Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Getting Ready for Bead and Button Show

Below are some photo's of my new work for 2014.  A handful of these and lots of other things will be at the Bead My Love Booth at Bead and Button - for those of you who did not read my previous post about the show - Here is the information again..

The lovely Meg from Bead My Love has been gracious enough to take 1213-1215 off my hands for 2014 and carry a selection of LPA to keep you inventory-packed!  For those of you who do not already know Meg and her mom Moggie,  They teach bead embroidery classes and sell beading supplies at The Innovative Beads Expo and other shows all over the country. They also host the Beautiful Bead Embroidery Retreat in Rehoboth, DE.  I am sure that most of you have seen Meg's beautiful beadwork adorning the covers of magazines or have picked up one of her bead embroidery kits at a show in the past.  Please stop by and introduce yourself at the show - it will be Megs first year at B & B and I would really love for you to get to know her and her work!    *Please note that LPA Designer Discounts can not be used at Bead My Love Booth purchases *

I will also be filling my etsy shop with new pieces as soon as Bead and Button is over as a professional courtesy to those doing the show.  Any items that are not going to Bead and Button you will probably find in my shop before the show so please check back with me on facebook or etsy!

Happy Creating,

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