Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BEAD SHOW This Weekend in Pennsylvania

Well usually I blog once a month but it seems as though it has been two months since my last post - I have been busy!

I have been preparing for Berks Bead Bazaar in Pa this weekend as well as creating inventory for my very neglected Etsy shop. (Sorry and Thank You to the wonderful Beader's that have be so patient)  I was trying to figure out what my direction was going to be for 2012, especially for Bead and Button and earlier this month or was it late January (I do not remember) I think I figured it out.  I hope you like the new pieces

Below are a few images of porcelain and stoneware designs that will continue to evolve once I start preparing for B & B.  Raku comes later.  ** I know a few people have emailed me asking where my new Raku was so I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I only fire a few weeks a year now since the surgery on my cervical spine in 2010.  Lifting the heavy kiln with both arms in between in each firing is no longer an option for me and I require assistance.   Hank has made himself very available to assist me but is not there all the time so until we create a lift of some sort this will be the routine.  We have been renovating here at home and I am sure if we were not doing that he would have created something already..Will keep you posted!

I also have some other news regarding the Bead and Button Show this year but will blog about that when I return from Berks.  

Hope to see you this weekend - Happy Creating,