Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from Baltimore.... what's next?

This weekend I was an exhibitor at the Best Bead Show in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  It was so much fun to be with Joan of Joan Miller Porcelain and Alice of Succulent Glass!  We had alot of laughs that filled in the quiet times at the show.   Alice was a great hostess and it was so wonderful to stay at her home this weekend and I thank her and her husband Scott for their generosity and for the wonderful surprise Scott had waiting for us when we got home on Saturday night..... an Xbox Kinect.  What I had anticipated to be a cup of tea and head straight for my bedroom turned into hours of fun and lots of laughs.  Though I did not participate in as many events as Alice and Joan I am happy to say I represented Jersey well in the Boxing category. I have a wonderful video but I am not allowed to show it and have been told if I do, this could be my last blog post... so, since you would miss me.. I am keep that one for myself. ;)  Beaders... this game is certainly going to get you moving to make up for all the time we are sedentary doing what we love...its fun, but its healthy too! 
My Booth at Best Bead in Baltimore with Joan Miller on left in her booth!
Have you heard of SILVERSILK?  Well, as a jewelry maker I think you better get yourself some because this stuff is awesome!  I was first introduced to Silversilk 2 years ago at a bead show in NYC.  It was there that I met Becky Lemek Machinski (who is the nicest person, ever!!!!) who showed me this great product and though I had no idea what to do with it I totally dug all the great things she was doing with it.  This year at the Baltimore show Becky decided to use it with one of my porcelain domed cabs and we totally loved the result.  I wish I had a better photo of the piece she made but maybe with some coaxing she will send one to me-I did take a quickie pic using my cell of the piece she made for me using the same technique (glue, silversilk in 8 needle flat copper, a LPA Domed Porcelain Cab & Flower Mini, a lucite flower and a copper bead & copper findings) Anyway, for all you beaders who love my cabs but do not bead weave or bead embroidery...if you can use glue, you can make the nicest bezels and necklaces using comes in a variety of colors and I think I bought all of them!!   Just remember for the domed cabs you have to use the FLAT Silversilk chain which comes in different width, photo shows: 8 Needle Flat (4.8mm)... looking at the website, I do not see any examples of it.. so over the next few days I am going to try to get some pictures for you to see.  Have no fear... its getting easier to use cabs everyday!  I also think covering the back of the cab in a coordinating fabric would be awesome.
SILVERSILK Premium Knitted Copper Wire, LPA Porcelain Domed Cab & Flower Mini, Lucite & Copper Findings

 Becky from SILVERSILK
So, other than gardening all day today I think I am going to un pack and try to make some sense of this messy house!  Til next time I leave you with some photo's from the show and wish you Happy Creating!
Andrew Thornton, some random shopper in the back and Me
Rashan Jones and Me (learning how to use my new phone)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

I was home for a I am outta here again!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be at the BEST BEAD SHOW BALTIMORE which takes place at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  Click here for more information: BEST BEAD SHOW

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Creating!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Favorite things heard at the show: OMG, I love your work & You're from Jersey, aren't you?

I thought I would sleep late today..and I couldn't or didn't or wouldn't...not sure which..I am just happy to be home. The Bead and Button Show is wonderful but the ride home is killer and I am glad that I only have to do this once a year.  The adrenaline is there on the way to the show but leaves the moment the show is over and that means the ride home is powered by just me..and "just me" was exhausted, but all is okay and I am here safe and sound.

The garden has doubled in size in just one week and Lulu has decided that she liked it better when it was just she and Hankster because when I got into bed last night Lulu jumped on Hanks chest with her head on his cheek and started speaking to him with her back to me.... I am now, the other woman in my own home.  Buddee cannot be bothered with anything and loves whoever-is-holding-the-food-bowl-at-the-moment, most.  I missed all three of them terribly while I was away.

The show was wonderful!  I want to Thank each and every one of you for coming to visit me,  for your generous purchases and for your genuine interest in my beads.  I am completely overwhelmed by the love and friendship bestowed upon me these last few days and I hope that what I feel for you comes through loud and clear and translates well from this very happy Jersey Girl!
Favorite things I heard at the show #1. OMG I love your work #2 You're from Jersey, aren't you?  They seemed to come one after the other..first being directed at the beads (thank goodness) and 2nd being distracted by me or mom saying something afterward...Jersey Girls aren't all Shore Towns and hairspray, ya know ;)  Though I was never one for hairspray I did have my share of fun "down the shore" but that is not where I learned how to make beads..that's for sure.   I am so glad you like my new designs.  I was a bit worried when I cut back so drastically on the Raku to show more of the dark stoneware but now I am very happy I did.  I cannot wait to see what you have made with them so please be sure to send some photo's my way.   A few exciting things happened at the show and I look forward to sharing them with you as they unfold.
I will blog more about the show and post some photo's but today I just wanted this to be about saying "Hello" and " I am home, this is how I am feeling"...

I have scheduled a little "me time" this afternoon for a long overdue facial and a massage...after letting myself go so much the last 2 1/2 years, after fertility treatments,  the spinal surgery and all that came before and after it - it is time I get myself back into shape if I want to continue doing in a way that I feel comfortable and does not make me take my health for granted as I have done in the's time I got my a** in gear.  Though certain things we cannot prevent from happening, some of our problems as beaders come from living a sedentary lifestyle and loving a craft so much that we put it before ourselves and I am going to try to find a way for me to balance the two so that I can continue doing what I love....I am not one to post progress on things like this.. so  I am going to try and see how things go.. starting with some pampering.. ASAP! ;)

Missing the daily beady hugs I have gotten used to over the last week I wish you happy creating,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bead and Button Show here I come........

Ceramic Butterfly Charms
Well it is that time of year again.. The Bead and Button show is now taking place in Milwaukee and I will be arriving there on Tuesday to begin set up for the Bead Show which begins on Thursday evening til' Sunday.  For those of you going to the show for the first time, I am booth 1213 Lisa Peters ART which is the far right wall once you enter the exhibit hall. 

My beads are finally packed in their jewelry cases, which was the first time I could exhale in many, many weeks of manic-bead-creating and now the very arduous task of packing the car I leave to Hank.  I hate that part so I am glad he does it for me.  Mom and I leave Tuesday morning at 6am (we hope) and we  driving straight through, all 14-16 hours of it, so wish us luck.  If you need me you can shoot me an email which I will check on Wednesday morning after I leave or feel free to send me an email to my phone if you would like to get together or if you can't find my booth at the show. Either way I would love to hear from you!

There is a cute article here on Surviving the show that I just found while searching the floor plan...

So what did I make?  Well, If you are a Fan on My Facebook Page you can find a Preview Album here: Bead and Button Preview Album or in an album I have posted on my Flickr account.  (Same photo's both albums)  here are just a few pics..

Assorted Stoneware Components
Ceramic Owl Pendants
Assorted Stoneware Cabochons
Raku Jumbo Cabochons

SHOPPERS GOING TO THE SHOW: For those of you who have been shopping with me at the show you know by now the one problem that I have is overloaded bead trays.  It is the only thing that I have tried to change but for some reason, whatever the reason be it psychological, geographical, logistical or a combination of all of those things.. it is - what it is.  Have patience...  Cabochons will be on one side of my table and beads & buttons on the other.  I will have many trays behind the booth (mostly cabochons) if you are a "Cabby" you know where the "Cabby Chair is" have a seat and you can look through all of those trays.   If you need something in particular.. ASK ME., if you want to know if I have more of what you just found.. ASK ME.   I am taking credit cards, checks and preferably cash.  I am open to billing via Pay Pal if you are an established customer and would also prefer that to credit cards.   Atthe bottom of this blog post is a coupon for you to print out and bring to the show to use towards your purchase.  Please add your name and email on the back for my mailing list if you would like to.

NOT ATTENDING B&B:  I hope one day you can make the show but completely understand how difficult it is to go.  Lets face it - its an expensive trip if you are not local and there is just so much to buy it can be very overwhelming.  I am offering for those of you who cannot make the trip a coupon code for my Etsy Store which will be in effect from June 7th-14th, 2011.  The Coupon Code is: BeadButton and can be used as many times as you would like during those days for 20% your total order! (this cannot be combined with any other discount code) In July I will start packing the D*Stash store with lots of goodies..stay tuned for that announcement on my facebook wall.

I look forward to seeing my beady friends from all around the world!!  Lets have a great show and a fabulous time!  For those of you who cannot make the show this year -- you are in my thoughts and you will certainly be missed...

as always I wish you happy creating......
see ya soon