Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am cheating on Etsy..

but the affair may be a fleeting one!

Hello Everyone!  I know it is always so long in between blog posts but... hey, someone has to make the beads, right?

Recent posts by Lorelei Eurto and Nancy Schindler regarding the web based store BIG CARTEL prompted me to think about a new venue for selling my work.  Not that I really ever had a problem with ETSY and I really enjoy being a part of the ETSY family but I thought a new venue without the costs of etsy might be a fun change.
Quickie Big Cartel Logo for Lisa Peters ART Beads Shop
I wrote to Nancy and she was kind enough to express her feelings about the site and I told it was something I was going to think about.  Well after a few hours I did and opened up my Lisa Peters ART on Big Cartel yesterday afternoon. I saved some of my favorite pieces throughout the year and decided that I would open that store with those.  Crystalline Glazes are something I really love and are very difficult to do correctly... especially on a flat surface like a cabochon as they like to "drip" downward, but after a few let downs in the kiln I ended up with a handful of beauties and my favorite was my first to be listed.  I am so proud that the amazing Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers ended up with that one in her "stash" as much as I am proud that she was the first to purchase from my new shop... She has ALWAYS had my bead-making-back!   I've had a few sales since the new shop opened and I thank everyone for all the positive feedback they have given me on the new store.

Big Cartel may not be the venue for me and I am going to use the next few weeks as a trial.  I love the idea of having another shop and expanding my customer base, however, I find that the tools on etsy are conducive to my "type" of selling.   Lots of OOAK Items.   I have to copy and paste and enter alot of information in Big Cartel when I have grown to absolutely adore the Etsy Hack program by Greasemonkey for Firefox.  My whole world changed when I added that program and it made it possible for me to sell similar items but were not close enough to be called copies or to be placed in a more-than-one-of inventory.  I am finding that I have to list my more expensive items in Big Cartel to make the extra time spent worth it.  But that's okay...this may work out in my favor.  All is just too early to make any final decisions and I am going to enjoy and learn as I go.  I am sure I  am NOT using Big Cartel to it's fullest potential right now and maybe when I do my feelings will change.

What's Coming?  Recently I was given a book from 1909 about interpreting Dreams.   I am using that book and the words from it as a source of my inspiration for my new items.  I have a mini kiln load half filled now and I am looking forward to getting back in the studio and to start creating more new pieces.  Stay tuned for that.   I have been working on a new glaze formula for my next batch that I hope looks as I imagine it to look and fires without causing me too many headaches.  (please cross your collective fingers for me!)

After Surgery: My neck is feeling much better and I have more range of motion than I have had in a very long time which is wonderful.. The pins and needles and numbness are still present in my right hand and arm but I am hopeful that even that will disappear in the next few months.  If it does not, then at least I can say I tried and will continue to create regardless.  It will take a lot more than a little spinal oopsy to keep me away from the clay I promise!

 *A girlfriend of mine has been getting some slack from a new pair of VERY BIG Sunglasses that she purchased recently.  Last night we met for a snack & a cocktail (or 2) and I wanted to show my support for her and her fashion forward move!  She forgot to wear hers, but I brought mine along!  It was nice to get out and play since being out of commission for the last few weeks.
Cell Pic taken yesterday evening of me wearing my grandmothers glasses from the 70's - everything is back in style !

Til next time I leave you with a photograph of the first item to be listed on Big Cartel and Sold to the wonderful Carol Dean!  I hope to create more that look like this in the future!
Happy Creating,
Til Next Time,


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your sunglasses, very Jackie O of you!
Judy Lovell

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow. Great glaze! And great glasses! My new sunglasses this year are sort of large, but I think you look totally hot in these, Lisa!

Thanks for the honest feedback on the Big Cartel thing. When I was transitioning my website to I did look into that as an alternate option. I like the idea of selling, but my website is more for a gallery effect of the best and the brightest. And I just opened my lonely little Etsy shop and hope to devote more time (and inventory) there. It is good to hear there is a tool to make it easier. I am a bit frustrated by what my pictures have to do to make them ready. I will look into that utility.

Good luck! I love what you do no matter where you do it!

Enjoy the day, Lisa. Glad to hear you are feeling on the mend.


Lisa Peters Russ said...

Thank You Judy!!
Thank You Erin!!

So funny about the glasses... My grandmother gave them to me in the 80's when I was in college and we were collecting fashion pieces for our Studio/Fashion Photography Course. They were in a Good Will box for years until Ta-Da last night they came out! They are FUN!

Big Cartel. I am going to give it some time..before I decide. but I will always keep my etsy stores..they are so easy to use!

erin your blog/site is so super gorgeous..I was on there the other day so caught up in how beautiful it looked. If you are going to use Etsy for "similar items for sale" I would suggest the Hack program.. its great!

have a great weekend ladies!

Wolf said...

I have a Big Cartel shop that I opened the same time I opened my Etsy shop.

Never did sell anything there, so it just languishes. One of these days I'll rework it and try again.

Angela Johnston said...

I love big sunglasses!!

So happy to hear that things are going well for you since your surgery. You sound really happy. I've definitely got my fingers crossed...

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Hey Wolf! I did sell some things when I opened the Big Cartel Store.. but I think bead makers have it a little easier than "jewelry designers", etc.. we are selling a component, which is an easier sale. Cross advertising with Facebook and other networking sites really help alot too! Go Facebook, Go!

Ang! How cool, right?
Next up.. my vintage pucci sunglasses that are to die for!

Heather said...

So glad to hear you are getting out!! Love the 70's glasses and that blue crystal piece!! Excuse me I am drooling..... Wish you the best in your new store. Both my daughters continually remind me that I never should have thrown out anything from the 60's and 70's- what was I thinking?*@

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

That cab is even more gorgeous in person ;) I feel very fortunate to call it "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Pretty Things said...

The glasses look pretty awesome!