Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Ready for My Next Show!

I am sitting here in my "sunroom" (my new studio, since my studio has become too jam packed full of projects to work in) which is also the dinning room...Once again, Hank and I are eating dinner on our snack tables in front of the TV... Translated, in this house, that means ITS SHOWTIME! He (we) lose yet another few weeks to sacrificing comfort and civilized behavior to all that is BEAD.

Anyway, I sit here and listen to the click, click, click of a kiln in the garage that is firing up bisque for me to begin glazing on Monday for Berks Bead Bazaar in Wyomissing, PA, backspacing characters typed on this page by Lulu's furry paws who has just about had enough of this divided attention cra- and is through with clay work and trips to England.. I'm throwing her over my shoulder and patting her gently, typing with both hands - as if she is attached to me by velcro.. I tell her just a few minutes longer until I finish this blog..she is purring so loud I can hardly hear the click of the kiln's fuse box anymore.

I have no clue what I have made with the last 50lbs of clay... For some reason everything is changing. I have made NO Raku Pendants (can you believe it?) I have made more stoneware triangles than anyone will ever have use for. My favorite clay tools have gone missing and I'm working small <--- yes, you read correctly.... small

It gets better... I scheduled a Bead show in NYC for the week prior to B & B... I mean... who does that? I have to be my mind.. I'm sure it will all work out just fine.. I just wanted to let you all know I am fully aware of how things are changing.. and I hope you like the new things I have made.. Glazing begins on Monday...and then only a little over a week before the Berks show.. Chances are I will not be able to glaze it all - so for everyone coming to Berks, your guess is as good as mine on what I am going to have on the table!

England was fabulous. I loved it! I will write more about it in the future.. right now I have to break down my work area and prepare it for the next step. I just wanted to take a few moments to say HI and Invite you to Berks Bead Bazaar Saturday & Sunday, Feb 27-28, 2010
10 AM to 5 PM at The Inn at Reading, 1040 Park Road, Reading PA. My Facebook FAN Page will have special coupons to use at the show - so if you are not a fan, please become one TODAY!


*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hey lisa
oh i wish i could make the show!!
and i see where you said small AND triangles!! boy oh boy can't wait too see
happy valentines to you and the mr.
enjoy your day

mairedodd said...

very excited to see what you are creating! and small sounds so intriguing - cannot wait to get my hands on some of them!

Fabi said...

Hermosoooos !!!!!


Marie Cramp said...

Hi Lisa,
I really love the turquoise pieces with the swirls of browns in them, any chance you might make more of those? Really lovely :)