Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogging just to say Hi!

I am opening up my first 50lbs of clay to begin creating for B & B and just wanted to say Hi! Thats it, nothing more to say until I start getting my hands dirty and see if all the new idea's I have can actually work.. Will keep you posted!


Coach Z said...

Helllo!! and Welcome back. I cannot wait to see what you end up with... Smiles

Erin Siegel said...

Hi, Lisa!

Glad to hear you are starting some new work and designs! I'm working on some new designs too! Come check out my little Owls on my blog!

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Hey Lisa, I found you through a blogpost of one of my teamfriends.
I love your work & can't wait to see more of it! Get those hands in the mud and enjoy! :)