Monday, September 28, 2009

Im doing my best here! Trying to get Ready for the Soflex Show!

Yes, I am doing my best trying to get ready for the show at Fashion Institute of Technology, hosted by Soflex in New York. The Show is in October which I not so recently realized is right around the corner (uh-oh) There is no way I am going to be able to complete what I had hoped to complete for this show but what I am making is so totally different than what I usually make - I hope it makes up for it! The time in the hospital held me back a little and also I am a little slower than usual making the pieces for lack of strength in my right arm. I am pretty my unable to use my slab roller so pendants are taking a bit longer than usual, but what I do find is that I am making the pendants more maybe an injury does have its pluses when it comes to clay & creativity! LOL! Everything about my work this time around seems different. Each piece is more deliberate and some totally freaky...I want to meet YOU, whoever you are that acquires a handful of pendants I made on the night I doubled up my med's by accident..They need a "confident" designer to take them to the next level. ;)

I know many of you that read my blog have asked for custom work in the past OR have asked for me to recreate something for you. If you are that person would you mind sending me an email and reminding me what it is!! Also, if you are interested in a certain type of piece that I have not created until now, please also shoot me an email or comment below.. I am up to my tingling elbows in wet clay and now is the time to tell (remind) me! I was successful in recreating the crescent shaped pendant, used by Janice Dickerson and as seen in Creative Jewelry 2009!! I know a few of you were asking me to make one for ya. They are not exact duplicates, but, I think you will be happy! And I also made a few different versions of this so you will have your pick.

For everyone who has asked about me and how I am feeling.. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the wonderful well wishes I have received from you. I do finally have a diagnosis, which is Double Crush Syndrome. Articles about this can be found here and here . Basically, I will begin treatment (Oct 21) conservatively with injections in the 2 herniated discs and one partially herniated disc (who knew) so thats c5,c6 and c7.. Since I did not respond well to oral or IV steroids for the problem in the hospital or at home - I am apprehensive but hopeful about the injection(s). I will have one and then another under anesthesia at the hospital a few weeks later, closer to the spinal cord if #1 doesn't do its job. They do not treat the carpal tunnel, as far as I know right now, because the injection to treat the herniated disc, may alleviate the hand pain. These are two unrelated incidents, yet, if you do take the time to read the articles above there is a connection. I am sure sitting around making beads doesn't help.. and I am also pretty sure if I was not making beads right now I would probably feel a heck of a lot better! But then YOU need your beads right? (Hows that for a guilt trip!) Just kidding!

So, I am off to the "studio" which is my dining room table, since my real studio is in the path that leads to my husbands workshop..and he is busy working on finishing my DIY Kitchen even beads are not going to let me stand in his way! Again, since I am in the "creating stage, wet clay stage" Now is the time for your emails, comments and suggestions! I welcome them in regards to shape, colors, you name it!

Til then, I wish you Happy Creating!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today I could not wait to Blog about the wonderful work I am seeing on facebook, flickr and other blogs using my pieces! You gals ROCK! Really you do! I know alot of you also have been asking about my current health situtation and I address that here as well (way at the bottom, LOL!)

The Versatility of Ceramic (One Artists View) was the title of my solo show at the New City Library in NY last April 08 but today the wonderfully talented gals who use my pieces in their work really confirm what I was trying to say. The reason I created that particular exhibit was to show people that CLAY is not just for utilitarian items or for sculpture but for smaller items like beads & buttons that can make a really big impact. Well, today I wanted to show just how much of an impact these artists are making with the little guys! First we have Kristie Roeder, from Artisan Clay...You know Kristie, right? She makes those fabulous Clay Pieces using stoneware and crushed glass. Well Kristie purchased a shank button from my etsy shop and made the cutest embellishment for her purse. I think its totally cool and will copy her idea as soon as I finish my blog post! LOL! I have a bag that needs one of my buttons right away! Then while I was on Facebook for the 100th time today I happened upon two pieces at once from 2 more very special gals, Carol Dean Sharpe from SandFibers and Jennifer Ledford from Tocadora Leather. Two Cuffs done up two totally different ways! Who doesn't love cuffs right? And of course a necklace, but not just any necklace -- two necklaces from Patrizia Tager, Triz Designs..two necklace's that just make my heart skip a beat!

I returned home from a week at the lake last night which followed some really bad few days in the hospital the week before. I have to say I have not really been feeling to well the last few weeks and not getting better as quickly as I would like to report. My very concerned friends have been asking and I have tried my best to respond to each email about whats been going on but I do not know if I did get to everyone's email as I should have and even then not sure I answered every emails questions either..I'm taking some med's I am not really used to, so I will blame everything from now on, on them. LOL! In a nutshell, I have a C5, C6 disc problem that is compressing my spinal cord. The last week in August I lost feeling in my fingers of my right hand and on most days, most of the feeling in my right hand and arm. With my hospital stay and the med's I was pretty sure it would have gone away by now but it has not, so, is it something else? Is it worse than the studies show? Are we missing something? have I not been patient enough? All questions that I hope get answered soon. My next appt is with my Dr's in NY around the 21st of Sept with more tests to follow so maybe then we will have some more answers. I am not a stranger to spinal issues.. I have had my lumbar spine operated on (S1,l5,l4,l3) and have Klippel Feil Syndrome (that means no disc c4 since birth) so lets just say I do pretty good for someone with a kinky spine :) but this particular issue seems to be stumping me a little.. I saw my films -- In my unedcated opinion (no comment) those discs dont seem to be doing what the result is feeling I'm curious and in a heck of a lot of pain! But I am working and dealing..and will keep you all posted! Thank you for all your emails and well wishes when I was in the hospital and your constant support while Im going through whatever it is, this is. Very Big Virtual Hugs to you!