Monday, July 11, 2011

Well Rested!

It is so nice to wake up after a long nights sleep and finally feel well rested.  I know this will not last long but for me, it's been years since I have felt this way and I am fully aware of how run down I am and how I must make a conscious effort to take care of myself!   There is still much to do to make changes in my "world" but last week was a great start!  ( I am leaving Hank out because this is my blog and because you will see enough of him in the photo's to follow! LOL) But he feels the same way!

We had a wonderful 4th of July celebration in the country with family with one absolutely fabulous day and one gross rainy one!  We have a leaky skylight at our new place which sits 18 feet above where Grandma likes to sleep.. I wish you could see an instant replay of Hank and I watching the skylight and staring down at Nani from our loft bedroom praying it did not begin to rain on her at 5am Sunday morning!  Its on our To-Do-List...I promise.
Ben, Nani and Mom having lunch on the porch!

Yes, this is a Maple Bacon Hot Fudge Sundae and it was really good!
We arrived at our place on Lake Ontario at 1am and it was "still there"..which may sound odd to you but for us just seeing that it survived the NY/Canadian Lake Effect Winters is a plus...The fact that everything was still on the walls was another plus as the winds can shimmy and shake our place like we never imagined it could!   And after a few hours of unpacking people, food and kitties we slept and slept and slept...  Actually it felt so good to sleep., we decided that this should be the main focus of our vacation and happy to say that it was.   We did get a chance to take out the boat and surprise-surprise it actually ran after two years sitting in the barn!  We went for bike rides, took out our peddle/paddle boat <--- (I never know which one it actually is..) saw old friends and thoroughly enjoyed our relax-cation!   
Hank - Waving from what is left of the LAST of the Dock at Shangri La

My View of the Bike Ride!
Lake Ontario at Pt. Peninsula, NY - The place of many good memories for us since 1997

Harpin' Hank on the Guitar floating behind Cherry Island
(he can't do much since his bike accident, but he can still play music for me!)

So, Well Rested I am back now, getting ready to organize and start re-listing in my ETSY Shop.  This Friday however I will be at the Bead & Glass Boutique for a trunk show and would love it if you would stop by if you are from the area!   Please click on the link for more information! TRUNK SHOW, Friday July 15th!

Hope to be blogging again soon!
Happy Creating,

Yes, there was one photo of me! LOL.. just to prove I was there!