Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogging just to say Hi!

I am opening up my first 50lbs of clay to begin creating for B & B and just wanted to say Hi! Thats it, nothing more to say until I start getting my hands dirty and see if all the new idea's I have can actually work.. Will keep you posted!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


The clocks went forward last night, its really warm and muggy outside and you can just feel it inside that Spring is coming! I even purchased my elephant ears and new garden gloves in anticipation! I am opening the door to my studio, letting the old air out and cleaning up a bit so I can clear my mind and workspace to begin creating for B & B. The feeling I had of dread is gone - like I had last year, my first year in I look forward to it. I am sure because of the economy sales will be down, but thats ok.. its understandable. I just am happy to show the new pieces I have and introduce the new line of cabs to people who bought from me last year!
I will have many, many new round and tube beads as they were a hit last week at Berks Bead Bazaar in Pa, they went so fast I didn't even realize I had nothing left for the 2nd half of the first day - so beads it is..
I will keep you all posted as I create
Open those windows tonight and let the fresh air in and have Sweet Dreams!


Monday, March 2, 2009

I got it together in 8 days!

Well I DID get it together in 8 days for the Berks Bead Bazaar which took place in Reading, Pa this weekend 2/28-3/1/09! The work was really well received by both new & repeat customers and it was great seeing everyone again. It was wonderful having my Mom there at a show with me for the first time ever and an even bigger surprise having my step dad Ben come down on Saturday and take us out for a great dinner and I believe one too many drinks for me. :) I slept soundly Saturday evening regardless of how uncomfortable my pillow was. Mom is a bookeeping whiz unlike her daughter and were both pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed the atmosphere. Mom is not exactly the "creative type" (her words, not mine) and even though she was not sure how all the varieties of beads, findings and accessories come together when its all said and done, she did a very good job at convincing me I could do it for her and picked out some goodies for herself! Lets see if I can do them justice. She did have fun talking to customers about what seems to be everyone's favorite these days -- "Dancing with the Stars" as she is a competition level ballroom dancer and Max? ( I dont watch the show) owns the dance studio where she and Ben dance... so even though she didn't know that much about beads it seems as though there is a common interest in the dancing thing.

I was wonderful meeting Kristie from Artisan Clay for the first time (in person) and being able to chat with her for two days since we were neighbors. She was sandwhiched in between Joan Miller and myself and everyone really loved her glass & stoneware cabochons and beads! I loved seeing all the gorgeous colors of glass up close and have a new appreciation for her work as she told me something I had never considered before about her pieces. That each piece must be perfectly level in the kiln in order for the glass colors to remain separate and even. For anyone that has never loaded a kiln before, let me tell you.. this is NOT an easy task. Kiln Posts and Kiln Shelves are very difficult to get perfectly level each time you fire and an awful lot of work.. so Kristie - I admire your patience in how you fire your work and it was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your pieces in person!

To all the customers that came to my booth and chatted with me - THANK YOU! I so appreciate all the wonderful things you say about my work and the stories we share while you are browsing.
Cant wait to see photo's and hear about all the beautiful things you make with them! Whether I See you at B & B or see you next year I am always available for you here, on the web for anything you need!

taking a snow day - time for a little R & R -- and lots of movie watching!