Thursday, October 30, 2008


Neither do I.
But my friends Linda & Dana do!

I am not having anything special as far as an artist open house this year. I have had them in previous years and they were alot of fun but this year we are taking it easy! I have decided to tell my blogging friends about an open house taking place in Hope, Indiana!

Saturday, November 8th, 2008 from 1pm-5pm
Joan Johnson-Bey & Danielle Reynolds

If anyone visited me at Bead and Button this year they were sure to see the Mosaic Bead Works of Linda Themer as well as the beautiful Lampwork beads, in the Raku Color Palette made by Dana Graham displayed at my booth. Linda's mosaic buttons were juried into this years Bead Dreams 2008! How exciting!
Their open house will have fiber, lampwork, mosaic, art prints & cards, upcycled & recycled wearable art! Definately a one stop shopping event!
For everyone who goes to this wonderful open house - I offer you Free shipping & 10% your purchase of $30 or more in my etsy shop. Linda or Dana will give you the coupon code to mention when you purchase items from my shop. This offer is valid until 12-31-08 and includes all sale and clearance items.

Here is a copy of the invitation & address of the event!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My Dear Friends Carol Dean Sharpe of SANDFIBERS and Erin Siegel of EVERY HEART CRAFTS Tagged me a few weeks ago and I just hadn't had a chance to do my part (dreading this) Last week I considered it for a moment and didn't know what I wanted to disclose - should it be totally career focused or totally personal and how much personal info do people really give a **** about, especially about me.

This morning I read Grace's (Grace Beading) and I laughed and thought she shared just about the right amount of everything so it inspired me to finally do my own. After a not-so-positive visit with Dr. this morning I needed to laugh at myself and think about what wild things I could share with my very few blog followers, LOL!

DISCLAIMER: With my luck, today is the day a potential customer or publisher will choose to read my blog for the first time., thus wondering where did Lisa Peters, ART go? I needed a break today from the "real world"! Bear with me and come back again soon!

Here goes:

#1. I have a packaging phobia. I throw away all boxes and bags that come with produce, dry goods and even cleaning products. Everything gets stored in glass or plastic containers. Cereal, Rice and all sorts of mixes, toilet paper, jewelry supplies..all in their own individual containers.

#2. I have taken a sexy (but tasteful) photograph, with the Stanley Cup, at the request of a bunch of handsome hockey players - packed like sardines in a Taxi Cab en route to Madison Square Garden. (Glad I did it as the offer may not be coming again any day soon!)

#3. I do not miss being a photographer at all

#4. I had severe spinal pain starting at 16 yrs old, subsequently had spinal surgery when I was 25 years old and also have very moderate Klippel Feil Syndrome ( you cant see it looking at me) I was always very active, very rarely complained about the immense pain I was in and always worked through the pain unless it was unbearable and only until very recently could not understand why everyone wasn't like that

#5. I hate talking on the phone.

#6. I didn't got to Europe, for 3 months, - backpacking with my friends because I wanted to stay home and wait for my boyfriend to call.

#7. I make the best F---- Halloween Costumes, E-V-E-R! :)

OKAY, Finished -- Phewwww!
There were a few things that almost made it in there but I did the Backspace Dance and erased all evidence of them!

Til Next time,
Happy Creating!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where did Last Week go?

Is it me or are the days just whizzing by?

I had so many plans for last weeks New Blog which has now turned into this weeks New Blog. LOL! I have been working on my Etsy Shop and also cleaning up the studio so that I can begin new projects. I would like to start on some Fiber Projects as the Holiday's grow near but I said that last year too and only managed to make one T-Shirt Quilt for my Cousin that was some years overdue.
Its not really my fault I guess, its not as if I am sitting around watching the tube, though it can be heard in the backround on many occasions where Bravo Channels Project Runway or The Rachel Zoe Project can be heard over the sounds of a boiling pot of something since Hubby and I in an attempt to cut back are having home cooked meals every night. Not that I mind much, I love to cook (an I am a good cook-if I do say so myself) its just sometimes, when your studio is a mess with clay - putting everything down to start a big meal is a little overwhelming. I will get through it just fine! But we have been making Movies, cleaning the attic, still doing construction on the basement, and trying to be active in our friends and families I give myself a little break in the "work" dept!

I attended the Big Apple's Glass Art & Bead Festival sponsored by Soft Flex Company on Sunday at the request of our Good Friends Nancy Pilgrim from Fantasy Beads and Roanne Keunzler from Roanne Designs. Our Bead & Button Neighbors were in town and we just had to see them! The show was at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway, which was a very pretty place - I wonder what it used to be. The show was small, 2 rooms - I believe 40 vendors with two make and take tables and a room with Soft Flex products. It was a calm atmosphere, very boutique like with lots of gorgeous pieces. Even though we are on a strict budget we just could not help purchasing a gorgeous glass MONSTER bead from Lewis Wilson of Crystal Myths and even though I kept it a secret I did make some fantastic purchases at Beth Botaks new line of Brass Findings from KaBela. (sorry, hubby) Beth has a beautiful line of American Made brass findings that make any creation absolutely incredible. You need to check it out, tell her Lisa Peters sent ya! After the show we had some great Pizza & Beer! Can't wait to see them again - but sad it wont be until June. Sigh :(

I would like to Thank Grace Danel of Grace Beading for blogging about her wonderful piece that included a link to my etsy shop. She certainly did an amazing job of using my Raku Feet Cast Cabs! I am so happy to see the course a piece takes from kiln to finished product!

Well its Monday and a New Week begins! I will do my best to blog more often!

Wishing you all a Creative Week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As a proud member of the Bead Art Originals Street Team I am inviting you to a Trunk Show October 9th at 7:00pm in the Etsy Virtual Labs TREEHOUSE!

I will be offering FREE Shipping on any Item in my shop as well as a surprise gift for anyone who purchases the items that are being spotlighted that evening! I have been filling my shop day by day in preparation for this wonderful event. To see what other Artists will be participating please check out the BLOG at the Bead Art Originals Website for a list.

The best part is everyone who joins in the fun will be eligible to receive a DOOR PRIZE from one of the many talented members of the group! Take A Chance! It might be you!

Hope to see you all!

Lisa Peters

Friday, October 3, 2008


Its all about the BEAD! Beads in my Etsy shop, BeadArtOriginals having a Trunk Show, and I just came up with some great designs for New Beads (can't tell ya yet!)

I have listed some Porcelain Slip Cast Beads on my Etsy Shop all sets discounted by $1 per bead.

So Sets that were $21 are now $18 and so on. I am having an even bigger sale on Stoneware Button Sets. I am finding it hard to list my buttons on etsy because they were all individually packaged for Bead and Button., now making it impossible to photograph..So, I will try my best to go through each one as fast I as can. The button listed currently were not put into bags due to time constraints before the show so I am starting here and little by little will add more! They are really nice, the glazes are not overpowering, the color of the deep chocholatey brown clay is coming through and I think they look great. The glazes I chose for those items were potters glazes., no bright colors, very subdued and rich. The colors for the porcelain beads of course are very clean as the porcelain does not impart any manipulation on the glaze. All items were fired to Cone 6 (High Fired) and are durable.

BeadArtOriginals is having a Trunk Show on Thursday, October 9th and YOU ARE ALL INVITED! There will be a drawing and the winner will receive a free gift courtesy of one of our members. First I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so that you can be notified in advance of upcoming sales and specials offered by members of the group, as well as other interesting information.

A special Thank You to Carol Dean Sharpe for the Wonderful article on her blog yesterday about my etsy shop and items I had on Sale! That was such a special surprise that came to me on a day where I was little pre occupied with personal "stuff". Carol has been a big supporter of my work (and I a big fan of hers) since the beginning! B.E. (Before etsy) and she has also been a gentle helping hand to help me stay on course when I can't seem to absorb all that is going on around me (which is often). She created using flickr toys this wonderful mosaic of some of the pieces that she created using my beads/buttons that I just love. Please enjoy and don't forget to check out Carols Etsy Shop - SANDFIBERS and do some admiring & shopping!