Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Calm before the Storm

Well, getting ready for the Exhibit at New City Library made me a bit anxious to say the least. I thought I had everything I needed ready to go and then as I was packing up to set up my head starting spinning (as usual) but it all worked out just fine. I feel the button part of the exhibit does not represent all the pieces available but it is really hard to put together an exhibit of a gazillion there is a point where you just have to walk away and say "This is it" Speaking of this is it. Here is a link to some snapshots of the exhibit: Versatility in Ceramic, One Artists View. It is up until April 30th and then on to the next.

This week I have been spring cleaning. I realized that my love for all "things interesting" has metamorphised into "lisa is hoarding". As an artist you (I) see an object and know its future use immediately or realize its potential at least. So, you (I ) take it, buy it, scavenge it -- right then and there. Then life happens. 10 years go by, the piece - with the great potential, waiting under its cover of dust for you (me) to get their ass in gear. Well, this week I was putting some of those pieces out of their misery. NO, dont be silly I did not give the junk away....I gave all the brand new, still in the box, expensive stuff away! (to good will of course) I kept the rusty nails from the garage sale last summer from the man who worked on a railroad during the 20's., I kept the vintage ephemera for car repair, and of course I kept the collection of antique oil cans. The bread machine, the pasta machine, one of 2 new kitchen aids, serving platters , muffin tins, bundt pans., they had to go! I decided I just was not going to have that ladies luncheon with the 50's style sandwich plates! I did wrap some things up for "one day in the future"..but I had to clear my space of what was not necessary right now! I hit just 3 rooms but I think I made a dent.

I can now begin the preparation for Bead and Button! Yes, for some silly reason when B & B called I said "Yes" (BIG GULP) I have never done the show before, never knew I wanted to take on such a biggy..and then all of a sudden I find myself applying for A Wisconsin Seller Permit and dipping into my vacation fund. (sigh) Didn't matter anyway, Uncle Sam just took the rest of the vacation fund.

So June 5-8th, 2008 you will see Lisa Peters Art in booth 1213 at Bead & Button Magazines - Bead and Button Show 2008. I will have some of the really great stuff from the New City Exhibit as well as a new line of porcelain pieces that I really like! Linda Themer from Textured Turtle has offered to hold my hand throughout and will be with me to hopefully tackle all the sales! She will have her glass mosaic beads and buttons with her as well. I am also going to try to rep to lampwork artists to have some versatility on my table. I will also offer a $10 coupon off any purchase of lisa peters ART pieces of $50 or more. Stay tuned for the link coming soon.

Hope everyone is having a great beginning of Spring


Duffydesigns said...

I loved reading about your collecting habits and the things that are "really" important! I saw myself in that, totally. A lot of it ends up in my jewelry, but some just sits around and makes me feel good.

I will have to find the beads and buttons magazine! Good for you!!

Christine ~ ladybrookdesigns said...

Just read this Lisa...hmmmm could be me writing this!!! I too am a collector of old things and see it's own beauty! the new and modern in my world has to go too for room of the things I love most!! Enjoy your readings and love your designs!!!! It's a joy watching you grow in your art Lisa!
I am having a studio built(hubby working on it right now getting underground electric and all that before he builds the form for the slab then the walls!!! I am soooo excited Lisa...finally this year...out of my tiny space in the basement...then I can really go for it!!!
Very happy for you Lisa, I don't know how you keep the pace you do!! LOL but great work!!!
Will keep in touch~ Christine