Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am not Slacking, I swear!

Really, I am not slacking.. I am trying my hardest to create funky new things for you guys! :) I have been working around the clock and feel like I am behind which will cause me a great deal of stress Mid-May, right before leaving for Bead and Button. I have created 50 lbs of Raku goodies! Lots of Cabs! and the last 3 days spent working in Light Brown Stoneware -- I hope to get thru this bag of clay and begin porcelain by Monday. Glazing will begin after May 5th..thats when things really get tough (and messy)!

So, since I am not really blogging, have a look-see at who is blogging about me! Its a great honor to be blogged about and I hope one day to return the wonderful favor my customers have shown me with their blog love!

Check out: and

Til then I am getting my hands dirty! I promise!


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

We love you for your beads, not for your blog, Lisa (and some other things, too ;o) keep on keeping on :D You are sooooo NOT a slacker!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Thanks CD, I appreciate that! I think my expectations were so high on what I could create for this show that I was freaking out! Im trying to have a little more fun with it now!

Your a great person! Thanks so much!