Thursday, August 26, 2010

restless leg & artist syndrome?

Well I know why I am restless..but these legs, WOW!  Driving me crazy!

It will be 2 weeks since my cervical spine surgery and I think I feel worse now than I did last week.    I was supposed to do 4 15 minute walks a day..well, I didn't and at night I have the worse restless leg syndrome EVER!  ( poor hank is back on the couch!)   So this morning as shitty as I felt I started my 1st of 4, 15 minute walks... except I walked for about 25 minutes... Hank scheduled a spa appointment for me this afternoon for some reflexology and then a pedi so that should make me feel alot better.   I thought I was going to go insane these last few nights..   I guess my body is telling me.. get your ass off the couch and start moving.   Staples are being removed Friday morning so it's about time things start getting back to normal.

I have been pretty well behaved when it comes to internet shopping lately but Interweave had a cart filled with selections I have been adding over the last few months and I decided to have them shipped - I received them a few days ago and I am "iffy" with my choices.

Most importantly I want to support Interweave so I ordered them from their site, but I have to say I would have paid alot less through Amazon.  I guess every now and then we have to do our part to support the companies that back artisans, artisan made, etc.. but next time Amazon's getting my order and then when I have sold alot of Cabochons I can place another with Interweave.  I have not watched the DVD yet (that order was placed by accident, I do not DO books on DVD or E-books)  and I have been flipping though the pages of the others.  The one that I really wanted was the 200 Braids to twist, knot, loop or weave by Jacqui Carey.  I love the way fiber looks knotted with my pieces but I confess I am not an "instruction-type-of-gal".  I follow idea's in books by looking at them and very rarely read what the author has written.. here I think I will have some trouble with that.  All the books are OK, but if I had it to do all over again I would have left off the Needle Felting & Elements of Style books.  Personally, one of my favorite books ever regarding altered media is Paper, Metal & Stitch by Maggie Grey and Jane Wild .  

I love to read these books when I am in the car driving the 6 hours to the Lake but when I am creating I never refer to a book - it must come from within.  Books help me discover new products but other than a recipe for a certain medium books stay on the shelf when its time to create... which by the way I have not done in a long, long time!  Better get movin.

There's a bag of clay Hank dragged into the bedroom a few nights ago.. he put a TV table and folding chair next to it.. I have made 7 beads..  I think it is time I get back over there and make some more..I am getting pretty antsy..

Happy Creating Everyone!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's finally here.. the moment we have been waiting for.. or at least the moment I have been anxiously trying to get to for the last year.   My Surgery is Thursday, August 12 at Weill Cornell in NYC.   I hope that all is successful and I get back to work as quick as possible.  I am not going anywhere.. chances are I will be back home on the couch checking my email/facebook instead of in my studio doing the same (<-- still wonders why spell check highlights facebook ) ...  its just a simple matter of geography but there is no way I will be out of touch.. it's impossible at this point.   LPA.. is still open for business for existing inventory.. any custom orders or new items..well, that is kind of up-in-the-air for now, but you know me.. I got a lot of stuff.. So just ask.  I doubt I will be up and around until next week, but if you need something please let me know.  Check out my website for a million ways to reach me.   I was going to close my etsy shops..but that seems a little ridiculous.. the less changes I make to my daily routine the better.. What do you think? 

Crossing fingers that I can feel mine soon.....
Much love,