Monday, October 20, 2008

Where did Last Week go?

Is it me or are the days just whizzing by?

I had so many plans for last weeks New Blog which has now turned into this weeks New Blog. LOL! I have been working on my Etsy Shop and also cleaning up the studio so that I can begin new projects. I would like to start on some Fiber Projects as the Holiday's grow near but I said that last year too and only managed to make one T-Shirt Quilt for my Cousin that was some years overdue.
Its not really my fault I guess, its not as if I am sitting around watching the tube, though it can be heard in the backround on many occasions where Bravo Channels Project Runway or The Rachel Zoe Project can be heard over the sounds of a boiling pot of something since Hubby and I in an attempt to cut back are having home cooked meals every night. Not that I mind much, I love to cook (an I am a good cook-if I do say so myself) its just sometimes, when your studio is a mess with clay - putting everything down to start a big meal is a little overwhelming. I will get through it just fine! But we have been making Movies, cleaning the attic, still doing construction on the basement, and trying to be active in our friends and families I give myself a little break in the "work" dept!

I attended the Big Apple's Glass Art & Bead Festival sponsored by Soft Flex Company on Sunday at the request of our Good Friends Nancy Pilgrim from Fantasy Beads and Roanne Keunzler from Roanne Designs. Our Bead & Button Neighbors were in town and we just had to see them! The show was at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway, which was a very pretty place - I wonder what it used to be. The show was small, 2 rooms - I believe 40 vendors with two make and take tables and a room with Soft Flex products. It was a calm atmosphere, very boutique like with lots of gorgeous pieces. Even though we are on a strict budget we just could not help purchasing a gorgeous glass MONSTER bead from Lewis Wilson of Crystal Myths and even though I kept it a secret I did make some fantastic purchases at Beth Botaks new line of Brass Findings from KaBela. (sorry, hubby) Beth has a beautiful line of American Made brass findings that make any creation absolutely incredible. You need to check it out, tell her Lisa Peters sent ya! After the show we had some great Pizza & Beer! Can't wait to see them again - but sad it wont be until June. Sigh :(

I would like to Thank Grace Danel of Grace Beading for blogging about her wonderful piece that included a link to my etsy shop. She certainly did an amazing job of using my Raku Feet Cast Cabs! I am so happy to see the course a piece takes from kiln to finished product!

Well its Monday and a New Week begins! I will do my best to blog more often!

Wishing you all a Creative Week!

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GraceBeading said...

No, it's not just you! I feel the same way with the time just flying by! I'm backed up on projects too and I haven't even started stuff for the holidays. Oh well...

Thanks for mentioning my work, I'm glad you like what I did with the feet. I just love them!