Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back from D.R. now getting ready for the LAKE!

Wow., the D.R. was an amazing experience - will tell you all about it when I get back from LAKE! I had 24 hours to do laundry, go food shopping, clean the house, prepare meals (my counter space is sooo small that I find it alot easier to prepare alot of things ahead of time at home) had a nice lunch with Grandmother and packed to go..

There was a stack of bills waiting for me When I returned. (BIG)
Which means..

From Lisa Peters ART!

See ya in September!
Lisa P. on route to Lake Ontario - Pt. Penninsula, NY in 5,4,3,2,-

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation - Here I come....

Time for a little more R & R, this time not at the Lake but at the generosity of a Good Friend, his Villa in Punta Minitas at Casa Del Campo in La Romana, D.R. and I am really looking forward to it. I believe I will take my laptop so that I have the security of knowing that I can keep in touch - but the question is.. "Will I turn it on"? Hmm.. we shall see. I hope to really be able to just take it all in, at a comfortable pace and relax and enjoy.

I cannot believe how close the end of summer is.. I wanted to get a new pair of sandals today for my trip and all I found were boots and sweaters...I swear if I see a Christmas Ornament on display in September I will loose my ----- mind! I really need to stay 40 just a little longer - OKAY?

Anyway, I hope to collect some beautiful shells, drink some (lots) rum, swim some laps, do a little reading, fishing, drink more rum, um.. gambling (hey, you can take the girl out of Jersey.....) and explore. I am not an island shopper per se' -- the only thing I usually do is purchase my limit for island produced product ( I guess that will be Rum) and any other item they make there and get a few trinkets for home..and I cannot take the sun - so my days of sun bathing are long gone..(thats okay I can do without the extra spots!) It will be me and my SPF65 all the way, baby!
All I know is I am REALLY Looking forward to just getting out of Dodge..

Any etsy, flickr, website orders will be addressed upon my return Aug 29th!

I will blog from Paradise - Maybe
If not,
Til Next time,

Lisa p.

Feeling Great - Cause I got some BLOG LOVE Today!

Thanks Lorelei!
Everyone Check out: In the Studio

Monday, August 18, 2008

lisa peters ART - Special Item of the Week!

Hi Everyone,
I am having a special sale on etsy for my SUNSHINE LOVE Bracelet, which includes 9 handmade stoneware hearts glazed using a variety of Yellow Glazes and Textures. The bracelet is not BRIGHT Yellow like Majolica Colors it is very subdued, very mustardy. If you mention that you read about my bracelet here on my blog, or on the BAO Blog or Web Site (Bead Art Originals ) in the notes to seller you get an adorable little yellow heart ring for FREE. The Ring is Rhodium and adjusts to any size finger - at $13.50 Value.
I can also make this bracelet for you in 4 other colors - pink, blue, cream & green & brown. All in a very subdued pallette on dark stoneware clay.
Thanks for stopping by today
Happy Creating!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful August Days!

I cannot believe how gorgeous it has been outside lately, aside from the horrible thunderstorms which, in my opinion are really beautiful and create the most gorgeous, polarized light against all the herbs in my garden and the water droplets look like diamonds glistening off the leaves-something that would have encouraged me years ago to break out my large format camera and shoot for hours and hours. It saddens me that I do not do that anymore, I miss it sometimes. My bird feeder has been taken over by Doves and the little guys dont stand a chance at the feeders unless we go outside and shoo the doves away to give them a break., which we do very often. Each day I go for a long bike ride to get the blood flowing and exercise a little which I really need. It has made a big difference in my health, which took a back seat last year and my energy level is now natural and not adrenaline produced which is my usual mode of operation. I have been taking some of my inventory outside to photograph and little by little have been putting items on etsy and flickr.
I never used to create beads and now I just love doing it. Pendants were my thing until I got the idea for the exhibit using beads and I really became interested in them. There are a lot of beads in my inventory that need to be shown --- soon., I promise.
So check out my flickr site and as usual if you see something you like.. put a sticky note on it and its yours!
Til then,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Time To Get Back To Work (Before my Next Vacation)

Ok. I know I have been very "lazy" lately as far as being "Clay-Productive" but I have not been spending my time watching TV.. I Promise. After Bead & Burnout, I knew I wanted to take some time and experience some real life outside my studio and I have been doing that. I have been reading and trying to learn new techniques & I have been spending more time in Museums and Gardens and other places of interesting-ness. I am well rested and also getting some fresh air into my lungs and blood moving through my body - one thing I was really lacking a few months back. Hopefully this will make for some wonderful new pieces.

I created so much inventory for B & B that I could not show everything., which is okay because all of my designs style were pretty well represented. I had anticipated that I would put some of the pieces that I did not put out at B & B right away on Etsy..but as described earlier, life outside the studio took over.

Porcelain Slip Cast Beads and Pendants. I wanted to see how my glaze techniques looked on a really blank canvas, without texture, without a design to play upon. I really love seeing how certain glazes love to run all over eachother and others stay well defined. There is no rhyme or reason as to why I choose certain colors that just happens every time I pick up the glaze brush I just go to what I feel at that moment.

I have some photographs of items that are available on my site - u can just add a sticky note if there is something you would like to know the price on or would like to purchase. Some of the photo's have a SOLD sticky note on them from recent purchases. I have also put some items on Etsy and will be putting more on as the day/week continues.
email me - would love to hear from you