Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kiln is Loaded and Just feel like rambling.......

I did my very best to get every piece glazed and loaded in to the kiln for the first^6 firing. There were about 100 pieces that did not make it. I really have to cross my fingers on this one -- the kiln bead racks and things I turned into bead racks -- not sure I trust them to last the firing.

Hopefully I will have a load to be happy about in the morning or at least in the afternoon when it cools enough to peek.

Alternative Uses for my Ceramic Pieces.

I wanted to show everyone a button by my friend Linda, from Textured Turtle. She makes wonderful mosaics and from time to time has included my ceramic pieces in them. I will show you more of her wonderful mosaic buttons in the future when I get them photographed. Her etsy shop should have mosiac buttons for sale starting in Feb. This button pictured below has a metal shank attachment on the back.

Another Artist who uses my work in Mosaic Art is Karen Pearle from She is a member of Berkeley Artisans and does beautiful work as well. Check out her web site for more pieces and see if you can spot the Lisa Peters ART shard in them!

Well time to clean up the glaze mess...
Wish me luck on my firing..
It will be an early night for me - Cant wait! :)

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