Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Fall

and the only thing that makes me happy about it right now
Is my New Fall Fantasy Line!
the cool breeze that makes this forty-somethings nights a little easier ;)

I have lots of surprises coming soon... probably all at once and 
I am becoming a bit overwhelmed (as usual)  but this time 
I am trying my best to be prepared

Stick around, stay tuned, The Etsy shop will be filling up with all things Fall very, very soon..
If you follow me on Facebook
I will have even a bigger surprise this weekend.. so watch closely

Happy Creating
During this most beautiful time of the year!


Friday, September 7, 2012

First Friday Art Walk Weekend

First Friday Art Walk Weekend 

Hey Everyone!  I think you should head over to the 
First Friday Art Walk Weekend on
Which is a monthly event sponsored by the AWE Team where Artists that sell work on Etsy 
get together to help promote each other's work. 
Check it out to see some cool things and maybe grab something for yourself!
There you will find  some of our BOCPAT member items, and below that, find a link to all our BOCPAT members Etsy shops!

Shoppers can use coupon code BOCPAT
to receive 10% off anything from my Lisa Peters ART Shop
I will be adding new listings throughout the day!