that!

If you need more information on how to get to the show you can find travel info for both Parking and Public Transportation by visiting the shows main web site at

If that isn't enough to get you there... Come see the worlds LONGEST NECKLACE! Yes, they are making the worlds longest necklace and working under the guidelines of The Guinness Book of World Records. The Money raised from this will be used to help fund specialized art therapy beading programs at hospitals and cancer centers across the country.

There will be FREE DEMO'S:
Polymer Clay
Crocheted beaded scarves and preemie hats
Seed Beads...their multiple uses
Incorporating Metals in Jewelry Design
Buying and Caring for Pearls
Embroidering KISS Pillows
Trends in Crochet Design

You may also (using the link provided above) register for classes in the following:
Basic Beading
Pearl and Wire Bracelet w.matching Ring
Cyrstal Loops Bracelet
Beading around a cabochon
Peyote Delica & Swarovski Ring
Swarovski Puffy Heart
Swarovski Reversible Donut
Make Polymer Beads
Exotic Dreams Necklace
Turkish Flat Bead Crochet Bracelet
Fifties Flowers Embroidered Needle Work
and much more!

Its the first FIBER and BEAD Show Innovative has ever put together -- and the first show in NYC..
This is really going to be fabulous!
Its one block from Penn Station... so anyone who lives anywhere near a train station has NO EXCUSE not to come

Would love to see you there!
Email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding LISA PETERS ART Designs and this show!

Some samples of my new work

Saturday, May 8, 2010


(That includes all you single Dads, loving grandparents or precious Aunts and Uncles who are being a "mom" to someone you cherish dearly!) Hmm, I wonder if my cats bought me anything?

TODAY at 1pm I launch my Lisa Peters D*Stash Shop on Etsy! YAY

Please take advantage of all the sales on items I am D*stashing!!!!

I would also like you to know that my regular Lisa Peters ART Etsy Shop is offering Free Shipping and 20% off any item in the shop! (Please mention that in the notes to seller)

So Have a ball and have a Wonderful Mothers Day! All of you!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Save The Date!

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to let you know about my next show! May 21,22 and 23, 2010 in New York City! Yay, I don't have to pay for hotel... I'm so happy! I will not be at the show personally on May 22 from 12pm on. I have a personal event that I have to attend. I will be there on Friday and Sunday!

My Mother (Dona) and My Husband (Hank) will be there on Saturday alone (GULP), so if you have any questions you need to ask me or if you have to discuss my product or process you will have to try to see me on Friday or Sunday or please email me. If there are any questions that you need answered on the spot have them call me!

Closer to the date I will be emailing a coupon to use at my booth lisa peters ART.

Stay tuned,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm still Here!

I'm still here. I know I have not blogged in a while but you know what happens when I start creating.. I close the doors, dim the lights, turn off the phone, cancel the paper... well, basically I try to be as much of a hermit as possible..
I realized I have not blogged in a long time so I wanted to share with you the wonderful Etsy Feedback Poem Jennifer Ledford of Tocadora Leather left on my Feedback page. I love it! Thank you Jennifer!

Time and again I return to the place
The enchanted glade of texture and glaze
Where beauty abounds and fills me wonder
And quickly divides me and my money asunder

I find stunning cabochons, pendants, and beads
And all of the buttons my leatherwork needs
I just have to have them! I purchase with haste!
Yes, when Lisa is listing, I wear my game face.

I’ve built up a stash, and they’ve traveled with me
From El Paso, Texas to this fine southern city.
Every day I steal time, to touch them and play
These miniature artworks, created from clay.

I put them on leather, I wrap them in wire
I’ll string them with beads for all to admire
I’ll sell them and ship them with wistful goodbyes
So I’ll have more money to score the next prize!

Lisa, oh Lisa, her work’s outta sight
Who else’s listings a frenzy incite
Where it’s artist ’gainst artist in pure buying lust
And the gleeful victor facebooks “Eat my Dust!”?

I’m so glad to know her, It’s truly a pleasure
As artist AND person, Lisa’s a treasure.
I honor her wisdom, her humor, and courage.
And I am so proud to be in her entourage.

Yes. Entourage doesn’t rhyme with courage…
but I’m taking some license cause it looked so darn cool. ;D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Confessions of Bead Maker

Hi, My name is lisa peters and I am a bead maker and I just don't feel like making another bead today.. LOL!

I think I go through this every year. I am supposed to be neck high in greenware (unfired ceramic) getting ready for my two big shows in May and June and I'm just not ready yet. Which means once again when I finally do get ready I will be rushing around, working 20 hour days and telling friends, "Oh, no this weekend is no good for me I'm working".

I'm checking in (blogging) and want you to know that I purchased a large amount of the most fab Bohemian Glass beads ever! The reason I chose these beads in particular is because they go with my raku perfectly.. I actually squealed when I saw them.. and I don't really "squeal" ;) So, here we go with another promise that I might come through with. I am planning on making some sets with My Raku, Bohemian Glass & Enamel that match.. all you have to do is have the stringing materials to finish it off. Hank (my husband) was with me because he will be helping me with this particular endeavor with the cutting of copper and enameling and he really liked the beads too.. more than, "yes, I like them cause your my wife and you like them" it was a genuine thumbs up for the beads! So stay tuned! I think you may like them too!

So, Im going to be listing on Etsy once/twice week til I get my inventory done for the The Innovative Beads & Fiber Arts Expo in NYC in May and then the ever popular (drum roll please) Bead and Button Show in June. Lets hope I can open a bag of clay soon and make something with it. Its not easy. Every time I do it for some reason it feels like the first time. Maybe thats the way its supposed to be (for me)

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of spring..
and Im over on Facebook if you need me!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Ready for My Next Show!

I am sitting here in my "sunroom" (my new studio, since my studio has become too jam packed full of projects to work in) which is also the dinning room...Once again, Hank and I are eating dinner on our snack tables in front of the TV... Translated, in this house, that means ITS SHOWTIME! He (we) lose yet another few weeks to sacrificing comfort and civilized behavior to all that is BEAD.

Anyway, I sit here and listen to the click, click, click of a kiln in the garage that is firing up bisque for me to begin glazing on Monday for Berks Bead Bazaar in Wyomissing, PA, backspacing characters typed on this page by Lulu's furry paws who has just about had enough of this divided attention cra- and is through with clay work and trips to England.. I'm throwing her over my shoulder and patting her gently, typing with both hands - as if she is attached to me by velcro.. I tell her just a few minutes longer until I finish this blog..she is purring so loud I can hardly hear the click of the kiln's fuse box anymore.

I have no clue what I have made with the last 50lbs of clay... For some reason everything is changing. I have made NO Raku Pendants (can you believe it?) I have made more stoneware triangles than anyone will ever have use for. My favorite clay tools have gone missing and I'm working small <--- yes, you read correctly.... small

It gets better... I scheduled a Bead show in NYC for the week prior to B & B... I mean... who does that? I have to be my mind.. I'm sure it will all work out just fine.. I just wanted to let you all know I am fully aware of how things are changing.. and I hope you like the new things I have made.. Glazing begins on Monday...and then only a little over a week before the Berks show.. Chances are I will not be able to glaze it all - so for everyone coming to Berks, your guess is as good as mine on what I am going to have on the table!

England was fabulous. I loved it! I will write more about it in the future.. right now I have to break down my work area and prepare it for the next step. I just wanted to take a few moments to say HI and Invite you to Berks Bead Bazaar Saturday & Sunday, Feb 27-28, 2010
10 AM to 5 PM at The Inn at Reading, 1040 Park Road, Reading PA. My Facebook FAN Page will have special coupons to use at the show - so if you are not a fan, please become one TODAY!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Its funny how something like "feedback" can make someone smile! Feedback is so important to those of us who sell online and etsy sellers/buyers can get rather creative! I wanted to share with everyone some feedback that made me tear up a little. I love it. Thank you Jennifer from Tocadora Leather for this beautiful "feedback-poem" it really made my day! Please check out Jennifer's Etsy Shop for a look at her amazing leather cuffs!

I never thought I’d see the day
That I would salivate for clay
But then I went and lost my heart
To the gorgeousness of Lisa’s Art!

Pendants and Buttons so divine
I want to make them mine all mine!
Tiny treasures in glorious glazes
Draw me into shopping crazes!

Lurking, pouncing, drooling, buying
Lisa’s lovelies leave me sighing
Don’t wanna share, and can’t resist
I’m spending cash hand over fist!

Be it raku or carved stoneware
She crafts each piece with love and care
Unveiling them on facebook & Flickr
Booty goes to the fastest clicker!

Oh Lisa, goddess of pottery thou
Rise to applause and take your bow
I wish you joy and all success
For you and your artwork are THE BEST!