Monday, January 19, 2009

This is going to be a great week - I can feel it!

This is going to be a great week! I feel very part of the bead world in every sense!
It started out last week with the wonderful article in Interweave Press' BeadWork Magazine, Lisa Peters BEADMAKER! I have received some wonderful emails from friends and customers regarding the article. I thanked her in my previous blog post, but I want to thank her again -- Thanks Marlene Blessing from Interweave for using me as your Featured BeadMaker in the BeadWork Feb 09' Issue!

This morning I see that "Amazing Grace" is offering 2 items, made with my stoneware shank buttons (lips and flower) for the One World One Heart Blog Event! Check out this wonderful post on Grace Danels, Grace Beadings Blog and then check out One World One Heart Event on their blog as well! (photos: stolen from Grace Beading)

The gals over at Bead Art Originals are doing it again, with their Bead Art Originals Item of the Week! This week I am offering a set of 3 stoneware connector beads, 2 called ugly beads and one rose shaped bead in Fire Opal Pink! Check out the great specials offered by our other members at the Bead Art Originals Blog!

And lastly, wow..I had been worried that this last clay session was not going to click.. but it has -- I am making some really great pieces. And for you Beadweavers out there! Wow..if you like big, I have some awesome BIG Cabs for you to bead around. Please sign up for my mailing list (via my website) or feel free to send me a message or comment to this post and I will add you to the mailing list. Tell me if you are looking for anything in particular so I can always notify you of anything new I have create!

I will be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday (sigh, we sold our beach house at the Jersey Shore..) Bye-Bye Belmar! but will be back on Thursday and ready to fire up some of the great pieces I created last week!
Til then, Happy Creating! Wishing u a fantastic Monday!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am BeadMaker - Its Official, Beadwork Magazine Said So!

Hi Everyone,
I was very excited late last night when, Guess Who? Yes, Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers wrote me a congratulatory email for the article in Beadwork Magazine about Lisa Peters - BeadMaker! Thanks CD, as usual, is keeping ME on my toes! I was so happy to see it, I didn't know it was out yet!
It was so cool to see! I hope that it introduces my work to a wider audience!
So, today's blog is going to be real short because I am in "real life mode" and cleaning my house (boo, hiss, boo) so, if you get a chance pick up a copy and check it out! Working with Interweave was a pleasure and I love their publications.
Thank you, Marlene Blessing from Interweave Press for chosing me for your BeadMaker for Feb 09!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrrr... Its Cold & Snowy Outside

Doesn't bother me at all though - all I need is clay and some coffee and I am oblivious as usual to the weather outside! I did find my kitty Buddee sleeping on the table this morning, watching the snow fall - laying on my freshly made pendants! I guess he was trying to "hatch them"...
Working with the clay the last few days I did not think anything was clicking, but now that I look at them again, in their dry stage (before the first firing, called Bisque firing) I think I made some cool stuff. My beads (the connector type) are coming out great, the pendants - I am still waiting for the ah-ha moment..but they are ok. I am making alot of non textured pendants so that I can melt alot of glass and copper on them in the Raku Firing. Making them look similar to the fat pendant type beads I was making. Very runny and drippy.. we'll see.

So, off I go back to work. Wanted to say good morning and again, thanks everyone for all the support for the B & B issue. I am over it..what's done is done..I have not given it another thought after their response, except to respond to all you wonderful people for your kind words! And I move on to the next. There is never a lack of injustice's in this world and I am never without my handy soapbox, so..

Til next time, Have a great one! stay warm (to all the locals!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi, I have been getting some wonderful emails by a very supportive network of family and friends! And you my customers are my family and friends! I want to tell you that I really appreciate all the kind words you have sent to me regarding the Bead Dreams issue and I have forwarded those sentiments to the muddy people over at Beads of Clay and Ceramic Arts Forum. Also, to my sisters who work in clay, BOC/CBA/CAF and so on..thank you for standing together on this issue and for all the words of encouragement and of course your very comedic posts on CAF.. especially you Joan T and Lana W., of Off Center Productions
I am very sad to say the Kalmbach has decided to continue to shut out Ceramic Beads in the Handmade Bead or Button Category regardless of our protest. You may read a copy of their response to us at the Bead and Button Show Forum, as well as some of our letters to them. I believe you have to sign in, in order to read them, which is Free.. HERE - I assure you their excuse is lame.
OK.. on to the next, because I cannot let this get in the way of me creating some new stuff! So thats what I have been doing the last few days, creating new STUFF! I said things would start clicking by Sunday and maybe since I am older it takes a few days longer.. LOL!
I did see some really great new pieces by Grace Beading on her blog earlier today - that made me feel alot better! She created more of the pendant/pins using my cabs and beading around them. They are really lovely. Please check out her blog to see what she's been up to! GRACE BEADING

Hope I will have some better news for Tomorrow!
Til then,
Happy Creating!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ceramic Bead Artists could use your help!

This is a copy of an email I sent out to the Bead Community. I hope that you will join me/us in an effort to right this wrong!

Dear Friends,

I am reaching out to you to ask for your help for the Ceramic Bead & Button Making Community.

Each year Bead and Button Show has a competition called Bead Dreams. In all the years they have been having this contest a Ceramic Bead Artists have won awards in the handmade bead or button category. Last year Bead and Button Magazine/Show did not want to include Ceramic Bead Artists in this competition, even though in the previous year a Ceramic Bead Artist took home 1st Prize and that same year even I had an honorable mention for my Raku Buttons. Our work was photographed for the magazine and stood as equals to all the other bead work of different mediums. Through emails and posts in the forums we reached out to the people in charge and Thank Goodness had that category changed to include Handmade Beads and/or Buttons in which Ceramic artists could enter their work. Happily another Ceramic Bead Artist Took 3rd place last year.

This year we find that again they have shut us out. I am not really sure why. We are major contributors in the world of Artisan Bead Making and I find this decision very unfair. Personally, as a vendor at Bead and Button Show I am very sad that my work is not taken seriously enough to be able to enter this very special competition.

I am reaching out to you and asking if you could send a small letter of protest in regards to this situation to the people in charge at Bead and Button Magazine. The email address is: but if you have someone else you are familiar with by all means please bring this to their attention. The person in charge of the Bead and Button Show is Joel Wingelman The Events Marketing Specialist and we (Ceramic Bead Artisans) have opened a forum post over at Bead and Button Magazines Show Forum on their webiste. So, you have your options to choose from if you would like to help us right this wrong.
I find that the categories for Bead Dreams is narrowing. Fiber, Ceramic and Mixed Media - All shut out, unless they are used in finished projects. Well, sometimes the beauty of a bead is just that.. The beauty of the bead in itself. In the magazines I subscribe to Cloth, Paper and Scissors, Quilting Arts, Artful Blogging, etc.. Mixed Media is everywhere. It seems as though all Bead and Button wants to show is Lampwork and Bead Weaving.
I am a BIG Supporter of both Lampwork and Bead Weaving. I am a proud member of a group called Bead Art Originals which accepted me into their group because of their interest in my work and our collaborations have been amazing. I have nothing, but the deepest respect for artists working in glass regardless of what form it takes. But for a magazine, to competely shut it self off from the rest of the artisan bead making world and to still carry a name like Bead and Button is completely beyond my comprehension.
So, if you feel the same way about this that I do and you would like to see Ceramic Artists given the same chance as everyone else in the Bead Dreams Competition please contact them using any of the venues mentioned above in this blog.
Thanks everyone for listening
Sometimes I need to vent!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Beading Today with lisa peters ART Buttons!

Guess who is Beading with my Buttons? Grace from Grace Beading is! She is as she puts it "Beading Up A Storm"... If you would like to read Grace's Blog and see how she created these really wonderful Pendant/Pins check out: GraceBeading. I think they look fantastic and I am really, really happy with the end result and when I see my pieces in action! (photos stolen from Grace's Website - Thanks Grace)
When I create pieces I never set out to make buttons or beads that day. I just "make stuff" and I look at their shape and then decide if they are going to be a connector bead or shank button. My interest in collaborating with BeadWeavers has intensified over the last year and I am trying to do my best to create really cool cabochons, thin edges with interesting design or glaze in the center.
Yesterday I took out some clay, the first time in a very long time. I start tools at first, no texture, just clay manipulation just so "we" can get aquainted once again. Its tough mentally because I want to be at the level I was when I was creating last but I know that it takes a few days before I understand what theme or common denominator this new batch of ceramic will have. I fumble around looking for misplaced tools, that special texture I get my "lizard tails" from (where the heck is that?) and my beloved seashells.. I have a million of them, but there is only one that makes the impression i am looking for. I never know when everything is going to click and the production will begin. Even my "high chair" (bar stool - even with my counter top) is not here, therefore making it very difficult to do certain designs fluidly. By Sunday, if I keep at it, things should be going smooth. (fingers crossed)
If you are local - my work is in a Group Show entitled, H2O, The Water Exhibit at the Art Center of Northern NJ in New Milford, New Jersey. It is a Mixed Media Painting, Acrylic, Resin and Paper in a handmade driftwood frame made by my husband, Hank. It is 17 3/4 X 17 3/4 and I do not have a photograph of it yet, but I will try to get one on Sunday. The opening reception is from 3-5pm. Click here to find out information on the ACNNJ

I will keep you posted, til then don't forget to stop by the Art Bead Scene and check out the January Monthly Challenge for a chance to win some lisa peters ART Prize Beads. There are 6 in total. Good Luck and have a Great Weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wanna Win Some Lisa Peters ART Beads?

Heather Powers over at Art Bead Scene has asked me to be a Bead Sponsor this month for the ABS January Challenge. The Challenge is: (taken from Art Bead Scene blog)

For our January challenge I've decided to choose my all time favorite painting, Irises by Vincent Van Gogh. Both my favorite painter and flower all wrapped up into one glorious mix of color and texture! Your entry this month can be inspired by the colors, irises, pattern, whatever you choose to focus on for your creation. Just remember to include at least one art bead in your design. We can't wait to see what you create!

I encourage you to take a look at the ABS Blog and participate in this wonderful challenge.

I will be giving away:
1 Long Raku Fired Tube Bead that has PMC included
2 Raku White Crackle Round Beads
3 Stoneware hearts

Good Luck everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Way to Start off the New Year!

Congratulations Lisa! The email from Allene, from Allene's Beads began, "It was so nice to see your beads in Stringing Magazine" Hmm, that's a pretty curious statement, what does she mean? I am not in Stringing Magazine, Am I? I thought it was a mistake, I know I have some stuff coming up in Feb., but not Dec? So, she checked it out again, "Page 57, The December Issue, a linked piece by Marlene Blessing", she wrote... So I picked up a copy last night & she was right.. I know Marlene did tell me she was working on this, but I must have confused some dates..but I am happy to see it! Thanks Marlene for taking a chance on those freaky little connector stoneware beads!
This morning, again I was very happy to see an email from Mary Lou from Time2Cre8 who apparently is looking for an excuse to buy more beads :) ! She is digging thru her stash and I am super happy to see it I think she did a fabulous job converting a Raku Shank Button into a piece for a very versatile Ndebele Rope Necklace. I think its a gorgeous piece that will be super fabulous for Valentines Day! For more information about this listing check out Mary Lou's Etsy Shop.

So This New Year has started out pretty good so far! On New Years Day, even though we were pretty exhausted, tradition is that we take grandma to AC for a little "light" gambling :) Though we were dragging, we smiled big and made our way around the casino. We lost everything, but just for fun, we took our last $5 and played Sic Bo, a game where any kind of thinking is unecessary. Usually I ask Hank what number he would like me to play, he tells me and then I pick another..but this time I listened. I am happy to say, at 60 to 1 odds, he was right and we left with exactly what we brought with us to gamble. I told him it was all because of his telepathic skill that we won, but secretly I knew it was because Grandma was wearing "The One Armed Bandit" Cuff by Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers!

Have a great day everyone!