Thursday, February 24, 2011

Berks Bead Bazaar Here I (we) come!

Its strange how bead shows are how I gauge when-to-do-what.   Berks Bead Bazaar in Reading is the first show I do each year.  It tells me that Bead and Button is just moments away! (GULP) Usually by this time I have blown the dust off my Raku Kiln and fired a few loads, only to realize once again I did not fix the ceramic shell on my kiln or that I forgot to buy a new pyrometer like I promised myself I would the year before and the year before that, and the year before that..  but Mother Nature can take the blame this year that there is no new Raku for Berks.. which is just fine because it allowed me to play with other clays and glazes., but it is strange for me since I love it so much.   There is always a little pang in the tummy when customers walk up and say "I have been waiting for your Raku since I saw you here last year"... ouch., that hurts! ;)  but fear not, there is some cool stuff in inventory that made me click my heels a little this week..hope you like it too!  Mom will be with me and maybe another surprise guest!

Here are some photo's of some of the new pieces I am bringing with me and for a better view please check out my Flickr site directly.

If you are planning on attending the show you may also print out the coupon for $10 off your $75 or more purchase!

For those of you not going to the show I will begin listing in both etsy shops starting next week!  New Inventory in Lisa Peters ART and some inventory I am moving out and odd lots in Lisa Peters Destash.  Stay Tuned!

Hope to see you!
Til' next time
Happy Creating!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

¡España, aquí vengo!

Soy muy emocionado decir que me estoy yendo para España esta tarde para reunirse el Lorelei fabuloso estupendo...oh, excuse me...I am very excited to say that I am leaving for Spain this evening to meet up with the super fabulous Lorelei to enjoy a week of bead shopping, food, jewelry admiring, food, wine, food, museums, food, galleries, food and more! (no, I do not speak -- thank you Babel Fish) I speak an awful combination of Italian-English-Spanish, which our friends from the Dominican Republic jokingly refer to as Spanitalish... It will be at the mercy of the Spaniards who I encounter to try to translate what it is I am in need of...but basically it will always be three things beads, food or wine..and since I am Happily married, there is no fourth..but hubby says..If I happen to run into Benicio while I am there, to use my best judgment and he will turn a blind eye upon my return... Hey, Qué sucede en España - estancias en España. ( I know Benicio is from PR, but my 2 celebrity crushes are Puerto Rican and Cuban, so lets just pretend, OK?)

It was decided just yesterday - very last minute because the illness of a very close family member (if you are on my facebook page, you will know who) and after a discussion with my family and the realization that this person is stable, at least for the next few days then I felt that it was ok for me to go.. I spend most every day at the hospital or preparing for the next show this month - so I have not really been corresponding with most of my friends and customers....just too much to do in one day.. so please accept my apologies..once again... the last year has not been a good one as far as situations like this are concerned.. thank you for always sticking by me!

as far as the beads are concerned....

Getting ready for the next show has been with a great deal of frustration.  With all this snow I am really sad to say I will not have any NEW Inventory of RAKU fired items for Berks Bead Bazaar . Berks is where I usually show the first customers my new RAKU and other inventory  for the start  of the new year.. but this year  - Raku items will have to wait until the snow melts..  So if you are a Berks Guest and you are interested in going to Baltimore in June, that is where I will be showing my items next.  So my schedule so far is:
  1. Berks Bead Bazaar
  2. Bead and Button
  3. Best Bead Show
Of Course, there will always be ETSY!  and after this trip..I am pretty sure, I will be etsy'ing most of the day!

¡Lorelei aquí vengo, mantengo la sangría fría hasta que consigo allí!

Happy Creating Everyone
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