Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Years Everyone

Its been a great year. Filled with ups and downs and I guess that's just the way I like it. Some things can not be prevented, neck pains, INfertility, hospital visits, Dr's bills but they have never overshadowed my love for my craft. As crazy as it seems alot of wonderful new pieces were created out of changing my style to suit my newest ailment and to reflect the ridiculous side effects of prescription drugs & not the good kind, sigh :( I'm happy to say that though I am not cured yet I never gave in (up?) I hope that 2010 brings an end to this but if not, Shit Happens and In my opinion its the only way to look at it. We can either wallow in it or realize THIS IS it..and make the best of it. Its something I have believed in my whole life and I'm pretty sure most of the time its how lived it... and of course, a pity party thrown in every once in a while, just for humility's sake.. ;)

All of you have helped me in good & bad times with your encouraging words, your beautiful emails and all the love and support you have shown. The attention you have given me through each phase of this very creative year is priceless and means the world to me. (did I say creative? I meant crazy) :)

The addition of Facebook, despite its negative attention from people who do not use it the way we (I) do I believe has also brought us closer in a way I never could have imagined before. I love being able to wake up, have coffee and go to Facebook and greet everyone. Its virtual but somehow we made it very real...which I believe was once a thing of science fiction. I don't think they showed THIS SIDE of the Future at Disney 30 years ago..

I hope each of you find what it is you are looking for to make your life more complete in 2010, I hope that I can be a positive part of that, whatever it is. I wish you good health and much happiness and a most creative year ahead.

With much love and gratitude,
Happy New Year


Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Conratulations Mary Lou on winning the Black Friday-Cyber Monday Lisa Peters ART Blog Give A Way! Mary Lou will receive $100 worth of LPA Goodies and a selection of LPA Stash to have fun with! I do hope you love everything I send you Mary Lou!

You can see more of Mary Lou's work by visiting the following websites:

The Fun isn't over yet! I am having another Blog Give A Way every week until Jan 1, 2010. It will be for a specific Item which I will post here on my blog and on my facebook fan page. I am still offering FREE Shipping over at Etsy and will be posting new items this afternoon! see ya there!

Til Then,
Happy Creating

(Photo Above: Mary Lou's Autumn Bloom Beadwoven Necklace with Porcelain Pendant by LPA which is available for sale now in Mary Lou's etsy shop)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


First I want to say to everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am posting this a little early so that as many people as possible have a chance to participate. Next Friday is the so called "Black Friday" where people rush the stores and get the good sales. I know some of you cannot get out to the stores for this event and I know a lot of people are having a rough time this year. So I took a few moments and tried to come up with a way that I could show my appreciation and Give Thanks to all of you for being the wonderful support you have been, my old friends and new!

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have "met" on the internet and in person at shows & classes. I never thought my creative soul-mates were just a click away! As an artist there are times when we feel closed off from the rest of the world because we can lose hours, days, whole weeks and months dedicated to a single project or many little projects as far as bead making is concerned. Its nice to know that when I look up for a moment at the screen next to me there you are! Not only have you shown interest in my work but you have shown concern for me personally when physically all isn't working as it should. Who knew I could be so lucky! So, with that said...

MY BLACK FRIDAY BLOG GIVEAWAY is............................ a surprise-I can't show ya! But what I will tell you is, The winner will receive $100 worth of Lisa Peters ART assorted beads, buttons, pendants and cabochons as well as some of my studio stash that is not ceramic related! I am a hoarde---- I mean collector of many beautiful things and would like to share a small bit of those things with you! I am hoping that with these things and some of your own you can put together some handmade gifts to share this holiday season or give yourself a gift and make lovely things for you to enjoy! My only wish is that it brings a smile to you! So again, $100 worth of LPA Goodies and on top of that a whole bunch of great Studio Stash.

So, by leaving a comment on my blog a random generator "thingie "from will calculate a number that corresponds with the order in which you left your blog comment. To make it fun - I would like everyone to answer the following ridiculous question. How would you use Lisa Peters ART pieces to save the world? I will randomly choose some of your answers to use in my advertisements on Etsy and on My Facebook Fan Page. You do not have to, I do not think the random generator will show favoritism! :) If not tell me what types of pieces you are interested in working with from LPA. I show and tell most of the time on flickr, so take a few moments and have a look-see!

Good Luck! The Reader Comment Option has been turned off until The Blog Giveaway begins Black Friday, November 27th, 2009 at approx. 12:00am EST until Monday Evening, November 30th, 2009 at approx. 11:59pm EST. The winner will be notified on my blog on Tuesday, December 1, 2009! I will not comment back to any of you until after the giveaway so that I do not interfere with the sequence., but will hang out over at LPA on Facebook anxiously awaiting your comments! BTW, I would love it if you stopped by my FACEBOOK Fan Page and became a fan! Until then I will be listing items on etsy that will have their own special deals as well! Etsy shoppers will be offered FREE SHIPPING on any orders placed in my etsy shop on Friday, November 27th - so if you can't get out to the stores that day feel confident that you will find something to create with at lisapetersART's etsy store and you wont have to pay to get it to you!

Don't forget to check out the BAO IOTW (Bead Art Originals, Item of the Week) and the BAO Color Mosaic for Winter White & Gold Items from your favorite BAO Sellers!

I Thank You for making 2009 a wonderful year!
Much love from my home to yours,
Lisa Peters

Friday, November 13, 2009


I do not blog as much as I would like to and when I do I kind of like the post to be able to last a few weeks because I never know when I am going to do it again. First, I want to thank all of my customers who have been purchasing items lightening fast from my etsy shop. It pleases me so much that you are all interested in what I have been creating.

This morning a customer sent me a lovely email that expressed how much she liked all the pieces she recently bought from me and also asked me about my pain and did it affect the work I had been doing. It something I have been thinking about alot lately as I photograph my pieces and put them up on etsy. Yes, I think my pain really affected my work but in a positive way.

When I first started to lose feeling in my hand the Dr's put me on some really high doses of anti seizure medication. It made me very hyper, though it was supposed to make me drowsy. When I was at the lake I couldn't participate in alot of the things I normally do and I had so much energy so I brought my clay with me to waters edge and carved beads. The first time I didn't have my normal tools so I used an old manicure set I had picked up at a garage sale years prior. When I realized I really didnt want to use a manicure set that I had picked up a garage sale, for obvious reasons..ick - I didn't have the heart to toss it..recycle, recycle..blah, blah, blah.. So there was my set of tools. Hmm, what to make the holes with? Well, I never used those skewers, so perfect tool for bead holes! And off I went a few rocks, seed pods, shells, and leaves later there were these great beads. Each one must have taken forever, but it didn't hands were not idle so I was happy and I also allowed myself to slow down and just take in the water, the sounds of nature, yet still be with everyone else. I took this home with me. Because of the pain and loss of strength in my arm, the slab roller and any really extreme movements were out of the question. So I really took my time and nurtured each piece. On good days I produced more, on bad days I carved, and carved and carved. I carved the fronts, the backs, places that no one would even look at..but I was diggin it :) When it came time for the Soft Flex Show in NY I had alot of new stuff I was really proud of and alot of pieces that had a really deep emotional connection with me. So yes, without a doubt the pain in my arm has affected my work.. when the pain goes away I know this is the path I want to continue on.

The Silent Title of the work for that show was made up by my husband Hank. He would sit with me as I created & practice his guitar & again while I was glazing. He noticed the change in my work & that I was using glaze as a wash, and sometimes not using glaze at all and said, "It appears as though this time you are letting the clay speak for itself". So the pieces with minimal glaze will now be from a series called "Letting The Clay Speak for Itself" Go Job Hank!

So I am scheduled for the epidural next Friday, The 20th of November and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this one helps me, if only for a little while.. I'll take it! I also urge you to become a fan on my facebook page. I am doing my best to update that page a few times during the day. I will be showcasing customers who use LPA pieces with links to their shops, etc. The link is on the right side of my blog.

Til next time,
Happy creating

Monday, November 2, 2009

Its November?

I cannot believe its November all ready? Is it me or is everything just going waaaaayyyy to fast!??

I am finally getting around to photographing and listing inventory that was created for the Soft Flex show on etsy and flickr. I want to thank all of you who have been acquiring pieces almost daily since last week.. I CANNOT WAIT to see whatcha y'all are making!

For customers who have been waiting for certain items please email me and remind me. For those of you who have allready done this, please do it again (just kidding) I have posted alot of available inventory on my flickr page (If you have a PRO account, please add a note to anything you want-if not please email me, we will figure it out somehow) For those of you waiting for custom orders I have either emailed you, am going to email you to will photograph the thing you are waiting for very soon. (soon meaning, within the week!)

So whats next for lisa peters ART?

Glaze Experiments, Enamel and Electroforming..

The first thing I know I can handle are some new glaze experiments. I have shown some on flickr and sold out of alot of inventory at the Soft Flex show before I had a chance to show you So, it means I can make more with confidence. I believe I can start working on that in about a week or so.

The rest.. well, we will see. The tools are out of the box...there is a start ;)

So, go on over to flickr and take a peek! Would love to know what you think!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Im in NYC, come buy some beads! or at least see me!

Don't have alot of time to blog today! I am off to my show! slept from 8:30pm til 7:30am ! so I am late and almost out the door!

I am here: Softflex Show at FIT

Hope to see you later.. if you mention my blog, I will give you a 5% discount off your total order!

See ya later!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Im doing my best here! Trying to get Ready for the Soflex Show!

Yes, I am doing my best trying to get ready for the show at Fashion Institute of Technology, hosted by Soflex in New York. The Show is in October which I not so recently realized is right around the corner (uh-oh) There is no way I am going to be able to complete what I had hoped to complete for this show but what I am making is so totally different than what I usually make - I hope it makes up for it! The time in the hospital held me back a little and also I am a little slower than usual making the pieces for lack of strength in my right arm. I am pretty my unable to use my slab roller so pendants are taking a bit longer than usual, but what I do find is that I am making the pendants more maybe an injury does have its pluses when it comes to clay & creativity! LOL! Everything about my work this time around seems different. Each piece is more deliberate and some totally freaky...I want to meet YOU, whoever you are that acquires a handful of pendants I made on the night I doubled up my med's by accident..They need a "confident" designer to take them to the next level. ;)

I know many of you that read my blog have asked for custom work in the past OR have asked for me to recreate something for you. If you are that person would you mind sending me an email and reminding me what it is!! Also, if you are interested in a certain type of piece that I have not created until now, please also shoot me an email or comment below.. I am up to my tingling elbows in wet clay and now is the time to tell (remind) me! I was successful in recreating the crescent shaped pendant, used by Janice Dickerson and as seen in Creative Jewelry 2009!! I know a few of you were asking me to make one for ya. They are not exact duplicates, but, I think you will be happy! And I also made a few different versions of this so you will have your pick.

For everyone who has asked about me and how I am feeling.. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the wonderful well wishes I have received from you. I do finally have a diagnosis, which is Double Crush Syndrome. Articles about this can be found here and here . Basically, I will begin treatment (Oct 21) conservatively with injections in the 2 herniated discs and one partially herniated disc (who knew) so thats c5,c6 and c7.. Since I did not respond well to oral or IV steroids for the problem in the hospital or at home - I am apprehensive but hopeful about the injection(s). I will have one and then another under anesthesia at the hospital a few weeks later, closer to the spinal cord if #1 doesn't do its job. They do not treat the carpal tunnel, as far as I know right now, because the injection to treat the herniated disc, may alleviate the hand pain. These are two unrelated incidents, yet, if you do take the time to read the articles above there is a connection. I am sure sitting around making beads doesn't help.. and I am also pretty sure if I was not making beads right now I would probably feel a heck of a lot better! But then YOU need your beads right? (Hows that for a guilt trip!) Just kidding!

So, I am off to the "studio" which is my dining room table, since my real studio is in the path that leads to my husbands workshop..and he is busy working on finishing my DIY Kitchen even beads are not going to let me stand in his way! Again, since I am in the "creating stage, wet clay stage" Now is the time for your emails, comments and suggestions! I welcome them in regards to shape, colors, you name it!

Til then, I wish you Happy Creating!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Today I could not wait to Blog about the wonderful work I am seeing on facebook, flickr and other blogs using my pieces! You gals ROCK! Really you do! I know alot of you also have been asking about my current health situtation and I address that here as well (way at the bottom, LOL!)

The Versatility of Ceramic (One Artists View) was the title of my solo show at the New City Library in NY last April 08 but today the wonderfully talented gals who use my pieces in their work really confirm what I was trying to say. The reason I created that particular exhibit was to show people that CLAY is not just for utilitarian items or for sculpture but for smaller items like beads & buttons that can make a really big impact. Well, today I wanted to show just how much of an impact these artists are making with the little guys! First we have Kristie Roeder, from Artisan Clay...You know Kristie, right? She makes those fabulous Clay Pieces using stoneware and crushed glass. Well Kristie purchased a shank button from my etsy shop and made the cutest embellishment for her purse. I think its totally cool and will copy her idea as soon as I finish my blog post! LOL! I have a bag that needs one of my buttons right away! Then while I was on Facebook for the 100th time today I happened upon two pieces at once from 2 more very special gals, Carol Dean Sharpe from SandFibers and Jennifer Ledford from Tocadora Leather. Two Cuffs done up two totally different ways! Who doesn't love cuffs right? And of course a necklace, but not just any necklace -- two necklaces from Patrizia Tager, Triz Designs..two necklace's that just make my heart skip a beat!

I returned home from a week at the lake last night which followed some really bad few days in the hospital the week before. I have to say I have not really been feeling to well the last few weeks and not getting better as quickly as I would like to report. My very concerned friends have been asking and I have tried my best to respond to each email about whats been going on but I do not know if I did get to everyone's email as I should have and even then not sure I answered every emails questions either..I'm taking some med's I am not really used to, so I will blame everything from now on, on them. LOL! In a nutshell, I have a C5, C6 disc problem that is compressing my spinal cord. The last week in August I lost feeling in my fingers of my right hand and on most days, most of the feeling in my right hand and arm. With my hospital stay and the med's I was pretty sure it would have gone away by now but it has not, so, is it something else? Is it worse than the studies show? Are we missing something? have I not been patient enough? All questions that I hope get answered soon. My next appt is with my Dr's in NY around the 21st of Sept with more tests to follow so maybe then we will have some more answers. I am not a stranger to spinal issues.. I have had my lumbar spine operated on (S1,l5,l4,l3) and have Klippel Feil Syndrome (that means no disc c4 since birth) so lets just say I do pretty good for someone with a kinky spine :) but this particular issue seems to be stumping me a little.. I saw my films -- In my unedcated opinion (no comment) those discs dont seem to be doing what the result is feeling I'm curious and in a heck of a lot of pain! But I am working and dealing..and will keep you all posted! Thank you for all your emails and well wishes when I was in the hospital and your constant support while Im going through whatever it is, this is. Very Big Virtual Hugs to you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative Jewelry is Right!

Creative Jewelry 2009 featured alot of great designs by alot of wonderful designers! It was alot of fun to play the "I know who made that bead" without peeking at the answers game while looking through the pages.. Do you do that too?
I had recieved a few emails regarding a stoneware piece I created that Jane Dickerson purchased from me a year ago. It was the only one I had ever made of this particular piece (gee, how unlike me) and I was really excited to see how it came out.. I had to rush out an get a copy of the mag and am really pleased with the results! The Stoneware Crescent shape was hard to make, Jane did a fantastic job on Rich Earth, I really love this and the piece that was shown on the opposite page entitled Sleepy Trees was really cool too!

For the customers who did request via email the Crescent Shape Pendant, thank you so much and I should have a handful of them created by this October (cross fingers please!). To my blog followers if you would like a piece like the crescent shown in the magazine please let me know in advance or I will show my progress on & the regular venues!

I am back from the Lake Ontario, picking vegetables from the garden and making lots of soup! When the laundry is done and the Lake Gear all put away I'm getting that clay bag out! I found lots of good textures waiting for me at some garage sales over the weekend and they are just itching to be pushed into some new buttons & beads!

Til Next time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time to get back into the ETSY Groove!

Well, I have no more excuses left. I went to Bead and Button, I had my R & R, my kitchen is not entirely finished but I have a sink and the time has come. I am officially working again! Last week at the lake was fun because I was with friends and family but seriously folks, enough is enough with the rain. I had a full week of rain, rain and more rain. On the shores of Lake Ontario, 4th of July week -- it's NOT FUN! I did get alot of sleep though.. so why oh why do I still feel tired? The poor boat does not feel loved..hopefully next time it will get some use.

I have started listing items on etsy a little at a time and I am so happy they are getting a positive response! Right now my shop has shank buttons and a few items from my Rusty and Crusty Glaze series. Today I will be listing some more rusty and crusties for your pleasure!!!!

Recently, my dear friend Carol Dean (you all know who she is by now, don't you?) introduced my work to Jennifer Ledford from Tocadora Leather. Wow, Jennifer has really taken leather cuffs to a new level! She has incorporated my beads and buttons into some really awesome pieces. Please use must take a peek! Her work is amazing! Look how Jennifer has incorporated the connector beads into her bracelet-cuffs. I love these!

Well Happy Shopping everyone! If you need anything just give me a holler! and if you are on facebook, stop by and say Hello!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bead & Button 2009 is over, see ya next year!

Hello everyone! ( all 3 of you who read my blog! LOL) Bead and Button Show is finally over! The drive to Milwaukee, WI with Mom was not so terrible. The ride lasted 16 hours but that was because Mom likes to drink coffee... alot of coffee, which means, she likes to stop for bathroom breaks ALL THE TIME! It was fine, we left a day early and my set up is very simple so we had alot of extra time to chill out. The show began with a BANG, Thursday Preview night was fabulous and Friday was just as good. Saturday was really slow, slower than I had imagined "slow" would be like at B & B and Sunday only a wee bit better! I love being there so even the slow days are ok, but I would have really loved it to be 4 days of Thursday night repeats! I am going back again next year, I have handed in my contract and that will decide my future at B & B. The show is so fantastic to be a part of and I hope I can continue being a part as long as I can. It was wonderful seeing the winners of the Bead Dreams Competition were some people I knew, especially a BAO sister, Janice from Naftali. It was very sad to see the lack of a variety of materials aside from those mixed in with Seed Beads and especially sad to see almost no representation of buttons. If there was I am sorry I missed it. I sometimes wonder if my next subscription the word Button may disappear entirely as it gets smaller and smaller with each issue.
I had so much fun meeting "in person" Mary Lou Holvenstot from She is such a wonderful person to know over the net, and in person just as wonderful! Mom and I were very happy to have Heather Powers from Humblebeads stay with us on Friday night and tell us all about the Bead Cruise and her creations! I believe we have to say things like this nowadays, due to the nature of how we meet so many fascinating people via our computers. I am always describing how much I adore a good friend of mine only to then say, but we have never met face to face. I am happy when I hear that is becoming part of the norm! What did people do before they could meet their creative soul mates from way accross the country or accross the globe?

I displayed beautiful pieces created by Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers, Mary Lou Holvenstot from Time2cre8, Grace Danel from Grace Beading and Linda Themer from Textured Turtle. I also brought along Marsha Hedricks, Amazing Porcelain Beads alot of which were featured in Beads 2009! My favorite has to be the jointed teddy bear...if only you could see this piece in person you would just fall in love! The pieces created for the show by the artists I mentioned were such an integral part of my being able to sell my cabochons (large cabochons) that I truly owe them a commission on every sale! Potential buyers, who moved on from trays of pendants to cabs, wondered, "why dont these pieces have bails?" and all I had to do was point and the gasps began. (see photo of MOM) I cannot thank you enough ladies for supporting me in the way you have over the last few months (even years) What is most amazing is how each piece, using the same materials had totally unique outcomes. They were absolutely amazing and I love you all so much for spending the hours that were necessary to complete such wonderful works! Please check out the artists websites, blogs & accounts to see these works in all stages of developement and I too will have photographs posted everywhere I can! My dear friend, Linda Themer was going through a very rough time as I was preparing for this show and I wish I could have been more supportive (email/phone call-wise) during this time, as she was very supportive to me when she assisted me in 2008 Bead and Button Show! Thanks for your understanding Linda! and people LOVE your Rusty Turtle Fabric!
To all the people I met this year at B & B for the first time, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your purchases! To all the people who could not attend, I will begin stocking my ETSY shop next week, which I let run out prior to the show so I could have all new inventory! There are a few trunk shows in the works for different parts of the country which I will let you all know about as soon as they are "written in stone" so if you are local you can stop by and see the pieces in person! To B & B Faculty a BIG THANKS for sharing my pieces with your students and vice versa, that is always wonderful to hear that my work gets a thumbs up from "gals in groups". And lastly, Lisa finally bought a little kiln! So custom orders may be do-a-ble! And if I get my way Cone 10 & PMC Metal Clays will be added to the lisapetersART mix as well.. lets see how adventurous I become! Til then, I should be back to blogging next week, please check out Facebook & Flickr for photo updates and Thanks again for your constant encouragement and support - it really means alot! I'm back, Lisa

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LISA PETERS ART at Bead & Button Show 2009

Well Good Morning Friends! The day is finally here. I am picking up Mom and leaving in 2 hours for Bead and Button Show 2009, Milwaukee WI! It has been a really long 2 + months preparing for this show, I always seem to forget how hard it is - but even though alot of hard work and effort went into the preparation for this show, my experimentation with glazes and new designs left me excited to get back to the studio every single day!

For those of you coming to the show, Lisa Peters ART Booth # is 1213, against the far wall. I would love to meet you. Come see my new designs and the beautiful designs of other artists who graciously created pieces, using my focal bead and cabochons for display at the show... You may know some of them Carol Dean Sharpe of SANDFIBERS, MaryLou Holvenstot from TIME2CRE8 and Grace Danel from GRACEBEADING. I will also be carrying Amazing Porcelain Pieces from Ceramic Artist Marsha Hedrick and some Rusty Fabric Samples from Linda Themer of Textured Turtle.
I have so many really cool new pieces -- Last night I uploaded photo's to but Flickr seemed to be having a hiccup -- so I was not able to describe and label all my photographs properly - But I hope you can get an idea of what items are coming to the show. Please check out my flickr site at and have a peek! The Set can be found by clicking here directly Bead and Button Show 2009

Enjoy the show!

See the rest of ya when I get back!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am not Slacking, I swear!

Really, I am not slacking.. I am trying my hardest to create funky new things for you guys! :) I have been working around the clock and feel like I am behind which will cause me a great deal of stress Mid-May, right before leaving for Bead and Button. I have created 50 lbs of Raku goodies! Lots of Cabs! and the last 3 days spent working in Light Brown Stoneware -- I hope to get thru this bag of clay and begin porcelain by Monday. Glazing will begin after May 5th..thats when things really get tough (and messy)!

So, since I am not really blogging, have a look-see at who is blogging about me! Its a great honor to be blogged about and I hope one day to return the wonderful favor my customers have shown me with their blog love!

Check out: and

Til then I am getting my hands dirty! I promise!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OK., so I am NOT a good blogger...shoot me.

I am so envious of all the great bloggers out there. Make something, photograph it, list it, flickr it and blog about it and when you are done blogging, twitter it. I wish I could do that everyday.. I wish I could read everyone's blogs everyday. There are a few of them that I get emailed to me whenever a new post is written.. I would love it if everyone did that! So much easier!

I finally got my a** in gear today and starting making cabochons. In an effort to be professional for Bead and Button Show in June I made 10 of each design, with some minor variations. Nothing new though - all repeats of designs from March and for me that is torturous! I have no leaves outside for me to make impressions with and my husband wont let me break anything to make good "texture" tools, anymore! LOL! That being said - I am liking what I am making and I think u will too!

The only thing I have to share is a photograph of my Paella, from my Paella Party which took place on Sunday, April 5th. I bought the pan because for some reason I had always wanted one and when Williams and Sonoma had a sale - I bought it. Then coincidently Martha Stewart had a video of her making Paella for her crew (if you haven't seen it yet, check it out -- Martha is hammered on Sangria in the beginning of the video) With some minor alterations my Paella (seafood-less because we had 2 people allergic to shellfish and 3 that can't stand the site of it) was delicious!

Happy Beading everyone..

I will post photo's as soon as I get my first kiln load finished!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogging just to say Hi!

I am opening up my first 50lbs of clay to begin creating for B & B and just wanted to say Hi! Thats it, nothing more to say until I start getting my hands dirty and see if all the new idea's I have can actually work.. Will keep you posted!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


The clocks went forward last night, its really warm and muggy outside and you can just feel it inside that Spring is coming! I even purchased my elephant ears and new garden gloves in anticipation! I am opening the door to my studio, letting the old air out and cleaning up a bit so I can clear my mind and workspace to begin creating for B & B. The feeling I had of dread is gone - like I had last year, my first year in I look forward to it. I am sure because of the economy sales will be down, but thats ok.. its understandable. I just am happy to show the new pieces I have and introduce the new line of cabs to people who bought from me last year!
I will have many, many new round and tube beads as they were a hit last week at Berks Bead Bazaar in Pa, they went so fast I didn't even realize I had nothing left for the 2nd half of the first day - so beads it is..
I will keep you all posted as I create
Open those windows tonight and let the fresh air in and have Sweet Dreams!


Monday, March 2, 2009

I got it together in 8 days!

Well I DID get it together in 8 days for the Berks Bead Bazaar which took place in Reading, Pa this weekend 2/28-3/1/09! The work was really well received by both new & repeat customers and it was great seeing everyone again. It was wonderful having my Mom there at a show with me for the first time ever and an even bigger surprise having my step dad Ben come down on Saturday and take us out for a great dinner and I believe one too many drinks for me. :) I slept soundly Saturday evening regardless of how uncomfortable my pillow was. Mom is a bookeeping whiz unlike her daughter and were both pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed the atmosphere. Mom is not exactly the "creative type" (her words, not mine) and even though she was not sure how all the varieties of beads, findings and accessories come together when its all said and done, she did a very good job at convincing me I could do it for her and picked out some goodies for herself! Lets see if I can do them justice. She did have fun talking to customers about what seems to be everyone's favorite these days -- "Dancing with the Stars" as she is a competition level ballroom dancer and Max? ( I dont watch the show) owns the dance studio where she and Ben dance... so even though she didn't know that much about beads it seems as though there is a common interest in the dancing thing.

I was wonderful meeting Kristie from Artisan Clay for the first time (in person) and being able to chat with her for two days since we were neighbors. She was sandwhiched in between Joan Miller and myself and everyone really loved her glass & stoneware cabochons and beads! I loved seeing all the gorgeous colors of glass up close and have a new appreciation for her work as she told me something I had never considered before about her pieces. That each piece must be perfectly level in the kiln in order for the glass colors to remain separate and even. For anyone that has never loaded a kiln before, let me tell you.. this is NOT an easy task. Kiln Posts and Kiln Shelves are very difficult to get perfectly level each time you fire and an awful lot of work.. so Kristie - I admire your patience in how you fire your work and it was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your pieces in person!

To all the customers that came to my booth and chatted with me - THANK YOU! I so appreciate all the wonderful things you say about my work and the stories we share while you are browsing.
Cant wait to see photo's and hear about all the beautiful things you make with them! Whether I See you at B & B or see you next year I am always available for you here, on the web for anything you need!

taking a snow day - time for a little R & R -- and lots of movie watching!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you smell smoke?

Well, that would be me.
I have been raku firing for the last few days Sunrise - Sunset. If I had to sum up how its going I would say, AWESOME! I believe that the pieces I have fired have been my best in the few years I have been doing this. Everything seems to be working. My glazes, my reduction. The styles I created this last time around really stand apart from previous firings. I hope everyone is as excited about them as I am when I debut them this weekend at Berks Bed Bazzar in Pa, and next week online on flickr - I am trying to build my inventory for Bead and Button Show so most items will not find their way to etsy, but please do not hesitate to check out flickr and inquire about a piece, YES they will be for sale.
This morning, before my eyes were even open I checked my email and saw a wonderful note from Patrizia Tager, from Triz Design, a bead designer which lead me to a link on her Face Book Pages. I could not believe it when I saw this gorgeous piece that started from a Raku Cabochon Triz picked up from me last year on Etsy. The photo and description are all taken from Triz's Flickr Photostream and are c. Patrizia Tager.
A bead embroidered collar inspired and beaded around one of Lisa Peters’ Art’s ( ) beautiful handmade raku fired ceramic cabochon and small olivine Swarovski flat back. Bead-embroidered using bronze and grey Czech seed beads, gold-lined and cream-lined grey Japanese seed beads. Embellished using sand opal Swarovski crystals, fresh-water pearls in various shades of grey and cream and Czech fire polished glass beads in different shades and finishes of grey.The back of this collar is lined with grey ultrasuede and the clasp is an antique gold pewter toggle and ring.The collar measures 17” (c. 43 cm). The centrepiece measures 3 ½” (c. 9 cm) at the widest part and 4 ½” (c. 11.5 cm) in length. The side panels measure 1 ½” (c. 3.5 cm) at the widest part and ¾” (c. 1.8 cm) at the narrowest closer to the clasp.This is a handmade original One-of-a-Kind piece of wearable art, never to be repeated again!
Is that not an amazing piece of artistry? Wow.. It certainly inspires me to get back to my studio and begin another day of smoke and fire - Raku'ing more creations for you to have fun with. I will be firing until Wednesday night and then I will begin to organize for: Berks Bead Bazzar. Please come see me if you are local!

For those of you who cannot see me this weekend, I will photograph my inventory on March 3rd and upload to my photostream for you to review. If you see anything you like please post a note on the photo OR send me the link to the page (not the photo title) the actual link from your browser so I can easily locate what it is you are interested in.
Til' then - Happy Creating!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Uh, Oh - Can I get it together in 8 days?

In Typical Lisa Fashion - I decided to stay up last night and do more and more and more volunteer work, denying myself much needed rest and somehow found my way to a Bead Artist Friends Website...while admiring the lovely work I decided to look at her show schedule. Oh, how exciting she is doing the same show as me in Mar------- and then I saw it, SHOW DATES..
Somehow, not sure how, but somehow I confused March 28th with Feb 28th..and I have 8 days to create, fire bisque, glaze RAKU & High Fire Pieces, label, price, organize and arrive in Reading, Pa for the Berks Bead Bazzar! BIG GULP! If you are reading this and are coming to Berks..I will need a hug. If you hand me a piece of paper that has HUG printed on it, you get $10.00 off your order of a minimum $75. :) (seriously)

So for those of you who I am in contact with through emails, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and all the rest - I will be turning into the "RAKU-Monster" in the next few days and I apologize in advance for any unanswered emails, late responses to requests or any messages I may write in my Manic state that ramble on and on and on.....

That being said, what the heck...Borgata - here I come,
I will be home Thursday..

see ya later!


Monday, January 19, 2009

This is going to be a great week - I can feel it!

This is going to be a great week! I feel very part of the bead world in every sense!
It started out last week with the wonderful article in Interweave Press' BeadWork Magazine, Lisa Peters BEADMAKER! I have received some wonderful emails from friends and customers regarding the article. I thanked her in my previous blog post, but I want to thank her again -- Thanks Marlene Blessing from Interweave for using me as your Featured BeadMaker in the BeadWork Feb 09' Issue!

This morning I see that "Amazing Grace" is offering 2 items, made with my stoneware shank buttons (lips and flower) for the One World One Heart Blog Event! Check out this wonderful post on Grace Danels, Grace Beadings Blog and then check out One World One Heart Event on their blog as well! (photos: stolen from Grace Beading)

The gals over at Bead Art Originals are doing it again, with their Bead Art Originals Item of the Week! This week I am offering a set of 3 stoneware connector beads, 2 called ugly beads and one rose shaped bead in Fire Opal Pink! Check out the great specials offered by our other members at the Bead Art Originals Blog!

And lastly, wow..I had been worried that this last clay session was not going to click.. but it has -- I am making some really great pieces. And for you Beadweavers out there! Wow..if you like big, I have some awesome BIG Cabs for you to bead around. Please sign up for my mailing list (via my website) or feel free to send me a message or comment to this post and I will add you to the mailing list. Tell me if you are looking for anything in particular so I can always notify you of anything new I have create!

I will be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday (sigh, we sold our beach house at the Jersey Shore..) Bye-Bye Belmar! but will be back on Thursday and ready to fire up some of the great pieces I created last week!
Til then, Happy Creating! Wishing u a fantastic Monday!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am BeadMaker - Its Official, Beadwork Magazine Said So!

Hi Everyone,
I was very excited late last night when, Guess Who? Yes, Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers wrote me a congratulatory email for the article in Beadwork Magazine about Lisa Peters - BeadMaker! Thanks CD, as usual, is keeping ME on my toes! I was so happy to see it, I didn't know it was out yet!
It was so cool to see! I hope that it introduces my work to a wider audience!
So, today's blog is going to be real short because I am in "real life mode" and cleaning my house (boo, hiss, boo) so, if you get a chance pick up a copy and check it out! Working with Interweave was a pleasure and I love their publications.
Thank you, Marlene Blessing from Interweave Press for chosing me for your BeadMaker for Feb 09!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrrr... Its Cold & Snowy Outside

Doesn't bother me at all though - all I need is clay and some coffee and I am oblivious as usual to the weather outside! I did find my kitty Buddee sleeping on the table this morning, watching the snow fall - laying on my freshly made pendants! I guess he was trying to "hatch them"...
Working with the clay the last few days I did not think anything was clicking, but now that I look at them again, in their dry stage (before the first firing, called Bisque firing) I think I made some cool stuff. My beads (the connector type) are coming out great, the pendants - I am still waiting for the ah-ha moment..but they are ok. I am making alot of non textured pendants so that I can melt alot of glass and copper on them in the Raku Firing. Making them look similar to the fat pendant type beads I was making. Very runny and drippy.. we'll see.

So, off I go back to work. Wanted to say good morning and again, thanks everyone for all the support for the B & B issue. I am over it..what's done is done..I have not given it another thought after their response, except to respond to all you wonderful people for your kind words! And I move on to the next. There is never a lack of injustice's in this world and I am never without my handy soapbox, so..

Til next time, Have a great one! stay warm (to all the locals!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi, I have been getting some wonderful emails by a very supportive network of family and friends! And you my customers are my family and friends! I want to tell you that I really appreciate all the kind words you have sent to me regarding the Bead Dreams issue and I have forwarded those sentiments to the muddy people over at Beads of Clay and Ceramic Arts Forum. Also, to my sisters who work in clay, BOC/CBA/CAF and so on..thank you for standing together on this issue and for all the words of encouragement and of course your very comedic posts on CAF.. especially you Joan T and Lana W., of Off Center Productions
I am very sad to say the Kalmbach has decided to continue to shut out Ceramic Beads in the Handmade Bead or Button Category regardless of our protest. You may read a copy of their response to us at the Bead and Button Show Forum, as well as some of our letters to them. I believe you have to sign in, in order to read them, which is Free.. HERE - I assure you their excuse is lame.
OK.. on to the next, because I cannot let this get in the way of me creating some new stuff! So thats what I have been doing the last few days, creating new STUFF! I said things would start clicking by Sunday and maybe since I am older it takes a few days longer.. LOL!
I did see some really great new pieces by Grace Beading on her blog earlier today - that made me feel alot better! She created more of the pendant/pins using my cabs and beading around them. They are really lovely. Please check out her blog to see what she's been up to! GRACE BEADING

Hope I will have some better news for Tomorrow!
Til then,
Happy Creating!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ceramic Bead Artists could use your help!

This is a copy of an email I sent out to the Bead Community. I hope that you will join me/us in an effort to right this wrong!

Dear Friends,

I am reaching out to you to ask for your help for the Ceramic Bead & Button Making Community.

Each year Bead and Button Show has a competition called Bead Dreams. In all the years they have been having this contest a Ceramic Bead Artists have won awards in the handmade bead or button category. Last year Bead and Button Magazine/Show did not want to include Ceramic Bead Artists in this competition, even though in the previous year a Ceramic Bead Artist took home 1st Prize and that same year even I had an honorable mention for my Raku Buttons. Our work was photographed for the magazine and stood as equals to all the other bead work of different mediums. Through emails and posts in the forums we reached out to the people in charge and Thank Goodness had that category changed to include Handmade Beads and/or Buttons in which Ceramic artists could enter their work. Happily another Ceramic Bead Artist Took 3rd place last year.

This year we find that again they have shut us out. I am not really sure why. We are major contributors in the world of Artisan Bead Making and I find this decision very unfair. Personally, as a vendor at Bead and Button Show I am very sad that my work is not taken seriously enough to be able to enter this very special competition.

I am reaching out to you and asking if you could send a small letter of protest in regards to this situation to the people in charge at Bead and Button Magazine. The email address is: but if you have someone else you are familiar with by all means please bring this to their attention. The person in charge of the Bead and Button Show is Joel Wingelman The Events Marketing Specialist and we (Ceramic Bead Artisans) have opened a forum post over at Bead and Button Magazines Show Forum on their webiste. So, you have your options to choose from if you would like to help us right this wrong.
I find that the categories for Bead Dreams is narrowing. Fiber, Ceramic and Mixed Media - All shut out, unless they are used in finished projects. Well, sometimes the beauty of a bead is just that.. The beauty of the bead in itself. In the magazines I subscribe to Cloth, Paper and Scissors, Quilting Arts, Artful Blogging, etc.. Mixed Media is everywhere. It seems as though all Bead and Button wants to show is Lampwork and Bead Weaving.
I am a BIG Supporter of both Lampwork and Bead Weaving. I am a proud member of a group called Bead Art Originals which accepted me into their group because of their interest in my work and our collaborations have been amazing. I have nothing, but the deepest respect for artists working in glass regardless of what form it takes. But for a magazine, to competely shut it self off from the rest of the artisan bead making world and to still carry a name like Bead and Button is completely beyond my comprehension.
So, if you feel the same way about this that I do and you would like to see Ceramic Artists given the same chance as everyone else in the Bead Dreams Competition please contact them using any of the venues mentioned above in this blog.
Thanks everyone for listening
Sometimes I need to vent!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Beading Today with lisa peters ART Buttons!

Guess who is Beading with my Buttons? Grace from Grace Beading is! She is as she puts it "Beading Up A Storm"... If you would like to read Grace's Blog and see how she created these really wonderful Pendant/Pins check out: GraceBeading. I think they look fantastic and I am really, really happy with the end result and when I see my pieces in action! (photos stolen from Grace's Website - Thanks Grace)
When I create pieces I never set out to make buttons or beads that day. I just "make stuff" and I look at their shape and then decide if they are going to be a connector bead or shank button. My interest in collaborating with BeadWeavers has intensified over the last year and I am trying to do my best to create really cool cabochons, thin edges with interesting design or glaze in the center.
Yesterday I took out some clay, the first time in a very long time. I start tools at first, no texture, just clay manipulation just so "we" can get aquainted once again. Its tough mentally because I want to be at the level I was when I was creating last but I know that it takes a few days before I understand what theme or common denominator this new batch of ceramic will have. I fumble around looking for misplaced tools, that special texture I get my "lizard tails" from (where the heck is that?) and my beloved seashells.. I have a million of them, but there is only one that makes the impression i am looking for. I never know when everything is going to click and the production will begin. Even my "high chair" (bar stool - even with my counter top) is not here, therefore making it very difficult to do certain designs fluidly. By Sunday, if I keep at it, things should be going smooth. (fingers crossed)
If you are local - my work is in a Group Show entitled, H2O, The Water Exhibit at the Art Center of Northern NJ in New Milford, New Jersey. It is a Mixed Media Painting, Acrylic, Resin and Paper in a handmade driftwood frame made by my husband, Hank. It is 17 3/4 X 17 3/4 and I do not have a photograph of it yet, but I will try to get one on Sunday. The opening reception is from 3-5pm. Click here to find out information on the ACNNJ

I will keep you posted, til then don't forget to stop by the Art Bead Scene and check out the January Monthly Challenge for a chance to win some lisa peters ART Prize Beads. There are 6 in total. Good Luck and have a Great Weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wanna Win Some Lisa Peters ART Beads?

Heather Powers over at Art Bead Scene has asked me to be a Bead Sponsor this month for the ABS January Challenge. The Challenge is: (taken from Art Bead Scene blog)

For our January challenge I've decided to choose my all time favorite painting, Irises by Vincent Van Gogh. Both my favorite painter and flower all wrapped up into one glorious mix of color and texture! Your entry this month can be inspired by the colors, irises, pattern, whatever you choose to focus on for your creation. Just remember to include at least one art bead in your design. We can't wait to see what you create!

I encourage you to take a look at the ABS Blog and participate in this wonderful challenge.

I will be giving away:
1 Long Raku Fired Tube Bead that has PMC included
2 Raku White Crackle Round Beads
3 Stoneware hearts

Good Luck everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Way to Start off the New Year!

Congratulations Lisa! The email from Allene, from Allene's Beads began, "It was so nice to see your beads in Stringing Magazine" Hmm, that's a pretty curious statement, what does she mean? I am not in Stringing Magazine, Am I? I thought it was a mistake, I know I have some stuff coming up in Feb., but not Dec? So, she checked it out again, "Page 57, The December Issue, a linked piece by Marlene Blessing", she wrote... So I picked up a copy last night & she was right.. I know Marlene did tell me she was working on this, but I must have confused some dates..but I am happy to see it! Thanks Marlene for taking a chance on those freaky little connector stoneware beads!
This morning, again I was very happy to see an email from Mary Lou from Time2Cre8 who apparently is looking for an excuse to buy more beads :) ! She is digging thru her stash and I am super happy to see it I think she did a fabulous job converting a Raku Shank Button into a piece for a very versatile Ndebele Rope Necklace. I think its a gorgeous piece that will be super fabulous for Valentines Day! For more information about this listing check out Mary Lou's Etsy Shop.

So This New Year has started out pretty good so far! On New Years Day, even though we were pretty exhausted, tradition is that we take grandma to AC for a little "light" gambling :) Though we were dragging, we smiled big and made our way around the casino. We lost everything, but just for fun, we took our last $5 and played Sic Bo, a game where any kind of thinking is unecessary. Usually I ask Hank what number he would like me to play, he tells me and then I pick another..but this time I listened. I am happy to say, at 60 to 1 odds, he was right and we left with exactly what we brought with us to gamble. I told him it was all because of his telepathic skill that we won, but secretly I knew it was because Grandma was wearing "The One Armed Bandit" Cuff by Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers!

Have a great day everyone!