Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not a total meltdown


Well I opened my kiln on Wednesday morning to find this:

But not all was lost! As you know from my previous posts there were more shelves to uncover. And they all looked great! The meltdown was not as bad as I initially thought it was. I am not sure why -- but thankfull nonetheless. I am 99% sure I overloaded the bead wires - so I wont do that again!

I uploaded a ton of photo's of this firing to the site and have put them in a set entitled Stoneware 1-30-08 or if the link does not work.

I could not get all photographed today but will try again this weekend.
If you have any questions
please email buddee or lulu
as they have total control over the beads & buttons now!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kiln is Loaded and Just feel like rambling.......

I did my very best to get every piece glazed and loaded in to the kiln for the first^6 firing. There were about 100 pieces that did not make it. I really have to cross my fingers on this one -- the kiln bead racks and things I turned into bead racks -- not sure I trust them to last the firing.

Hopefully I will have a load to be happy about in the morning or at least in the afternoon when it cools enough to peek.

Alternative Uses for my Ceramic Pieces.

I wanted to show everyone a button by my friend Linda, from Textured Turtle. She makes wonderful mosaics and from time to time has included my ceramic pieces in them. I will show you more of her wonderful mosaic buttons in the future when I get them photographed. Her etsy shop should have mosiac buttons for sale starting in Feb. This button pictured below has a metal shank attachment on the back.

Another Artist who uses my work in Mosaic Art is Karen Pearle from She is a member of Berkeley Artisans and does beautiful work as well. Check out her web site for more pieces and see if you can spot the Lisa Peters ART shard in them!

Well time to clean up the glaze mess...
Wish me luck on my firing..
It will be an early night for me - Cant wait! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 2 of my First Blog!

Actually I am avoiding the glazing I have sitting in front of me. I unloaded the kiln last night and had an anxiety attack. Instead of working today I did everything I could to get away from the house., (oops I mean studio) So I had my hair cut (2") -- had it dyed so I am a natural blonde again (wink,wink) even had a pedicure -- I did every errand I could so I didn't have to glaze.

I am not going to attack this all at once - just a few pieces at a time and I should be done by 2010. I began taking photo's after I unloaded the first two shelves, I figured I need to show my friends where I am when I don't answer emails for a while.

The sad part., I still have bone dry clay that has to be loaded for a new bisque.

Oh Boy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Losing My Blogginity

I am proud to announce that I no longer have to say

" No, Sorry...I do NOT have a blog"

Over the last year or so friends and customers have been asking me " do you have a blog"? I did, it was a little page on my website but it really wasn't a "real" blog. I really wanted a real blog but never had the time to make one. Somewhere on e blogger is my first blog that I created and never edited and for some reason I cannot find it so I am now Lisa-Peters ART and not lisa peters ART. Sigh :( Anyway, I can assure you the rest of it will not be as boring as this hideous introduction. So here goes:

So here I am 3rd week in January and finished with the last 2 weeks of clay work. I have not moved from my chair at the kitchen counter since Jan 9th other than to sleep and load the kiln in intervals. Working primarily with Raku Clay and subsequently firing with such, I choose not to begin working that way and opted for some Brooklyn Red, Dark Brown and Grolleg Porcelain, all ^6. It wasn't until Sunday that I opened my true love Raku Clay. WOW, what a difference in my hands. When the kiln cools down this evening I can't wait to see what is waiting for me. (all 100lbs of it)

Since I cannot really show any work from the last two weeks since nothing has been fired yet I would like to provide a link and a photograph that was sent to me just a few moments ago from a customer and friend, Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers. Carol has described in detail her process on her page of using Peyote Stitch Beadwork around a Raku Cabachon, by yours truly. The title of this beautiful piece is "Warm Your Heart" and it certainly warms mine!

The Cabachon Carol used to create her piece is similar to those from my Raku Connector Sets.

The cabs (pictured below) come with wire on each end so that they can "connect" whatever it is you want them to. They look great with silk ribbons also.

Stay Tuned for the unloading of the kiln!

Here are some samples of My ROUND Connector Sets