Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Years Everyone

Its been a great year. Filled with ups and downs and I guess that's just the way I like it. Some things can not be prevented, neck pains, INfertility, hospital visits, Dr's bills but they have never overshadowed my love for my craft. As crazy as it seems alot of wonderful new pieces were created out of changing my style to suit my newest ailment and to reflect the ridiculous side effects of prescription drugs & not the good kind, sigh :( I'm happy to say that though I am not cured yet I never gave in (up?) I hope that 2010 brings an end to this but if not, Shit Happens and In my opinion its the only way to look at it. We can either wallow in it or realize THIS IS it..and make the best of it. Its something I have believed in my whole life and I'm pretty sure most of the time its how lived it... and of course, a pity party thrown in every once in a while, just for humility's sake.. ;)

All of you have helped me in good & bad times with your encouraging words, your beautiful emails and all the love and support you have shown. The attention you have given me through each phase of this very creative year is priceless and means the world to me. (did I say creative? I meant crazy) :)

The addition of Facebook, despite its negative attention from people who do not use it the way we (I) do I believe has also brought us closer in a way I never could have imagined before. I love being able to wake up, have coffee and go to Facebook and greet everyone. Its virtual but somehow we made it very real...which I believe was once a thing of science fiction. I don't think they showed THIS SIDE of the Future at Disney 30 years ago..

I hope each of you find what it is you are looking for to make your life more complete in 2010, I hope that I can be a positive part of that, whatever it is. I wish you good health and much happiness and a most creative year ahead.

With much love and gratitude,
Happy New Year



mairedodd said...

happy new year, lisa... may 2010 bring you much love and inspiration - a balance of bittersweet that leaves you feeling that despite the challenges, you have come out on top... thank you for sharing your vision and yourself... for the pieces you create that allow me to push myself...

Erin Siegel said...

Lisa, Happy New Year! Health and Happiness to you this year and always! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Lisa, wishing you and your blogs have a very great new year to you. Enjoy 2010 in blogs and thanks for your wishes.

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