Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Creative Jewelry is Right!

Creative Jewelry 2009 featured alot of great designs by alot of wonderful designers! It was alot of fun to play the "I know who made that bead" without peeking at the answers game while looking through the pages.. Do you do that too?
I had recieved a few emails regarding a stoneware piece I created that Jane Dickerson purchased from me a year ago. It was the only one I had ever made of this particular piece (gee, how unlike me) and I was really excited to see how it came out.. I had to rush out an get a copy of the mag and am really pleased with the results! The Stoneware Crescent shape was hard to make, Jane did a fantastic job on Rich Earth, I really love this and the piece that was shown on the opposite page entitled Sleepy Trees was really cool too!

For the customers who did request via email the Crescent Shape Pendant, thank you so much and I should have a handful of them created by this October (cross fingers please!). To my blog followers if you would like a piece like the crescent shown in the magazine please let me know in advance or I will show my progress on & the regular venues!

I am back from the Lake Ontario, picking vegetables from the garden and making lots of soup! When the laundry is done and the Lake Gear all put away I'm getting that clay bag out! I found lots of good textures waiting for me at some garage sales over the weekend and they are just itching to be pushed into some new buttons & beads!

Til Next time!