Friday, March 19, 2010

Confessions of Bead Maker

Hi, My name is lisa peters and I am a bead maker and I just don't feel like making another bead today.. LOL!

I think I go through this every year. I am supposed to be neck high in greenware (unfired ceramic) getting ready for my two big shows in May and June and I'm just not ready yet. Which means once again when I finally do get ready I will be rushing around, working 20 hour days and telling friends, "Oh, no this weekend is no good for me I'm working".

I'm checking in (blogging) and want you to know that I purchased a large amount of the most fab Bohemian Glass beads ever! The reason I chose these beads in particular is because they go with my raku perfectly.. I actually squealed when I saw them.. and I don't really "squeal" ;) So, here we go with another promise that I might come through with. I am planning on making some sets with My Raku, Bohemian Glass & Enamel that match.. all you have to do is have the stringing materials to finish it off. Hank (my husband) was with me because he will be helping me with this particular endeavor with the cutting of copper and enameling and he really liked the beads too.. more than, "yes, I like them cause your my wife and you like them" it was a genuine thumbs up for the beads! So stay tuned! I think you may like them too!

So, Im going to be listing on Etsy once/twice week til I get my inventory done for the The Innovative Beads & Fiber Arts Expo in NYC in May and then the ever popular (drum roll please) Bead and Button Show in June. Lets hope I can open a bag of clay soon and make something with it. Its not easy. Every time I do it for some reason it feels like the first time. Maybe thats the way its supposed to be (for me)

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of spring..
and Im over on Facebook if you need me!