Saturday, January 9, 2010


Its funny how something like "feedback" can make someone smile! Feedback is so important to those of us who sell online and etsy sellers/buyers can get rather creative! I wanted to share with everyone some feedback that made me tear up a little. I love it. Thank you Jennifer from Tocadora Leather for this beautiful "feedback-poem" it really made my day! Please check out Jennifer's Etsy Shop for a look at her amazing leather cuffs!

I never thought I’d see the day
That I would salivate for clay
But then I went and lost my heart
To the gorgeousness of Lisa’s Art!

Pendants and Buttons so divine
I want to make them mine all mine!
Tiny treasures in glorious glazes
Draw me into shopping crazes!

Lurking, pouncing, drooling, buying
Lisa’s lovelies leave me sighing
Don’t wanna share, and can’t resist
I’m spending cash hand over fist!

Be it raku or carved stoneware
She crafts each piece with love and care
Unveiling them on facebook & Flickr
Booty goes to the fastest clicker!

Oh Lisa, goddess of pottery thou
Rise to applause and take your bow
I wish you joy and all success
For you and your artwork are THE BEST!