Wednesday, December 28, 2011

30 days goes by really fast - Happy Holidays!

This morning I sat down at the computer and thought it was about time I checked out my blog since the Cyber Give-A-Way - Wouldn't ya know it?  A month exactly-I don't think I will ever be a professional blogger!   First of all I would like to congratulate Julie Vasquez on winning the Cyber Week Give-A-Way! Yay Julie!  I hope you like everything,  thank you and  big Thank you to the 70 other wonderful people for participating!  I believe that is a record for readers of my blog (not that I blame you..most of the time people show up here and hear crickets)  Let's see if I can get motivated and do another for um, Valentines Day!  

Yesterday I was so surprised to see a wonderful blog post by the Amazing Grace Danel of GraceBeading.  Please check out her blog post "fa la la la la LPA"    My friends are my heart and Grace is a real big chunk of it! xoxo Gracie..
her blog post reminded me that I should not need a reminder, to remember to blog..
Raku & Beaded Ring by Grace Danel
Speaking of being mentioned in a blog - check out Sabine Lippert's Try-To-Be-better Blog - She certainly made my Raku Cabochon look a whole lot better than I thought it would ever look - WOW nice going Sabine! and of course Carol Dean Sharpe is always doing something amazing for Beaders everywhere - check out her Blog Hop post and see how she shared the love with a kit inspired by an LPA cabochon!
Sabine Lippert's - Dragon Head
Sharing the Love - Blog Hop Kit by Carol Dean Sharpe
I hope everyone had a blast celebrating the Holiday's!  This year was especially relaxed and Hank and I even found time to go to the country and celebrate the last few hours of Christmas in front of the fire watching..what else? Christmas Vacation -- We were so lucky there wasn't too much snow on the ground -what a difference from last year!  

In The Country - day after Christmas -nice to be outdoors!

So, How did I spend my December?  As volunteer, bead shopper, and celebrating - that's a pretty good way I'd say.  Early on was the Bergen County Volunteer Association  Heart of Gold Gala and a good time was had by all!  The Gala was a success and I am pretty excited that my donation turned out to be a profitable one for the volunteer center..  If you ever have an event and need a Beatles Cover Band.. check out Beatlemagic - They were awesome!
Me and Andy Warhol  - "Portrait"
Porcelain LPA Blackbird Pendants on Silks for the Giving Tree
a few days later I got the chance to meet up with Jennifer Chaslow Van Benschoten from Van Beads the Beading Daily online editor at Interweave  for some Bead Shopping in NYC!  We had a great time and I cannot wait to do it again.. (wait, I did a few days later with my mom Toho and M & J Trimmings -- heaven on earth!)  You just can't get enough of these places.. now, what to do with my purchases????   Recently Jennifer sent me a photograph of a new collar she created.. Just take a look and see for yourself how talented this gal is!
There's Jenn!  Look at all those beads!
"Arianna" Bead Embroidered Collar
Mid December The Bead & Glass Boutique in Pitman, NJ had an online Designers Challenge using LPA Components.  Photographs of the entries can be seen here: Online Designers Challenge.  I want to thank everyone for their participation in the event - even though I could not vote on a winner, personally I believe you are all winners for deciding to take the time and participate in a challenge especially during the holiday season!  I want to Thank Amy Blevins, owner of Bead & Glass for her constant support and "pimp-istry" of LPA components to her customers and in her own work.  She offers amazing classes in her bead store in South Jersey and I cannot wait until the Grand Opening of her new location in the next few months.  Best of luck to you AMY!  Congratulations to the Winner of the challenge Andra Weber.
1st place winner in the Bead & Glass Online Designers Challenge - Andra Weber
Andra said about her piece: 
"My original kit consisted of the Lisa Peters Cab, five teal blue ceramic donuts and two copper findings. I chose not to use the copper findings in my necklace. I used the following additional materials: 8 triangle, 6 8mm round, 3 tubes ceramic beads which matched the donuts. Also dark brown delicas, size 11 and 8 matt opaque ceylon beige seed beads, size 6 teal blue seed beads, fireline, E600 glue, brown cording, and animal print suede on the back of the pendant."

Not only does Amy host wonderful challenges using LPA components - but she teaches with them and uses them in her work.  Check it out:
by Amy Blevins - Owner, Bead & Glass Boutique
December also brings one of the most important days of the year... Mom's Birthday ;)  We had a wonderful afternoon at Thalia in the city celebrating -- she gets younger and younger every year I am sure of it!

I leave you with a few photo memories of some happy times December brought to my life and I wish for you only good times with  lots of love and most of all Happy Creating in 2012!  Lisa

Mom at Thalia celebrating her __ Birthday!
Macy's Window
Me and JJ having Holiday Cocktails (and lots of laughs)
Recently someone mentioned Absinthe to me - I just happen to have a bottle and made a toast to them ;)
My Beautiful Ring from Bora Handcrafted Jewelry (who I cannot believe doesn't have a website, grrr)
my beautiful holiday gift (created by Lorelei) from the talented and very loving Carol Dean  -  <3 
GORGEOUS Beaded Rope Necklace by Linda Roberts featuring an LPA Tube Bead
Amazing mixture of Kumihimo, Seed Beads & Raku by Dantes Spirit 
Beautiful Copper and LPA Raku Bracelet by Melinda Orr Designs

NOT TO WORRY.. more donuts coming - I promise ;)


Amy B. said...

You've been one busy young lady thins month!!
Thank you for sharing my favorite piece to date !! It didn't find a new home this season, so I believe it was meant to be mine.
Bead & glass Boutique will be hosting another Online Designer's Challenge VERY soon -during the physical transition / move at the end of this month.
All of Lisa's adoring fans are invited to participate.
Keep an eye on our respective Facebook pages for details.

Love Lisa & her work !!

Gold Charm said...

The bead embroidered collar is almost an art piece and looks exquisite...of course dressing up with this should be a necklace gown would be very nice.