Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful August Days!

I cannot believe how gorgeous it has been outside lately, aside from the horrible thunderstorms which, in my opinion are really beautiful and create the most gorgeous, polarized light against all the herbs in my garden and the water droplets look like diamonds glistening off the leaves-something that would have encouraged me years ago to break out my large format camera and shoot for hours and hours. It saddens me that I do not do that anymore, I miss it sometimes. My bird feeder has been taken over by Doves and the little guys dont stand a chance at the feeders unless we go outside and shoo the doves away to give them a break., which we do very often. Each day I go for a long bike ride to get the blood flowing and exercise a little which I really need. It has made a big difference in my health, which took a back seat last year and my energy level is now natural and not adrenaline produced which is my usual mode of operation. I have been taking some of my inventory outside to photograph and little by little have been putting items on etsy and flickr.
I never used to create beads and now I just love doing it. Pendants were my thing until I got the idea for the exhibit using beads and I really became interested in them. There are a lot of beads in my inventory that need to be shown --- soon., I promise.
So check out my flickr site and as usual if you see something you like.. put a sticky note on it and its yours!
Til then,


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

You would love the thunderstorms in the desert southwest...magnificent light!

Speaking of magnificent, your work brings so much joy to my life. Thank you, Lisa. I know I'm not creating much with my inventory, but I do love just looking and touching it ;0 Where's the time when you need it!?

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Thank you so much Carol. Your interest in my work and constant compliments and appreciation for the pieces I make really makes all this so worthwhile, especially when someone as talented as you feels that my pieces inspire you to make something super great!

Continue to look and touch.. I do the same thing over here too! :)

SarahKelley said...

Lisa I wandered your Flickr pages:
Wow! You've been busy! I love how wonderful your closeups are! They say that your work is even better in person, which is always a plus!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks so much..
Yes, I really like to concentrate on the glazes and they are almost impossible to photograph entirely unless I spent an hour setting up each shot -- so I am so happy when I hear from customers how their piece was "better in person"!
Thanks for checking out my flickr page!