Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Wow, alot of things happened to me in 2008! How bout you?

This was a really interesting year I must say. Went to Tuscon to check it out, I did my first big Bead Show, Bead and Button, went on more vacations than I should have, did alot of construction projects on the house, gained 25lbs, renewed alot of old friendships via FaceBook (the newest addiction) and really started to focus on my etsy shop! Alot of personal changes in my life as well, maybe one day I will blog about them but the one thing I am really happy about is eliminating "stuff" from my life. The clothes, the pots and pans, the shoes, the table linens the chachka's..the chachka's.. oh, the many chachka's that had such a hold on me! The cars (he promised) How many cars can one man collect that is not rich and has a house with one garage? Well, if you asked my husband he would say "as many as you can"! We were doing a really, really good job before the Holiday Confusion..lets see if after the basement is finished we can get back on track. When you are married for 18yrs and do not have children - you buy, buy, buy - more, more, more unecessary stuff. And I graciously hand it over to you, Pascack Valley Thrift Shop - who I have been donating to for too many years to have this much stuff left!

The one thing I would like to take back is the 25lbs weight gain! So, starting Monday...NO, I don't diet. I change my eating habits. Diets never work. But changing eating habits and certain foods at certain times, blah-blah-blah do and I will try to start to exercise again. You know that saying about the shoemakers children..well since my husband is in the health & fitness field wouldn't ya figure I starting putting on weight ever since the day I met him! So lets see if I can rid myself of these extra's before Bead and Button in June - That would be nice!

Well , Happy New Year Friends! Thank you for making my year so exciting, with your thoughtful emails and comments to my blog. For your interest in my work and interest in me as a friend! You have all made this year better for me and I thank you, thank you, thank you!

I leave you today, like I did before Christmas with some past New Years Photo's to start the holiday! Much love to you all, Lisa
Grandmother, Hank and Mom 2002

Grandmother, Me and Aunt Adele - 2004


GraceBeading said...

Happy New Year to you Lisa, I wish you a prosperous and successful 2009. I have enjoyed your artistic creations immensely over this past year and look forward to your offerings in the new year.

Great photos of family. And the chachka's - I understand, I have some (okay A LOT) I need to clean out as well.

Have a great week!

Linda said...

Lisa, you are an amazing artist and a fabulous person and I am honored to be your friend. May 2009 bring you the things you want and oodles of time to create more art. Love ya!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Thank you Grace & Linda!

xoxoxo to you both!
Happy New Year!