Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Wow, alot of things happened to me in 2008! How bout you?

This was a really interesting year I must say. Went to Tuscon to check it out, I did my first big Bead Show, Bead and Button, went on more vacations than I should have, did alot of construction projects on the house, gained 25lbs, renewed alot of old friendships via FaceBook (the newest addiction) and really started to focus on my etsy shop! Alot of personal changes in my life as well, maybe one day I will blog about them but the one thing I am really happy about is eliminating "stuff" from my life. The clothes, the pots and pans, the shoes, the table linens the chachka's..the chachka's.. oh, the many chachka's that had such a hold on me! The cars (he promised) How many cars can one man collect that is not rich and has a house with one garage? Well, if you asked my husband he would say "as many as you can"! We were doing a really, really good job before the Holiday Confusion..lets see if after the basement is finished we can get back on track. When you are married for 18yrs and do not have children - you buy, buy, buy - more, more, more unecessary stuff. And I graciously hand it over to you, Pascack Valley Thrift Shop - who I have been donating to for too many years to have this much stuff left!

The one thing I would like to take back is the 25lbs weight gain! So, starting Monday...NO, I don't diet. I change my eating habits. Diets never work. But changing eating habits and certain foods at certain times, blah-blah-blah do and I will try to start to exercise again. You know that saying about the shoemakers children..well since my husband is in the health & fitness field wouldn't ya figure I starting putting on weight ever since the day I met him! So lets see if I can rid myself of these extra's before Bead and Button in June - That would be nice!

Well , Happy New Year Friends! Thank you for making my year so exciting, with your thoughtful emails and comments to my blog. For your interest in my work and interest in me as a friend! You have all made this year better for me and I thank you, thank you, thank you!

I leave you today, like I did before Christmas with some past New Years Photo's to start the holiday! Much love to you all, Lisa
Grandmother, Hank and Mom 2002

Grandmother, Me and Aunt Adele - 2004

Monday, December 22, 2008


Happy Holidays Everyone! Yesterday was my Moms Birthday-thats her & I in the Black and White Photo in 1970 I believe. I have a confession to make -- I still to this day, LOVE White Christmas Tree's!
Today Hanukkah Begins and Thursday Our Family will be celebrating Christmas! Whatever Holiday you and your loved ones observe I wish it to be a warm, wonderful and special one! They say the bad economy is bringing everyone closer to home this year and if this is true there is a silver lining in every cloud! I am looking forward to having fun, laughing and enjoying the time spent with my family. My brother and sister in law have us for Christmas Eve which is always a great and then I have Christmas Day, here in my home with my husband and my side of the Family. I do hope we can get the construction materials and everything in order so that our guests can see what we have been doing down there, in the dreaded basement we have been working on 24/7 for the last few weeks. We do not have a ceiling yet, but what a great use for all the extra christmas lights we did not have the time to put up around the house! ;) We did not decorate as we usually do for the holiday's - our window is simply a beautiful Red Pointsettia on small pedestal with Gold Backround..Hank and I will put a small table top tree up and decorate with a handful of ornaments but other than that we gave eachother permission to set ourselves free this year of our usual routine and we will get back to it next year, with the addition of a beautifully finished basement!

I have posted some photo's of previous Christmas Holiday's just to get me in the spirit and wish everyone much love and happiness during their Holiday's and a fantastically creative new year ahead of us! I hope to keep you inspired with new works and look forward to seeing all the beautiful things you make with them! Lisa

Our Christmas Window 2006

Grandmother Next to the Tree 2007

The Most Fattening Egg Nog in the World Made by my Mother in Law

Our Christmas Card in 1994 with our Kitty Petie!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Its Snowing, I should be Cleaning and I am just sitting here Admiring

Hello Everyone, I have been out of My Own Loop, I think. I really used to love and ever since they changed the formatting It is not the same to me, therefore I have not been hanging out there that much lately... Today, as I watch the snow fall and listen to everyone who calls me to complain they can't do this or can't do that and as the TV News Crews scenes of Snow Covered Roads and Snow Plows I secretly wish it would fall and fall and fall as I absolutely LOVE Snow Days.. I am sure if my husband, who is dutifully riding his bicycle from client to client in NYC wearing his Artic-Gear would disagree right now and if I were him, I guess I would too. As I type this I am listening to Mayor Bloomberg, speak to everyone about "how to get around in the snow", with the slightest amount of sarcasm in his voice and thinking I would do the same. ;) Well, back to -- So, today I decided to check out some of my "old flickr stomping grounds" LOL and take a look at what ya'll have been doing and I stopped in to Lisa Peters ART for a bit and revisit some of your work that included a little bit of me. Everyone makes such great things but one piece really caught my eye. My Great Friend Linda Themer, from Textured Turtle made a piece that really spoke to me. She dyes and rusts her own fabric (which I believe she sells on her etsy shop). I love the fact that this piece is round -- and I could spot my tiny little bead dead center which was really cool to see. So, Thanks Linda for making such a great piece and posting it on my Flickr Pool! I also would like to thank everyone else who has taken the time to post photo's using my pieces in their creations on my flickr pool.. I REALLY LOVE TO SEE finished products with my pieces in them and encourage everyone to do so!

I may blog again this afternoon, some snow photo's!
Until then enjoy some of this years collaborations between me & my customers! Pictured below is a Mixed Media Creation by Linda Themer and A Mosaic of Bead Weaving Collaborations between Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers and myself.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just ask me, I am sure I have it!

I have not been blogging as I should because the dreaded "basement project" is happening, in my home - right now! It feels as though I have been working on my basement for 16 yrs, probably, because I have. I won't go into details, I am sure most of you who follow my blog (can I count you on 1 hand or 2, lol!) know about the floods and this and that..well, we have been doing our best to finally get the job done so I NEVER HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN! I give myself a few hours every day to list on etsy and the rest of the day is painting, sawing, sanding, and renovating the basement.. so excuse #47 this year for not blogging as I should-has been made. Do I dare make it a New Years Resolution. ( I have learned my lesson..don't even bother)


Did you know I have hundreds of buttons and beads here in my studio in packages? All shapes and sizes (even really, really small ones - can you believe it?) all clays and glazes. Leaf, heart, round, square, doggie bones, lips, eyes, more leaves, -- you get the picture right? I prepared them for B & B in packs so I could hang them from my display units & because I created like a crazy person I could not even fit these all in, so they have been here, waiting for YOU..who is waiting for ME, to photograph them.

So, until that time comes, when they are properly photographed, ASK ME. Ask me for a color a shape or tell me what it is you need to finish and I can see if I have something suitable for your project! This is one of 3 boxes... :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Open Houses? 12 Days of BAO Gift Giving? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

I am super proud to be a member of a team that really has their stuff together! They complete me! (lol!) Well I am sure you didn't hear it here first, but just in case you are the Bead Art Originals Street Team are totally in the spirit of giving! First you have to check out the Twelve Days of Gift Giving on the BAO Blog. Its fun, exciting and you get a chance to win a free gift!

And if that isn't enough to keep you going then starting 12:01am, November 28-31, 2008 we are having an OPEN HOUSE! Yes, an Open House and you don't have to go anywhere in order to start shopping! With the price of gas today how can you go wrong shopping for one of a kind, artisan made gifts from the comfort of your own home!

Some of our members will be offering specials during the Open House, including special pricing and free worldwide shipping. Here's the list of participating members and their special offerings. (If you purchase from one of these shops during the Open House weekend, make sure to include the code BAO OPEN HOUSE in the Notes to Seller when you check out.)

Anna (ARoseByName): free shipping
Heather (Humblebeads): free shipping on all orders and a free gift with purchases of $50 or more Carli (Juiceglass): free shipping
Lisa (LisaPetersArt): free surprise gift (at least $5 value) with any purchase over $30 (note that this special is being offered through the end of the year)
Mak (MAKUstudio): free shipping + 10% off purchases over $50 and 15% off purchases over $100
Dee (Malodora): free shipping
Swanee (MistyRidgeBeads): free shipping
Janice (Naftali): free shipping
Melody (SalamanderHouse): free shipping
Carol Dean (SandFibers): free shipping and a set of Sand Fibers coasters ($12 value) with every order
Smadar (SmadarsTreasure): free shipping + 10% off the second item purchased
Sarah (thebeadedlily): free shipping
Darcy (thejadedog): free shipping
MaryLou (time2cre8): free shipping on entire order with the purchase of anything with the "bao team" tag
Lisa (tqbdesigns): free shipping
Triz (triz): free shipping
Have a Wonderful Weekend and Fantastic Shopping Experience!
Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back Into The FIRE!

It's been a while since I went "Back into the FIRE". I have been working very dilligently lately getting my Etsy shop to what it should be and I have mentioned here and there on different forums that it has definately paid off. That is one of the reasons I have not fired anything in while. I have created at such a manic pace that I was literally up to my ears in product and no one ever saw what I had made! So, I got out the Trusty Sony (my close up camera) and went to work. A BIG Thank You to my customers and friends who have made recent purchases. I really appreciate it and can't wait to see what you have made! So, Back to "Back into the Fire"

Sunday, my friend Nadine came over to Raku with her fiance' Chip and we all did some glazing and firing together. We also polished off 2 bottles of French wine and other delicious beverages. Nadine had a focus, a Sculpture she had made and many Angels she has created over the last few months, you can check out her Angels at NadineUnsworth.

I however did not have a focus and it was the best feeling. I took out my many tubs of bisque-ware (un-glazed ware) and started to look at the pieces I had been ignoring for some time. "They were too small, they weren't part of a set, they were too hard to glaze", the list goes on and began glazing at a snails pace. I didn't have a show hanging over my head, I wasn't filling an order..I was just glazing, because I felt like it and I really had fun. I used colors I normally would not have and I experimented with funky glaze mixtures as well. I am very pleased with my results AND best of all I made use of some really small pieces (normal for other people, small for me) I have to admit, they are so hard to glaze and really hard to fire. Looking for them afterward in the reduction container is the worst, but I took my time and got through. I have put a good deal of them on etsy the last day or so and alot of them sold allready too! So keep checking back and look what new things I put in my shop every day!

I would also like to ask that everyone say a special prayer for my friend Linda illness has visited a family member and I am praying for their speedy recovery!

Below I have posted some photo's of Nadine from that day & a photo of Nadine's Sculpture.
Have a great day everyone & I am glad I took time to smell the sawdust! Lisa

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Artist - Raul Conti of Argentina (and New York)

Every once in a while I will write a short post about artists whose work I admire and Raul Conti is one of them. Raul is a friend, of my friend, Nadine Unsworth. You may have read about her in my previous posts or seen photographs of her and I at different art shows together. Nadine is not only my friend but we also Raku together from time to time (when she is not carving stone or painting in oils) She introduced me to Conti's work a few years ago, I want to say 2002 or 2003 but I am not sure. She owns one of his smaller works, I believe entitled Sweet Melody, which I have admired on many occasions at her home. About 3 years ago we attended Conti's show at the Argentenian Consulate in NYC and I was absolutely blown away. There is nothing that can compare to seeing his work (paintings) in person. I have never seen light painted in the way he does and to look at his paintings you feel totally embraced by this light. Luminous is the only word I can seem to utter. His Esculptures are also beautiful and I remember spending alot of time standing in front of Maternity 2001. (and eating) I have not been lucky enough to see any of his other works..but I do cherish my signed copy of Raul Conti - Sixty Years of Paintings & Sculptures. This is just a short blog to say, check it out: HIS WEBSITE has just been updated and ready for everyone to see! If he ever shows again in your "neck of the woods" please do yourself a favor and go fall in love with his beautiful paintings.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Neither do I.
But my friends Linda & Dana do!

I am not having anything special as far as an artist open house this year. I have had them in previous years and they were alot of fun but this year we are taking it easy! I have decided to tell my blogging friends about an open house taking place in Hope, Indiana!

Saturday, November 8th, 2008 from 1pm-5pm
Joan Johnson-Bey & Danielle Reynolds

If anyone visited me at Bead and Button this year they were sure to see the Mosaic Bead Works of Linda Themer as well as the beautiful Lampwork beads, in the Raku Color Palette made by Dana Graham displayed at my booth. Linda's mosaic buttons were juried into this years Bead Dreams 2008! How exciting!
Their open house will have fiber, lampwork, mosaic, art prints & cards, upcycled & recycled wearable art! Definately a one stop shopping event!
For everyone who goes to this wonderful open house - I offer you Free shipping & 10% your purchase of $30 or more in my etsy shop. Linda or Dana will give you the coupon code to mention when you purchase items from my shop. This offer is valid until 12-31-08 and includes all sale and clearance items.

Here is a copy of the invitation & address of the event!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My Dear Friends Carol Dean Sharpe of SANDFIBERS and Erin Siegel of EVERY HEART CRAFTS Tagged me a few weeks ago and I just hadn't had a chance to do my part (dreading this) Last week I considered it for a moment and didn't know what I wanted to disclose - should it be totally career focused or totally personal and how much personal info do people really give a **** about, especially about me.

This morning I read Grace's (Grace Beading) and I laughed and thought she shared just about the right amount of everything so it inspired me to finally do my own. After a not-so-positive visit with Dr. this morning I needed to laugh at myself and think about what wild things I could share with my very few blog followers, LOL!

DISCLAIMER: With my luck, today is the day a potential customer or publisher will choose to read my blog for the first time., thus wondering where did Lisa Peters, ART go? I needed a break today from the "real world"! Bear with me and come back again soon!

Here goes:

#1. I have a packaging phobia. I throw away all boxes and bags that come with produce, dry goods and even cleaning products. Everything gets stored in glass or plastic containers. Cereal, Rice and all sorts of mixes, toilet paper, jewelry supplies..all in their own individual containers.

#2. I have taken a sexy (but tasteful) photograph, with the Stanley Cup, at the request of a bunch of handsome hockey players - packed like sardines in a Taxi Cab en route to Madison Square Garden. (Glad I did it as the offer may not be coming again any day soon!)

#3. I do not miss being a photographer at all

#4. I had severe spinal pain starting at 16 yrs old, subsequently had spinal surgery when I was 25 years old and also have very moderate Klippel Feil Syndrome ( you cant see it looking at me) I was always very active, very rarely complained about the immense pain I was in and always worked through the pain unless it was unbearable and only until very recently could not understand why everyone wasn't like that

#5. I hate talking on the phone.

#6. I didn't got to Europe, for 3 months, - backpacking with my friends because I wanted to stay home and wait for my boyfriend to call.

#7. I make the best F---- Halloween Costumes, E-V-E-R! :)

OKAY, Finished -- Phewwww!
There were a few things that almost made it in there but I did the Backspace Dance and erased all evidence of them!

Til Next time,
Happy Creating!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where did Last Week go?

Is it me or are the days just whizzing by?

I had so many plans for last weeks New Blog which has now turned into this weeks New Blog. LOL! I have been working on my Etsy Shop and also cleaning up the studio so that I can begin new projects. I would like to start on some Fiber Projects as the Holiday's grow near but I said that last year too and only managed to make one T-Shirt Quilt for my Cousin that was some years overdue.
Its not really my fault I guess, its not as if I am sitting around watching the tube, though it can be heard in the backround on many occasions where Bravo Channels Project Runway or The Rachel Zoe Project can be heard over the sounds of a boiling pot of something since Hubby and I in an attempt to cut back are having home cooked meals every night. Not that I mind much, I love to cook (an I am a good cook-if I do say so myself) its just sometimes, when your studio is a mess with clay - putting everything down to start a big meal is a little overwhelming. I will get through it just fine! But we have been making Movies, cleaning the attic, still doing construction on the basement, and trying to be active in our friends and families I give myself a little break in the "work" dept!

I attended the Big Apple's Glass Art & Bead Festival sponsored by Soft Flex Company on Sunday at the request of our Good Friends Nancy Pilgrim from Fantasy Beads and Roanne Keunzler from Roanne Designs. Our Bead & Button Neighbors were in town and we just had to see them! The show was at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway, which was a very pretty place - I wonder what it used to be. The show was small, 2 rooms - I believe 40 vendors with two make and take tables and a room with Soft Flex products. It was a calm atmosphere, very boutique like with lots of gorgeous pieces. Even though we are on a strict budget we just could not help purchasing a gorgeous glass MONSTER bead from Lewis Wilson of Crystal Myths and even though I kept it a secret I did make some fantastic purchases at Beth Botaks new line of Brass Findings from KaBela. (sorry, hubby) Beth has a beautiful line of American Made brass findings that make any creation absolutely incredible. You need to check it out, tell her Lisa Peters sent ya! After the show we had some great Pizza & Beer! Can't wait to see them again - but sad it wont be until June. Sigh :(

I would like to Thank Grace Danel of Grace Beading for blogging about her wonderful piece that included a link to my etsy shop. She certainly did an amazing job of using my Raku Feet Cast Cabs! I am so happy to see the course a piece takes from kiln to finished product!

Well its Monday and a New Week begins! I will do my best to blog more often!

Wishing you all a Creative Week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As a proud member of the Bead Art Originals Street Team I am inviting you to a Trunk Show October 9th at 7:00pm in the Etsy Virtual Labs TREEHOUSE!

I will be offering FREE Shipping on any Item in my shop as well as a surprise gift for anyone who purchases the items that are being spotlighted that evening! I have been filling my shop day by day in preparation for this wonderful event. To see what other Artists will be participating please check out the BLOG at the Bead Art Originals Website for a list.

The best part is everyone who joins in the fun will be eligible to receive a DOOR PRIZE from one of the many talented members of the group! Take A Chance! It might be you!

Hope to see you all!

Lisa Peters

Friday, October 3, 2008


Its all about the BEAD! Beads in my Etsy shop, BeadArtOriginals having a Trunk Show, and I just came up with some great designs for New Beads (can't tell ya yet!)

I have listed some Porcelain Slip Cast Beads on my Etsy Shop all sets discounted by $1 per bead.

So Sets that were $21 are now $18 and so on. I am having an even bigger sale on Stoneware Button Sets. I am finding it hard to list my buttons on etsy because they were all individually packaged for Bead and Button., now making it impossible to photograph..So, I will try my best to go through each one as fast I as can. The button listed currently were not put into bags due to time constraints before the show so I am starting here and little by little will add more! They are really nice, the glazes are not overpowering, the color of the deep chocholatey brown clay is coming through and I think they look great. The glazes I chose for those items were potters glazes., no bright colors, very subdued and rich. The colors for the porcelain beads of course are very clean as the porcelain does not impart any manipulation on the glaze. All items were fired to Cone 6 (High Fired) and are durable.

BeadArtOriginals is having a Trunk Show on Thursday, October 9th and YOU ARE ALL INVITED! There will be a drawing and the winner will receive a free gift courtesy of one of our members. First I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so that you can be notified in advance of upcoming sales and specials offered by members of the group, as well as other interesting information.

A special Thank You to Carol Dean Sharpe for the Wonderful article on her blog yesterday about my etsy shop and items I had on Sale! That was such a special surprise that came to me on a day where I was little pre occupied with personal "stuff". Carol has been a big supporter of my work (and I a big fan of hers) since the beginning! B.E. (Before etsy) and she has also been a gentle helping hand to help me stay on course when I can't seem to absorb all that is going on around me (which is often). She created using flickr toys this wonderful mosaic of some of the pieces that she created using my beads/buttons that I just love. Please enjoy and don't forget to check out Carols Etsy Shop - SANDFIBERS and do some admiring & shopping!

Monday, September 29, 2008

IM BACK, Seriously.....

Okay, Back from Vegas and since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I can't talk about it. Kidding, Other than Hubby getting the flu mid flight to Vegas and Grandmother getting the flu one day into our trip - it was fun! :( He stayed in bed alot and since my grandmother really doesn't let anything get in the way of her and a slot machine, her flu didn't keep her down! We gambled and did the usual, sharks, dolphins, gambling, drinking,e eating.. Usually we see 1 or 2 Big Vegas Shows and this time we saw 1, The Bealtes, LOVE . It amazes me, the types of shows you can see in Vegas. Every once in a while I have a conversation with someone who has never been to Vegas...they say all sorts of negative things.. well, I say "keep your comments to yourself until you go and experience a Wonderful Cirque Show" will change your opinion very quick. For those of you planning a trip - try to see it. We stayed at the Mirage last year and didn't think about seeing it..crazy us (we did see La Reve though) which was fabulous as well.

I did leave on the positive ($) side, so Thats really all I can ask for. Our hotel was beautiful, the first time we stayed at the Palazzo which is new for us and we really loved it - the Suites are gorgeous for anyone planning a trip, I just loved my room..and if you are going to be sick in Vegas, might as well do it in a gorgeous Suite with a Flat screen just about everywhere you look.. Eating is so tricky because everything else gets in the way so we usually eat breakfast InSuite and Snack for lunch and then go all out for dinner..My favorite this trip was CarneVino., though I could have done without the long wait Wednesday Night -- the X Games were in town!
So until next year -- Thanks Vegas for a wonderful Time!

"What about WORK", You say? Work, Work, Work. Saturday we filmed all day for our Short Film, (DP - title secret til next year) and Yesterday I was exhausted and spent all day putting away props. Today I was supposed to start some work, but I didn't.. I have been filling my etsy shop and have a nice sale for the BAOIOTW.. Bead Art Originals is such a fantastic group! So professional I am honored to be a part of them! Check out all the wonderful artists on our website BEADARTORIGINALS
Til Next time! When I have something BEAD Like to say...
(Notice the concentration on Grandma's face, AS IF, she was really going to hit the JACKPOT!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It was really great to see photo's of a trip we took as a group of friends to Hilton Head Island or candid shots we took of eachother in school. This morning I was equally happy to see 29 more photo's had arrived to her facebook page -- it appears that the digging has begun! A few more friends have gotten on board and I can only imagine how far they have to dig to come up with some of these great photographic memories. Here is the link to the photo's if you would like to take a peek at the newest upload: PHOTOS and here for another album: PHOTOS and here for the album I uploaded: PHOTOS
They are all just too precious.

I would also like to tell you about an event in which I participate each year. It is called The Yellow Bra, hosted by the Best Little Frame Shop and Art Gallery in Mahwah, NJ. Each year artists exhibited works depicting a Yellow Bra to help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. The shop Owner Ruth Ann Hawkins and her dedicated staff, family and friends really put together a fantastic evening of art, poetry, food and prizes. I am happy to report that I was also the recipient for Best In Show for the 2006 and 2007 exhibits, click here to see my artwork. This year things are going to be a little different: Below is the prospectus for the show. Anyone can join. It would be lovely if you were local and could come to the exhibit for the reception but if you cannot and would like to participate you could always mail your piece with your $10 entrance fee. 40% of all sold artwork proceeds this year are being donated to The Avon Foundation Cancer Crusade.
PROSPECTUS - THE JOURNEY - The Yellow Bra Event 2008
Once again, it is time for The Yellow Bra Event art show and sale. This year we have renamed the show "The Journey: The Yellow Bra Event, 2008", so that we can experience broader creative images relating to the emotional, physical, and psychological journey that breast cancer survivors face each day. In the past three years the Event has donated several thousand dollars to breast cancer research and awareness. ARTIST GUIDELINES: Open to all media (watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, pen & ink, mixed media, collage, intaglio, photography, textile art, 3-D). The artwork DOES NOT have to include an image of a yellow bra, but must represent the beauty, strength and courage of breast cancer survivors. Think of faces, relationships, landscapes, towering mountains, stately trees, endless oceans -- let your creative energy flow. There are size limitations. The minimum art size is 8" X 10" and the maximum size should not exceed 32" X 40". Artwork can be framed or not, but unframed artwork must be matted. Artwork can be matted at the shop for a minimal fee (be sure to leave a border beyond the image). Please submit your artwork on October 1st and 2nd, and October 8th and 9th between 1:00 and 4:00 pm. Pieces needing matting or frames should be submitted sooner. There is a $10.00 entry fee payable by check or cash for each piece. Multiple entries are accepted as space allows. The Gallery retains the right to not accept artwork if not deemed suitable due to execution or content. The show will be on display in the Gallery from October 26th – November 21st. The opening reception is scheduled for Sunday, October 26, from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. There will be prizes awarded at the opening reception. A portion of the proceeds from artwork sold will be donated to The Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade. New artists, and those that have participated in the past are called to join us in the celebration and participation of this anticipated event. For more information please contact: BEST LITTLE FRAME SHOP & ART GALLERY64 Ramapo Valley Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430Tel: 201-529-3030 •
*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** If you do not wish to participate in this event but you would like to donate something you may do that as well. Please contact me for the donation form.

(Info repeated from yesterday's blog)
As for work. Well, I have been filling my etsy shop with items getting ready for the holiday's so I can think about getting back in the studio and creating new designs. I love etsy, but as you all know it is pretty time thats kind of where I will be til I leave for Vegas on the 21st. I want you to know that I appreciate you for reading my blog and having an interest in my work. To show this appreciation I would like you to use the code: BLOGDISC on your next order(s) or etsy shop order(s) for a 20% discount on orders over $50. Discount will appear after I adjust your invoice through pay pal if that is your chosen method of payment. (I also take MC/VISA) You can convo me or add that to the notes to seller. This discount is good on all orders until October 15 (One month from today) and is only being advertised here, on my blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I write this blog post last week regarding Photography and Way Back When and then BANG Sunday morning rolls around and I see I have been tagged in 19 photo's on someone else's facebook page. How excited I was and anxious to see what they were so I clicked on the link and spent the next hour or so with the biggest smile on my face looking at Courtenay Gilberts SVA Album circa 80's something (was it 87,88, I dont think it was 89?) It was an assortment of SVA Candid Shots with the unforgettable Hilton Head Island Trip we took (was it during spring break?) and the memories just came flooding back. My friends Courtenay Gilbert (Fl.), Gary Goldberg (Canada) and Glen Feniger (?) (Courtenay and Glen were a couple, Gary and I were just pals)

We are very lucky. As photography students we will forever have a documented account of just about every moment of those 4 years. I promise I am going up in the attic or into my many, many, many binders filled with negs and contact sheets, blow the dust off my slide scanner and see if it still works & get some on uploaded also! (SOON) I know that today it is easy for just about anyone to document every second using cell phones, digital cameras, helmet cams..but back then that was not the norm and I cherish the opportunity to have been able to document my life and my time spent with people who are very important to me.
I look forward to blogging more about this in the future and I hope I don't bore you with the details..

As for work. Well, I have been filling my etsy shop with items getting ready for the holiday's so I can think about getting back in the studio and creating new designs. I love etsy, but as you all know it is pretty time thats kind of where I will be til I leave for Vegas on the 21st.

I want you to know that I appreciate you for reading my blog and having an interest in my work.

To show this appreciation I would like you to use the code: BLOGDISC on your next order(s) or etsy shop order(s) for a 20% discount on orders over $50. Discount will appear after I adjust your invoice through pay pal if that is your chosen method of payment. (I also take MC/VISA) You can convo me or add that to the notes to seller. This discount is good on all orders until October 15 (One month from today) and is only being advertised here, on my blog.
Til then I will be searching for photos & reminiscing about some really great times!

To see all the tagged photo's click here: PHOTOS
I also added some photo's myself at 12pm today click here to see those: PHOTOS
Lisa P.

Friday, September 12, 2008

THANK GOODNESS ITS FRIDAY! Reminiscing about Photography - Blogging about another time

Why? Why? TGIF? Whats so different about today (for me)
If Iworked a 9-5 maybe I could say that but I don't so Thank Goodness its Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc, etc, etc
- that's what I have always loved about being an artist and maybe some of what is hard about being an artist.

When I began my career at the ripe old age of 20 (Photography by Lisa Peters - Commercial Still Life Studio - something, something 10th Street, Fort Lee NJ for a whopping $350/mos because I paid 1 year in advance) I always thought I would be a photographer, there was no question in my mind...then again, I never asked myself another question. What B-lls I had..fresh out of college - pounding pavement in NYC with my portfolio, something I cannot even lift now. Making appts with every BIG mag editor I could and had a shit load of confidence with no business sense. Sorry, I needed to say the S word for it to sound like me -- and I got jobs - mostly because I was there at the right time or someone knew my grandfather who knew my father who went to school with my cousin and so on. My work was good - for someone my age, at the time, with what was required to make a stunning photo back then - yes I was good but I was so in over my head it wasn't funny... I screwed up so many "really unbelievable opportunities" -- but that was me. I believe it was my 3rd Mag shoot and it was for COSMO ( Hello, what were they thinking?) Shooting with..hold on to your hats..Francesco Scavullo in his studio - a unique centerfold for the winners of the Hawaiin Tropic Some-kind-of-contest as a special insert for the mag. I think back now and wonder where they thinking "what is this kid doing in my studio"? Well, it was a very scary day and even though my ability to smile BIG throughout any disaster got me through the public aspect of it I was sure to have a twitch in my eye for weeks afteward (dont think i am kidding you.. after every huge job I had, I had a twitch that lasted for weeks) I did not take into consideration his "slave lights" (lights that see one light go off and they follow) went off each time I took my pictures (using his assistant and studio..giggles) therefore overexposing my film by a gazillion stops.. Cosmo wanted the photo's - ASAP, overnight, 24 had I been "experienced" I would have dropped them off at the lab and just charged them the $300 processing fee..but that is where in experience kicks in... I decided to save "them" money and do it myself, thus boiling my film to oblivian. OOPS. It was not save-a-ble

My mother keeps the letter, telling me how they would never hire me again - she thought she would hang it next to my diploma.
Just thought I would share. More stories to follow.. someday.
Anyway, I have been trying to get back into the swing of things - I even started to fill up my etsy shop.. oooohhh thats something I have not done in a while. After a while I have to evaluate my inventory and introduce myself to things I made only a few months ago and forgot I had. See them and like them again.

and I think I will take my grandmother to lunch..

have a great one everybody!


Monday, September 8, 2008

HOME SWEET HOME - At least for this week.

Home Sweet Home. I am finally back for more than one day. I arrived home late last night to find some really large beefsteak tomatoes in the garden and 2 of the largest squash I have ever seen waiting for me, which is a good thing because I believe I ate more than I ever have whilst enjoying the last of the summer on the lake. It is so sad saying good-bye to Pt. Penninsula, NY even though I dont go that often (thank you gas prices) it is sad to drive away and see the place all quiet and ready for winter..and what a winter it is there..I have been once and never again. NO THANK YOU! I also arrived home to find out my debit card had been compromised and the little thieves cleaned out my checking account. Sigh :( Its all fun and games until the money is gone! LOL. Hopefully the matter will clear up ASAP... until then can you tell the nice people at American Express the check is NOT in the mail? and the electric co, gas co, water co, phone co, etc., etc., etc.... hey, I didn't have any money to pay them anyway..who am I kidding?
I did arrive home to some really nice messages & photographs from my customers of work they have created with my pieces - I hope in the next few days I can blog about each person and show you their work.
One in particular I would like to showcase today is MaryLou Holvenstot from MaryLou creates intricately detailed and whimsical pen and ink drawings. She also designs and creates beadwoven jewelry and art pieces, some of which have been featured in Step by Step Beads. One of her newest creations includes a RAKU Shank Button she purchased from me recently. I love the way the ndebele rope was created. I think the twists and turns really add depth to the piece and I believe Mary Lou Matched the color of the RAKU (Not an easy task) really beautifully and brightened it up using the lighter shades of beads. You can view/purchase this piece by visiting Mary Lou's Etsy Shop . Thank you Mary Lou for turning my shank button into such a wonderful pendant! It is a great example of how versatile a button can be..turn it into a cab! It is so wonderful when I see my pieces in action., I truly admire all the bead artists, especially those members of Bead Art Originals who create such wonderful pieces. Where would we (artisan bead makers) be without you? (Photo: Turquoise with a Twist c. Mary Lou Holvenstot)

Til Next Time,
I will be doing vacation laundry...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back from D.R. now getting ready for the LAKE!

Wow., the D.R. was an amazing experience - will tell you all about it when I get back from LAKE! I had 24 hours to do laundry, go food shopping, clean the house, prepare meals (my counter space is sooo small that I find it alot easier to prepare alot of things ahead of time at home) had a nice lunch with Grandmother and packed to go..

There was a stack of bills waiting for me When I returned. (BIG)
Which means..

From Lisa Peters ART!

See ya in September!
Lisa P. on route to Lake Ontario - Pt. Penninsula, NY in 5,4,3,2,-

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation - Here I come....

Time for a little more R & R, this time not at the Lake but at the generosity of a Good Friend, his Villa in Punta Minitas at Casa Del Campo in La Romana, D.R. and I am really looking forward to it. I believe I will take my laptop so that I have the security of knowing that I can keep in touch - but the question is.. "Will I turn it on"? Hmm.. we shall see. I hope to really be able to just take it all in, at a comfortable pace and relax and enjoy.

I cannot believe how close the end of summer is.. I wanted to get a new pair of sandals today for my trip and all I found were boots and sweaters...I swear if I see a Christmas Ornament on display in September I will loose my ----- mind! I really need to stay 40 just a little longer - OKAY?

Anyway, I hope to collect some beautiful shells, drink some (lots) rum, swim some laps, do a little reading, fishing, drink more rum, um.. gambling (hey, you can take the girl out of Jersey.....) and explore. I am not an island shopper per se' -- the only thing I usually do is purchase my limit for island produced product ( I guess that will be Rum) and any other item they make there and get a few trinkets for home..and I cannot take the sun - so my days of sun bathing are long gone..(thats okay I can do without the extra spots!) It will be me and my SPF65 all the way, baby!
All I know is I am REALLY Looking forward to just getting out of Dodge..

Any etsy, flickr, website orders will be addressed upon my return Aug 29th!

I will blog from Paradise - Maybe
If not,
Til Next time,

Lisa p.

Feeling Great - Cause I got some BLOG LOVE Today!

Thanks Lorelei!
Everyone Check out: In the Studio

Monday, August 18, 2008

lisa peters ART - Special Item of the Week!

Hi Everyone,
I am having a special sale on etsy for my SUNSHINE LOVE Bracelet, which includes 9 handmade stoneware hearts glazed using a variety of Yellow Glazes and Textures. The bracelet is not BRIGHT Yellow like Majolica Colors it is very subdued, very mustardy. If you mention that you read about my bracelet here on my blog, or on the BAO Blog or Web Site (Bead Art Originals ) in the notes to seller you get an adorable little yellow heart ring for FREE. The Ring is Rhodium and adjusts to any size finger - at $13.50 Value.
I can also make this bracelet for you in 4 other colors - pink, blue, cream & green & brown. All in a very subdued pallette on dark stoneware clay.
Thanks for stopping by today
Happy Creating!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful August Days!

I cannot believe how gorgeous it has been outside lately, aside from the horrible thunderstorms which, in my opinion are really beautiful and create the most gorgeous, polarized light against all the herbs in my garden and the water droplets look like diamonds glistening off the leaves-something that would have encouraged me years ago to break out my large format camera and shoot for hours and hours. It saddens me that I do not do that anymore, I miss it sometimes. My bird feeder has been taken over by Doves and the little guys dont stand a chance at the feeders unless we go outside and shoo the doves away to give them a break., which we do very often. Each day I go for a long bike ride to get the blood flowing and exercise a little which I really need. It has made a big difference in my health, which took a back seat last year and my energy level is now natural and not adrenaline produced which is my usual mode of operation. I have been taking some of my inventory outside to photograph and little by little have been putting items on etsy and flickr.
I never used to create beads and now I just love doing it. Pendants were my thing until I got the idea for the exhibit using beads and I really became interested in them. There are a lot of beads in my inventory that need to be shown --- soon., I promise.
So check out my flickr site and as usual if you see something you like.. put a sticky note on it and its yours!
Til then,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Time To Get Back To Work (Before my Next Vacation)

Ok. I know I have been very "lazy" lately as far as being "Clay-Productive" but I have not been spending my time watching TV.. I Promise. After Bead & Burnout, I knew I wanted to take some time and experience some real life outside my studio and I have been doing that. I have been reading and trying to learn new techniques & I have been spending more time in Museums and Gardens and other places of interesting-ness. I am well rested and also getting some fresh air into my lungs and blood moving through my body - one thing I was really lacking a few months back. Hopefully this will make for some wonderful new pieces.

I created so much inventory for B & B that I could not show everything., which is okay because all of my designs style were pretty well represented. I had anticipated that I would put some of the pieces that I did not put out at B & B right away on Etsy..but as described earlier, life outside the studio took over.

Porcelain Slip Cast Beads and Pendants. I wanted to see how my glaze techniques looked on a really blank canvas, without texture, without a design to play upon. I really love seeing how certain glazes love to run all over eachother and others stay well defined. There is no rhyme or reason as to why I choose certain colors that just happens every time I pick up the glaze brush I just go to what I feel at that moment.

I have some photographs of items that are available on my site - u can just add a sticky note if there is something you would like to know the price on or would like to purchase. Some of the photo's have a SOLD sticky note on them from recent purchases. I have also put some items on Etsy and will be putting more on as the day/week continues.
email me - would love to hear from you

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thursday at the American Folk Art Museum

Since I am not doing anything particularly interesting with my work - I can tell you about a show I saw last Thursday after my acupuncture in the city at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC. I was on my way to MOMA because I thought I had allready seen the new "temporary" exhibit at the Folk Art Museum and then I saw the sign and got very excited! "Dargerism: Contemporary Artists and Henry Darger". Sometimes when I discuss Henry Dargers work with others (not something I do very often) they get very caught up in who he was as a person (like we even know, right?) The guestbook at the Museum was filled with statements about the show being about Pedeophiles, Sex Addicts, Freaks of Nature...mostly NOT, but nonetheless they were there in the pages...but I am fascinated by who he was and the resulting work. I never really consider how much work someone creates either, but in this case I am just blown away at the amount of work he produced in his lifetime - I think about the 16 hour days I worked for 2 months getting ready for Bead and Button (Now lovingly called Bead & Burnout) and am only able to do so knowing that I could stop as soon as the show was over.. He must have worked day in and day out never, ever stopping to produce the thousands and thousands of pages of text & drawings.. If some of the accusations about things he had done as a young man are actually true I do not believe it would influence how I see his work now.... maybe prior to forming a relationshiop/opinion - but now since I have allready committed myself to this fascination -- learning the real truth -- might not affect me in the same way. We will probably never know OR maybe somewhere in the thousands of pages of his writings he confesses some sort of truth but still I concentrate on the work he produced and am really looking forward to someday being able to read copies of his writings.

The show itself included other artists and I am particularly drawn to Amy Cutlers work. It was really beautiful and I belive to most in the Darger style without the use of any "Dargeresque methods" She uses Goauche and Casein as her medium in most pieces in the show. Her pieces are very luminous, especially those done with Casein - it is a beautiful medium.

If you live in the city or are planning a visit check it out before it goes away.....
Accupuncture resumes next Tuesday - I am going to spend the afternoon at MOMA.


PS.. I am filling my etsy shop little by little. Today I am putting on BIG Buttons and Round Beads.. Check them out! LISA PETERS ART on etsy

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is it Tuesday all ready?

Hmm., I think I am really dragging that R & R thing out a bit.

I was away at the Lake since Friday and I honestly think I am going to get some work done.

I do.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is it Monday allready?

Well after taking more than a week off for some R & R I cant believe Monday is finally here. I had so many plans for today..

Really, I did.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home - Back from Milwaukee

I am really writing this on June 19, 2008 - But I started the post on the 12th..
I am finally getting back into the swing of things. I returned home from Milwaukee Tuesday 4am - we drove straight through - didn't want to stay another day away from home. Bead and Button Show was fabulous. I made the trip in 2 days - the first 9 hours I drove and then met up with Joan Miller (Miller Porcelain) and Yvonne Irwin (My Elements) for a stay in Ohio before hitting the road again headed for Milwaukee. I was amazed when I arrived at how large the venue was. The Midwest Airlines Center, Cellular Center, whatever they call it - it has a bunch of different names, was really big! I unloaded my things, parked my car and thought to myself "Boy, am I in over my head". I believe I called everyone in my recent call log to tell them the same. My grandmother said everything would be just fine & that she was not worried at all - but I know I could hear her chipping the paint off her Rosary Beads as we spoke..

I began to unload all of my things, slowly, without anxiety until I realized that I was up to my ears in inventory and had gotten an artisan table (an artisan table is code for small table) My 10" X 5" was not going to do. After a Pep talk from Joan who just happened upon my aisle- she convinced me that I did not have to put out every bit of inventory and to replace as things sold. I followed her advice, still unsure, but it ended up working perfectly in the end. Linda (Textured Turtle) called later on that evening to say she had arrived safely from the airport and after getting almost 90% of the work done we headed off to the hotel for a terrible dinner and to prepare for Thursday's big day.

Thursday's preview and opening of the show was great! Everyone was so enthusiastic after taking classes all week - they were inspired and ready to create - I am glad they found my things interesting enough to use in their projects.. Friday was great! Hank arrived late afternoon with the Tornado. I had no idea how many Tornado's there were going to be beforehand and that's a really good thing! That night we had some so-so Thai Food a few drinks and went back and crashed (Linda was all ready "crashed" as well) Saturday also turned out to be a great day sales-wise though I am not sure about the weather! If Memory serves Saturday was the Tornado day 2 or was it 3? We said so-long to Linda whose flight was leaving at 11:30am and Hank did his best to be my assistant. Bless His Heart. That evening we had a really, really, really great Hamburger ( we don't usually eat hamburgers) and some drinks out as guests of Kevin O'Grady ( Glass Artist) with our new friends Nancy & RoAnne (both fabulous glass artists as well) We arrived Sunday am, a little head-achy but ready to work - and work we did! Sunday was slower than the other days but nothing to complain about -- Hank and RoAnne decided to go shopping and at closing so I could have "quiet time" packing everything back up! It worked out great and When I get some photo's of Hank in his new clothes I will be sure to post them as this is something you would not want to miss!

Sunday night we all said our G-Bye's at Rock Bottom during another awful storm at the Riverwalk in Milwaukee. I have to say I do believe I had the best spinach dip I have ever had in my life there..was it the cheese? Do they use WI Cheddar in the Franchise Restaurants? (Here I am blogging about Bead and Button Show.. the biggest venue I have ever been an exhibitor at and I am commenting about the cheese in the spinach dip at Rock Bottom Restaurant) Any-who we slept well that night, tired & tipsy and in anticipation of the LONG ride home to Jersey.

We left at 9am and of course made one stop for Cheese, Cheese and More Cheese (dessert wine, Pabst Blue Ribbon - SALAMI? and oh, MORE Cheese) $200 worth to be exact at the Milwaukee Cheese Mart. I guess when in I bought some 5,12, and I think one 19 yr old cheddar? Could that be right? I have to check. We ate the 5 year old one - ya know, its some pretty darn good cheese. We also bought cheese curds. We tried a fried cheese curd (if Hank's clients could read this!) because we didn't know what they were when we were out to dinner Saturday didn't kill us. The cheese curds are in my freezer..they will remain there until I figure out what to do with them. Maybe Macaroni & Cheese? I can feel my Butt getting fatter just thinking about it! :) LOL

Anyway, 15 hours later we made it home...One funny story: I was reading (or napping) and Hank said "how cool" a little green SUV with the words "My Elements" on the window just passed us by..the ladies inside looked like bead ladies (he say's he can spot a bead lady from a mile away) and I started to laugh because it was Yvonne & Joan making their way home as well - AND that was NOT planned. We also stopped at all the same rest area's without planning it either! Which was kinda funny.

So, 2 days later we left for the Lake..we needed a rest which turned out to be all work (battling bugs that seemed to have moved in while we were away) and returned home to a flooded basement (we had storms here while we were away)

SO.. if you don't hear from me in a while. I am tearing up carpet and laying tile. It never ends.

There are some show photo's on Flickr..check' em out!

BTW - 5 Acres Lake Front Property for SALE on Lake Ontario! Pt Penninsula, NY. Email me if you are interested!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Four Days Left til the BIG DAY at B & B

Only Four Days left until I hit the road and leave for B & B 14-16 hour drive (they say) Hmmm. After the last 2 months of doing nothing but-work-work-work (okay.. there was a little fun thrown in here & there) Will I be able to make that drive? Nope, will be stopping along the way for a little R & R -- hopefully will hook up with my bead-buddies Joan & Yvonne to share a room (or couch) and looking forward to seeing Linda upon my arrival in WI. ( Can you believe I forgot what hotel I am staying in - I think I should schedule some time to check my notes or at least make a few phone calls until I figure out that important detail)

Til next time:

For my blogging buddies (and everyone else) please take advantage of my $10 coupon to use at the show on your purchases of $60 or more.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting Ready for Bead and Button

Had a wonderful day in NYC with Allene Rose from Allene's Beads yesterday! We walked around the villiage looking for anything "bead-interesting" and other than some great resin stuff there wasn't much that thrilled us. We did have wonderful conversation and fantastic lunch and it was a great visit. Allene is such a wonderful person! For those of you who do not know Allene she is a Bead Artists Rep from Ca. and would be happy to see your unique work if you make beads...her website is Allene's Beads. Just drop her a line, send her some samples, Unique, OOAK, beads is what she is looking for., any medium.
Well my tummy did a little flip-flop just thinking about Bead and Button coming VERY Soon, and if I forget there is a daily email reminder from Linda that gives me the days, hours and minutes until the show begins. Thanks Linda!
I finally started the kiln tonight., which is strange because usually I would have fired about 5 loads by now. Maybe I am in denial. If I dont fire anything then B & B is really next June not this June. Tommorow I will begin glazing stoneware and porcelain and after my weekend I will start Raku Firing.
The garden is ready for planting, the first time in many years that we are ready BEFORE May 15th....The Herbs look fantastic, summer bulbs planted and those that were not taken away by the squirrels seem to be doing pretty good. Veggies are going in next week and I promised the hubby I would not plant Zucchini Squash until late June. Our Zucchini always looks beautiful until July and then it dies. Someone told us, dont plant it until late in the season and it will do fantastic. I didn't do it last summer and promised him I would do it this I will keep everyone posted.

Just to recap: (taken from my last blog)
June 5-8th, 2008 you will see Lisa Peters Art in booth 1213 at Bead & Button Magazines - Bead and Button Show 2008. I will have some of the really great stuff from the New City Exhibit as well as a new line of porcelain pieces that I really like! Linda Themer from Textured Turtle has offered to hold my hand throughout and will be with me to hopefully tackle all the sales! She will have her glass mosaic beads and buttons with her as well. I am also going to try to rep to lampwork artists to have some versatility on my table. I will also offer a $10 coupon off any purchase of lisa peters ART pieces of $50 or more. Stay tuned for the link coming soon.
I will try to get that coupon online by next week!

Oh, I created a MY SPACE Page, not sure why.. but its

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Calm before the Storm

Well, getting ready for the Exhibit at New City Library made me a bit anxious to say the least. I thought I had everything I needed ready to go and then as I was packing up to set up my head starting spinning (as usual) but it all worked out just fine. I feel the button part of the exhibit does not represent all the pieces available but it is really hard to put together an exhibit of a gazillion there is a point where you just have to walk away and say "This is it" Speaking of this is it. Here is a link to some snapshots of the exhibit: Versatility in Ceramic, One Artists View. It is up until April 30th and then on to the next.

This week I have been spring cleaning. I realized that my love for all "things interesting" has metamorphised into "lisa is hoarding". As an artist you (I) see an object and know its future use immediately or realize its potential at least. So, you (I ) take it, buy it, scavenge it -- right then and there. Then life happens. 10 years go by, the piece - with the great potential, waiting under its cover of dust for you (me) to get their ass in gear. Well, this week I was putting some of those pieces out of their misery. NO, dont be silly I did not give the junk away....I gave all the brand new, still in the box, expensive stuff away! (to good will of course) I kept the rusty nails from the garage sale last summer from the man who worked on a railroad during the 20's., I kept the vintage ephemera for car repair, and of course I kept the collection of antique oil cans. The bread machine, the pasta machine, one of 2 new kitchen aids, serving platters , muffin tins, bundt pans., they had to go! I decided I just was not going to have that ladies luncheon with the 50's style sandwich plates! I did wrap some things up for "one day in the future"..but I had to clear my space of what was not necessary right now! I hit just 3 rooms but I think I made a dent.

I can now begin the preparation for Bead and Button! Yes, for some silly reason when B & B called I said "Yes" (BIG GULP) I have never done the show before, never knew I wanted to take on such a biggy..and then all of a sudden I find myself applying for A Wisconsin Seller Permit and dipping into my vacation fund. (sigh) Didn't matter anyway, Uncle Sam just took the rest of the vacation fund.

So June 5-8th, 2008 you will see Lisa Peters Art in booth 1213 at Bead & Button Magazines - Bead and Button Show 2008. I will have some of the really great stuff from the New City Exhibit as well as a new line of porcelain pieces that I really like! Linda Themer from Textured Turtle has offered to hold my hand throughout and will be with me to hopefully tackle all the sales! She will have her glass mosaic beads and buttons with her as well. I am also going to try to rep to lampwork artists to have some versatility on my table. I will also offer a $10 coupon off any purchase of lisa peters ART pieces of $50 or more. Stay tuned for the link coming soon.

Hope everyone is having a great beginning of Spring

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Back from Berks Bead Bazaar - Wyomissing, PA


I am back a day early from Berks Bead Bazaar in Wymossing, Pa. I was due to come home Monday night and came back a day early as I was T-I-R-E-D (With all capital letters) I will finish up intended business next month!

Berks Bead Bazaar is a really nice Bead Show run by Joan Miller of Joan Miller Porcelain and Louise Mahaffey of The Glass Place at the Inn at Reading, Wyomissing, PA each March. It features bead, jewelry and findings vendors from everywhere! For a list of show exhibitors and a peek at their websites check out: Berks Bead Bazaar Exhibitors List.

I had a very good show - Saturday was great - Sunday a little slower than expected (where did everyone go after Church?) but all in all it was a wonderful opportunity to meet in person the people that have been buying my work online and customers I have not seen in a year! I am especially grateful for all the new customers and wonderful commentary on my new work for 2008. If you have not had a chance to send me your email address so I can put you on my email list please do so by emailing -- let me know what you are interested in or what you purchased at Berks and we can go from there!

For the rest of you.. I will be preparing this month for my exhibit at the New City Library in New City NY - The Versatility of Ceramic - One Artists View April 1-30,2008 and will be a little busy but I do have alot of gorgeous pieces available now and will be firing new ones as I fire pieces for my show as well. Some of the pieces at the Exhibit will be for sale and some NFS., please contact me privately for purchase information. If you give me a few days I will have them up on flickr, etsy and on my lisapetersART slide shows.

I will try to post a BERKS Photo Montage later on today - right now I believe I have 10 bags waiting for me to be unloaded and organized.


A special thank you to Linda Themer from Textured Turtle and Carol D Sharpe of Sand Fibers for providing me with gorgeous samples for my customers to view at the show. I ran out of your cards girls and had alot of requests for your info so stock up your etsy stores just in case :)

Your samples were a great help to me in providing inspiration to some creative people who needed a little direction. Thank You.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Its Snowing Outside!

I fell asleep around 6pm yesterday as I tried to read my new Darger book - The Henry Darger Collection (purchased from The American Fok Art Museum in NYC). I am intrigued by his "person" and his "work" which is not necessarily the case for me when it comes to art. Sometimes I don't really care who created what as long as I like "it" or "it" speaks to me in that way only I know, which sounds a little odd, but it is true of how I feel about some artwork, not all, but some. I do not feel this way about HD. Perhaps it is because I/We were not meant to view his work or at least I think I/We were not meant to view his work. Like reading someone's diary..but then again, there's Anne Frank so out the window goes that theory. ( I do apologize mentioning those particular 2 people in the same sentence) ( I feel a run-on sentence coming)
So after my long nap, which is where this started.. I was wide-eyed and awake until about 3am.. watching the snow fall and watching some hideous reality show on TV that I could not seem to shut off no matter how dreadful it was -- Um, nope not gonna tell you which one it was.. it could come back to haunt me and I am dying to know what is going to happen next week. :)

Anyway, this morning I was watching the snow fall and in a snow covered tree accross the street sat the most beautiful Cardinal I have seen all year. Maybe it was the contrast that made him so beautiful.. I ran to get my camera but the "bull in a china shop" I am, the little guy heard me open the door and hid right in the middle of the tree. So Sorry little Cardinal for interupting your quiet time.

I am using this snow day to prepare for Berks Bead Bazaar in Berks County, PA. March 1 & 2, 2008 and to start working on Some Pieces for my Solo show, entitled Versatility in Ceramics - One Artists View at the New City Library in New City, NY April 1-30 (I believe) I am still working on what date my reception will be. I guess I'd better hurry! I will showcase some works in progress over the next few weeks. For a slideshow of some of my new pieces please check out my flickr site for recently uploaded photo's:

If you are interested in any of the pieces or would like to know more about them and how to place an order please email me at

Have a great one!


PS. My Friend Carol from Sand Fibers added me to her list of of "You make my Day Award" recipients. She wrote:

3. Lisa Peters of Lisa Peters Art who makes my day by forcing me to get out of my comfort zone, with whose work I have been deeply enamored for over two years and whose cyber friendship I learn to value more with each correspondence. Working with Lisa's creations makes me a better artist.

I would like to thank her for writing such a lovely comment on her post and adding me to her list of Making Her Day.
She also makes my day everytime she shows me a new pendant or cuff or beautiful peyote stitch pieces that includes my beads. It not only inspires me to make new pieces but she also taught me how to make pieces "easier" for my customers to use, therefore making them easier to incorporate into their projects. Most of all, it means so much to me when I least expect it, I will check my "new comments" option on my flickr page and there is a lovely comment from Carol or when I check my email and find one waiting that says " hey, great job you are mentioned in another etsy treasury, or even better on the front page! Carol was the first person, years ago, to tell me I was on the front page of etsy and was the first person this past month to tell me the same. That is especially cool!
So People who Make My Day ( I know it is supposed to be bloggers..but I am changing it a bit to cyber friends)
Would be
  • Carol of Sand Fibers!

  • Linda Themer of Textured Turtle who is there for me day after day after day!

  • and my wonderful family at Beads of Clay, Fired Clay Artists and Yes, Marsha Ceramic Bead Artists too!