Thursday, June 13, 2013

still haven't unpacked the car

but its ova!

Bead and Button 2013 has come to an end and if you have been reading the posts and blogs and hearing the stories it was just about the same for everyone - The show was.. Not Bad.  I am happy but not clicking-my- heels-jumping-in-the-air-kinda happy.  So nothing to complain about - sales were made, expenses paid and a little profit to buy some tequila for all those margarita's I am going to be drinking this summer.  I am happy to report there will be a touch more inventory for the Etsy shop!   I can't tell you how many customers stopped by to ask me.. "WHEN? Are you going to fill your etsy shop Lisa!  Soon, very soon..

The drive to the show was exhausting but very comfortable in the new car.  It likes to drink a lot of gas so I am glad I don't have to do this too often.   Set up is really difficult and for those of you who follow my facebook feed you know that something happened to my back the first few days which made set up even worse.. Thankfully by Saturday night pain was nearly gone.. but I am a little pissed off at the universe for not giving me a  pass.. I can only be so patient. 

I would like to repeat my many thanks to Kristen Stevens for creating the Button Sets for the show.  My previous blog post contains the details but thanks to the Art Jewelry Elements Blog you can read all about Kristen's experience putting together the sets in her words!  Please check out: Art Jewelry Elements when you have a chance & if you purchased any sets at the show please let Kristen know how you feel about the set you purchased!

Also Thank you Marti BrownBetty Stephan and Jan Atherton for "hanging out" at LPA during the show.  It was wonderful knowing that you were there to help if needed and very much appreciated.  Also I am very happy to report that Mom and I did not have one "real" argument at the show!  It was the usual bickering every 10 minutes or so, but none "stuck" and we decided in the car on the way home that we wouldn't want to have it any other way..

Here are some photo's from this year's Bead and Button Show! Enjoy!

My Booth 2013 - 1213-1215 (with crooked sign)

Mom and Me


Button Sets (created by Kristen using LPA buttons)

Beautiful Gift from Sweetie Pie Loralee Kolten from Chicago
A Butterfly and A Flower cookie to match my new beads
(flower not pictured.. we kinda ate it)
Thank you Loralee!

Me, Loralee and Martha

Me, Vlad & Kremena (see you soon)

Me, Poopsie and some  person unknown trying to get in the photo!

Mom, Jan and Diane Hawkey who I believe now makes my mother's FAVORITE Bead!

Don't ask
and last but not least - thank you Hankster for flying in to Milwaukee to drive us home!  You rock!
I lifted this from Mak's page.. Shirley, Mak and Me !

Hope everyone had a great show!
I will be hosting some special guests next week (stay tuned for some blog posts about that)
and then I will begin filling my etsy shop..
If you have asked me for something in the past please send me an email or message me on facebook as a reminder

Happy Creating,


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, just a little note to let you know I am still *patiently* waiting for your Etsy shop to open back up. I am in NEED, LOL!!

Unknown said...

hello I love your blog very much and Can I have a link from your blog or one review to my jewelry shop ? And I will happy to ship you some of my products for the review or link for free! Feel free to Find something you like on my shop please.